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Employee Management Systems Best 10 in 2022

A major component of HR is an employee management system. This post will discuss the finest tools for managing employee records, job histories, and other critical employee information.

If you’re looking at HR technology, there’s a good chance you’re doing it for one of two reasons

.1) You need to upgrade your present system and are looking for an employee management software with more (or better) functionality than you now have.

2) You’re a growing company wanting to put employee management software in place for the first time. We can assist you in either case.

Whether you’re looking for a new tool or are just getting started with an employee management software , this article will help you compare and evaluate the best employee management software and other human resources software rapidly. So let’s get started!

Criteria for comparing HR management tools

When it comes to HR online systems and solutions, what do we search for? The following is a list of my evaluation criteria:

Is the user interface (UI) neat and appealing? Is it simple to understand and master?
Is there good tech assistance, user help, tutorials, and training at the company?

Functionality & Features:

Is there a tool that encourages employee involvement and tracks contentment and other moods? Is there any productivity software that may be used?

Employee Records – Is there a working employee database for keeping records?
Is it possible to search through employee records? Is it possible to search using filters and keywords?

Employee Surveys and Feedback Are employees encouraged or able to submit feedback? Is it possible to track work culture indicators such as mood, conflict, and satisfaction?

Real-Time Reporting and Analysis – How useful and intuitive are the reporting features?
Is it possible to export and visualise data in a variety of ways? Are you able to quickly gather information about top performers?

Is it simple to integrate with other applications? Do you have any pre-built integrations?
This isn’t technically necessary for employee management software, but it is a significant benefit.

Value for money: Is the price reasonable given the features, capabilities, and use case?
Is your price straightforward, transparent, and adaptable?

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Top 10 HR Management Software Overviews

The following is a brief summary of each of the employee information systems on our top ten list.

1. Best for employee time & task tracking is primarily marketed as a workflow tool for growing businesses, but it also includes a number of HR functions, many of which might be useful foremployee management software . Build collaborative workflows and calendars, assign tasks and projects to your team, manage time, report on key performance indicators (KPIs), collect feedback from your employees, and send automated reminders for critical to-dos with the platform’s capabilities.

Managers will like the configurable reports and dashboards that provide important indicators for employee management software , such as capacity constraints, progress monitoring, time management, budget totals, and missed deadline notifications.

Making ensuring your staff aren’t mired down with paperwork and data input when they may be better used elsewhere is an important part of managing them. provides automations that can handle basic, regular operations without the need for human intervention, allowing your employees to focus on more creative and sophisticated tasks.

Project management tools such as Slack, Google Workspace, Gmail, Google Calendar, Jira, GitHub, Trello, Dropbox, Typeform, and many others are available with a subscription Zapier account.

2 . Eddy Best all-in-one HR software for small, local businesses

Eddy is a one-stop HR solution for small and local organisations. Businesses may use Eddy to hire, onboard, manage, and pay employees with just one piece of software.

Eddy, which was founded in 2017 by Travis Hansen, a former professional basketball player who turned entrepreneur, has developed quickly thanks to its simple yet strong product, excellent customer service, and concentration on small businesses with deskless workforces.

Job posting management, candidate tracking, and a full-fledged applicant tracking system are all key elements (ATS). HR managers may use the onboarding system to generate bespoke onboarding packages, assign assignments, and gather digital signatures quickly.

Users can browse company directories and save critical employee documentation, performance notes, and training and certifications in employee profiles, which is a core component of Eddy. You can also use Eddy’s full-service payroll system, which includes support for multiple pay periods and end-of-year W-2 preparation, filing, and distribution, to create custom PTO policies and approve or deny requests; use their time tracking tool, which allows employees to easily clock in and out; and navigate payroll processes using Eddy’s full-service payroll system, which includes support for multiple pay periods and end-of-year W-2 preparation, filing, and distribution.

3. SAP SuccessFactors Best EMS for enterprises

SAP SuccessFactor is an HR technology that focuses on employee engagement and includes features such as flexible employee surveys, role-based dashboards and reporting, customisable impact reports, event-based triggers, and employee award programmes.

SAP SuccessFactor received a high score on the Value for Money criterion. It not only has a low entrance price, but it also offers a free trial, guaranteeing that potential consumers are only paying for a tool they are familiar with.

The many modules they sell, which were formerly separate “add on” goods and still feel that way, have a bit of a coherence issue. The transition from one module item to the next is frequently clunky, necessitating extra menuing or log-ins.

4. Workday Best for business & professional services companies

Workday provides employee management software  for medium and large enterprises, as well as tools to attract and develop team members, including head-count visualisation, financial trend analysis, and support for rules like probation and notice periods.

Workday has a modern, clean UI design and is incredibly user-friendly. This resulted in them receiving high marks in the usability and user experience (UX) categories of the evaluation criteria.

The programme doesn’t perform a fantastic job of ingesting equity data, particularly vesting data, and the reporting tools are a touch lacking compared to comparable software in the industry.

5. Leapsome Best for people enablement & learning

Through a complete set of tools focused on employee engagement, performance, and learning & development, Leapsome’s all-in-one platform helps firms increase their employee happiness. To give employees a voice during the feedback process, their performance evaluation system contains modern aspects such as 360 degree feedback, agile project reviews, and anonymous leadership reviews. Employees always know what’s expected of them and how their goals fit into the wider picture since goal setting is well-integrated into the system.

Their learning and development module can design learning paths utilising personalised curriculum or curated third-party content from their built-in learning library to assist with employee upskilling. Short quizzes with a variety of question styles can also be used to assess knowledge development. Their learning path dashboard also makes it simple to keep track of internal enrollment numbers, progress, and completion rates for individual employees or the entire firm.

Personio, BambooHR, Bob, Workday, Rippling, PayFit, ADP, Active Directory, SFTP, Okta, OneLogin, GSuite, Slack, Jira Software, Microsoft Teams, and common calendar apps are among the 15+ HR software solutions that Leapsome interfaces with.

6. 15five Best for employee performance management

Weekly check-ins, dedicated 1-on-1s, self-review tools, and a recognition system where employees may pass along “High Fives” for exceptional performance are all features of 15five, which is used by Spotify and HubSpot.

The variety of mood and wellbeing assessments offered by 15five distinguishes it as an HR tool with a purpose. The user interface is bright, simple to use, and many of the functions are gamified, making it ideal for user adoption.

Because there was no mechanism to prioritise or categorise manager-assigned “High Fives” in order to better draw out top performers, this employee management software dropped a few points in the Features – Reporting area of the evaluation.

7. Zenefits Best for paperless employee onboarding

Zenefits has developed an HRIS platform that integrates essential HR services such as payroll, benefits, and time-off tracking into a single system, removing common HR hassles.
Modules for salary management, performance management, and numerous in-depth employee engagement tools are also accessible in their higher service tiers.

Offer letters, background checks, e-signature, and employee self-onboarding are all supported by their automated and entirely digital onboarding process. Without the need for additional HR admin support, once new employees enter their personal information, it is automatically linked to benefits and payroll. The software is also available on mobile devices, making it simple for new employees to come up to speed even before their first day on the job.

Zenefits works with over 45 different apps, including Google Suite, Office 365, Slack, Salesforce, Expensify, Bonusly, BetterWorks, Zapier, and many more.

8. Gusto Best payroll service for international contractor-based teams

Gusto is an all-in-one HR solution with scalable pricing and features that work for everything from small enterprises with simple wage structures to large, sophisticated international teams. Their Core level primarily serves as a payroll system with hiring and onboarding capabilities, as well as benefit management support. The Complete level of their platform, which includes team management tools, performance reviews, time-off management, and employee engagement elements, brings their platform to life.

Gusto’s full-service payroll automatically submits your corporation taxes with each payroll run, and it comes with a handy AutoPilot feature that speeds up payroll submission even more than most other systems. In today’s work-from-anywhere environment, having a global workforce is more frequent than having all employees in the same location. Gusto can handle payments to international contractors in over 80 countries, so you’re covered there, too. It also offers a built-in device management tracking system that aids inventory control, network access, and data security for your business.

Gusto’s range of integrations is extensive, with more than 135 options to pick from. Asana, Bonusly, ChartHop, DropBox, GitHub, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Sage Accounting, Salesforce, Shopify, Slack, Webex, Zipbooks, and Zoom are all popular choices.

9. Saba Best targeted employee development plans

Saba is an HR solution that focuses on strategies to reduce turnover, optimise workforce organisation, prepare succession planning, and establish an employer brand that attracts top-quality people, with over 33 million users to date.

Saba received high marks in the Usability area of the evaluation simply because of the large quantity of training and learning tools they provide. eBooks, guidelines, templates, checklists, webinars, product tours, How-Tos, and case studies are among the resources available.

The software’s navigation isn’t always straightforward. User data, for example, is divided into numerous backend centres, such as the User Center and the Appraisal Process, which can be confusing.

10. Kissflow Best project & task management for HR

Kissflow is a project management solution that includes a number of HR-specific features, including as time tracking, a task activity stream, applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management, leave requests, and attendance management.

The software’s integration options are a strong suit, and it scores well in this area. Quickbooks, Google Suite, Dropbox, DocuSign, WebMerge, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and others are all possible connections.

A few points were deducted due to the software’s price, which is a little pricey in comparison and may deter small-to-mid-sized businesses from giving it a try.








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