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Top 12+ Element Fleet Services Alternatives To Try

Element Fleet Services Alternatives To Try: The Element Fleet Services is a major supplier to small and medium-sized businesses and is a company in fleet management. Well, this platform will help you improve productivity and safety by reducing downtime and figuring out the best way to schedule your drivers. This will give your drivers more scheduling to help customers. Its services include driver scheduling, payroll, safety training, manual and automatic mileage reporting, mobile speed enforcement, vehicle tracking, fuel management, and more.

Its predictive analytics solution can help you because it gives you the information you need to make decisions that will lower costs and improve performance. You can do everything in the program from the dashboard, such as track the location of a car, see routes and events, and look over alerts and history. This can be used with any make or model of car and cuts down on paperwork, work hours, and fuel costs that come with tracking transportation.

Element Fleet Services Alternatives

Element Fleet Services Alternatives are explained here.

1. Wialon Hosting

The Wialon Hosting is a platform that offers GPS tracking, cloud-based monitoring, car and fleet management, and other IoT and GPS tracking services. You can install many trackers at once and many different modules, such as proximity alarms and speed detectors. The service connects to Wialon’s mobile apps for Android and iPhone so that monitoring can be done from afar. With the geo-Fencing tool, you can draw lines around areas where you don’t want your devices to be tracked. For instance, you can set up two geofences within a 2-kilometer radius of your current position.

If an object leaves this area, the system will inform you immediately. With the Tracker Management tool, you can look at a map to see where each tracker is. You may also be able to see the tracklog, the firmware version, and the level of the battery. This is helpful if the tracker gets lost or stolen. In this case, you can learn at the tracklog to see what has happened to it and when. The platform is easily scalable and flexible, enabling different business models to be deployed.

2. Fleetmatics Reveal

Verizon Connect Reveal, which used to be called Fleetmatics Reveal, is a fleet worker management system that lets you automate your business and concentrate on what’s important. You can find solutions for mobile tracking, real-time tracking, tracking repairs, managing management, keeping track of maintenance history, and other things all in one location. It was set up with the effectiveness of making fleet tracking management more open and effective. With its best-in-class data analytics, your company can learn more about how its fleet works and improve its workforce management.

This is one of the best alternatives to Element Fleet Services. With the Connect Reveal app, you can keep track of your fleet and mobile workers in real-time, no matter where they go. Well, this fleet management solution gives you a clear picture of your mobile workforce by telling you where your vehicles are, how fast they are going, and how long they have been in different places. As a result, you can see immediately if there are maintenance problems, stop equipment theft, and stay in line with local, state, and federal laws. In addition, maintenance history tracking puts all of your maintenance information in one location so that you can report problems from a single platform.

3. AVLView

With AVLView’s web-based GPS fleet tracking, monitoring, and management system, fleet managers will be better able to use their resources and adapt to the changing needs of 21st-century business. It has a full set of mobile and web-based reports and programmable alerts to meet businesses get a handle on their fleets and make changes right away to deal with problems like traffic, accidents, or mechanical breakdowns out of their control.

Through this platform, you can connect your whole fleet to routing and navigation solutions supported by a real-time map with many customizable features, such as the ability to create custom alerts and show each vehicle’s estimated arrival time. In addition, the vehicle system gives performance indicators and data analysis on fuel use, travel times, speeds, locations, and driver behavior, among other things.

4. Roadnet

Roadnet is a route monitoring and scheduling software that enables you to keep the program of your fleet and plan routes that work well. By letting you see information about drivers and vehicles in real-time, it makes it easier to plan your daily operations and helps you cut costs. The system is easy to use because you don’t need to know anything about scheduling or routing. The software can instantly find where your vehicles are using GPS and how long, how far, and how much fuel each trip costs. This is one of the best alternatives to Element Fleet Services.

Roadnet is designed to work without an Internet connection or expensive smartphone integration. This is because it doesn’t need either. Because the solution is flexible and can be scaled up or down, fleet operations of any size can use it. When you use our customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can always be sure that you are running your business in the best place possible. A log is part of the tracking system, showing the total distance traveled and time spent not moving.

5. TruckSuvidha

TruckSuvidha is a platform that brings together drivers, customers, transporters, clients, and other important people and groups by providing solutions for the transportation sector. This makes transportation services cheaper because it saves money, time, fuel, and labor. In addition, the company offers more than just matching services. It also lets customers keep track of the quality of their shipments by tracking their loads.

TruckSuvidha offers services like online truck booking, taxi services, truck tracking, instant messaging, truck insurance, booking and tracking for deliveries, and more. Owner-operators and big fleet managers benefit from its ability to keep in touch and meet the demand for on-demand deliveries in the trucking industry. In addition, the software makes it possible for people to transport each other, share loads, and offer delivery services. Overall, TruckSuvidha is a great platform that you should take into account as one of your options.

6. Vinity Soft

This is one of the best alternatives to Element Fleet Services. Vinity Soft is a specialized fleet management program that keeps track of the fleet’s cars and their repair histories. The system can be used to run a wide range of fleets. It is designed to take into account the details of each type of vehicle, the maintenance that each one needs, and the user’s rules and preferences. Using easy-to-understand options, you can make reports that show the number of kilometers driven and the amount of normal wear and tear. In addition, it has aspects about the service’s registration, mileage, location, department, driver, and everything else.

The user can make all needed reports and put them in order by day, month, and year. Vehicle Fleet Manager is a useful tool to give your firm an edge over the competition. The best part is that everything that has to do with business can be done within the program. So whether the fleet has a few cars or a hundred trucks, all services and costs can be kept track of in the same location.

7. Speed Freight

Speed Freight is an all-in-one way to manage the logistics and transportation process. Due to the software’s high level of automation, you can concentrate on your main business while also improving the effectiveness of your processes. It is intended to give you data and analysis tailored to your needs and all the tools you need to keep an eye on the different parts of your business. Speed Freight offers a variety of easy-to-use solutions that are intended to make it easier to run your business and solve some of the biggest problems in logistics transportation.

Speed Freight’s web backend is complete and easy to use. It will manage the care of your inventory, shipments and delivery, accounting, and customer relationships. Some features include tracking and tracing, packing and unpacking shipments, booking transport, document management, and digital signature. You can also handle exceptions to your business rules by using our drag-and-drop workflow designer to change how processes work.

8. Logistics Management Automation

Blueprism’s Logistics Management Automation platform uses RPA and AI to offer services like supply chain management, logistics, data management, and operations management. The AI-powered service takes care of all management tasks for a firm by doing them automatically. As a result, it improves customer service, speeds up delivery, and lowers the cost of doing business for businesses. In addition, a smooth customer experience from start to finish builds customer loyalty and brand reputation. This is one of the best alternatives to Element Fleet Services.

The system automates sales bids and purchase orders, place orders with suppliers, and moves stock in real-time. It gives you real-time stock information, so you can use it anytime to make smart decisions. It gives you everything your business needs, from onboarding and operations management to fulfillment. Logistics Management Automation is a great platform you can think about using.

9. GoodBooks Logistics

With the help of software for planning, implementing, and managing processes, GoodBooks Logistics lets you handle all aspects of transportation while running your business effectively and from a distance. It’s a place where many carriers and storage facilities can talk to each other. SAP is used in many business fields, such as logistics and freight forwarding, fleet management, warehouse organization, process planning, call center management, and process planning. The goods should be delivered quickly, safely, and cheaply. Unfortunately, this is often not the case in the real world because of bad communication.

The GoodBooks logistics software makes it possible to model, test, and run these processes. The program lets you handle the care of the whole process, from taking the order to making it to the customer. The software is good for businesses that move goods by transportation, train, or ship. It can be used independently or as a strong addition to ERP programs. GoodBooks logistics can handle all administrative tasks related to transport orders, no matter how many.

10. Cargo365cloud Transport management software

A program called Cargo365 helps transporters automate their needs to be more productive, cost-effective, efficient, and reliable. This integrated platform allows truck brokers, agents, and dispatch services to manage transportation businesses. The platform is built with strong cloud-based technology, providing a safe place for upgrades and connections to go smoothly. It also enables people to travel across borders and share information.

This is one of the best alternatives to Element Fleet Services. It will help you simplify your operations by reducing the time it takes to enter data and upload documents and ensuring that all of your business procedures are in place and working well. In addition, it enables them to think about the terms and conditions and the resources and materials being used to improve workflow. The advantage of this transport management solution is that it cuts down on the amount of work and paperwork needed by people. This saves time, money, and effort.

11. Matrix Fleet Leasing System

Matrix is a fleet leasing management system made by ACG Infotech. It is used in car rental and leasing software. The software is easy to use and includes a library of standard reports and charts that you can change to meet your needs. It lets you keep track of all your fleet vehicles and invoices accurately, and you can manage reports at any moment to look over. In addition, it has several modules that make it easier to manage the fleet and customers correctly. The Matrix Fleet Leasing system is made to keep track of everything about the customer.

This system’s management modules include license management, duty-slip administration exception reporting, fuel purchase management, supervision work management, accident management, and client billing. The software lets customers manage their fleets online and in real-time. The Matrix Fleet Management System is for both small and large businesses. Well, after fuel is delivered to the fueling station, it keeps track of how much was sent, figures out how much excise tax is due (if any) and gives a full report on fuel delivery.


LOZICS is a simple and easy-to-use business process automation and logistics operation, fleet, warehousing, marketing, and other software that works well. The system is made to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks and improve corporate management’s effectiveness. It helps you find and take advantage of business opportunities faster and better than ever, making the most money possible. This is one of the best alternatives to Element Fleet Services.

It is a fully integrated system that covers all functions, from fleet operations and marketing to transportation and warehouse management. In addition, it has great reporting and analytics tools. This solution includes advanced management systems for road, rail, and sea transportation companies, shipment and fleet management, an integrated business intelligence dashboard, an advanced warehouse management system, address validation and map tracking, a multilingual customer portal, multi-company shipping, and a multi-CSV processing database. Overall, LOZICS is a great platform that you should consider as a replacement.

13. Odessa Platform

The popular leasing platform Odessa Platform uses the cross-platform process made possible by APIs and interfaces. This single unified platform solution is used by a lot of asset finance customers all over the world. It combines extensibility, functionality based on assets, and data intelligence in one location to improve performance.

With its aid, you can easily automate all business operations, create the best experiences for your partners from anywhere, get analytical insights into your lease operations and other areas of your business, and use developer tools to add, build, and test features. Odessa Platform was made with the idea that it could be used in the cloud, making it a great choice for hosting on servers. In addition, you can connect the platform to important business apps to make cross-platform workflow easier. Vertex, Salesforce, DocuSign, and GreatPlains are some of these tools.

14. TranWare

With TranWare, shuttle, taxi, paratransit, and other ground transportation fleets can easily manage maintenance, scheduling, dispatching, and billing. Some services include automated call answering, payment processing, driver cashiering, vehicle tracking, customer account billing, scheduling and dispatching, mobile apps, and route optimization.

This is one of the best alternatives to Element Fleet Services. The business also sells a variety of add-on modules that can be used to customize and improve how the system works. TranWare Enterprise Cloud is one of the most flexible SaaS products. You can also ask for custom backend solutions for every situation. For example, businesses can combine the service with other systems by using the API, which lets trips be added, changed, or canceled in real-time. In the case of active trips, modern APIs will let third-party systems know as soon as a change is made. Other features in the Custom Solution category include Trip Importers and Exporters, Hours of Service Tracking, Custom Reporting, and Airport Location Queue Management.

15. AdvantageTMS

AdvantageTMS is a powerful transportation management system with various features that make it easier for small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses and wholesale distributors to manage their businesses. It has features for choosing vendors, managing distribution, comparing the business to others in the same industry, sending full and less than truckload shipments, and making reports. In addition, it is in the cloud. This is one of the best alternatives to Element Fleet Services.

The vendor freight management service helps with both domestic and international shipments. It lets everyone combine their ERP system with mode and route management systems. For example, to handle LTL shipments from different partners, you can look up the best routes and the least expensive carrier. The best position is the optimized benchmark analysis, which enables service providers quickly figure out where they stand in the market and compare how well they do to how well their competitors do.

Wrapping Up: Element Fleet Services Alternatives

Well, we hope this post helped you find some good Element Fleet Services Alternatives. You should at least try them once. We’ll keep this post about Element Fleet Services Alternatives up to date, though. So, tell us if you know of other good Element Fleet Services Alternatives.


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