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Top 10 Best Mac Disk Repair Software in 2022

Does your Mac operate notably slowly? Do you commonly experience data loss due to crashes? Have any of your storage units recently ceased functioning? These issues are a sign that the hard disc is broken.

Thankfully, you may resolve these problems using Mac disc repair software. We’ve compiled a list of the best 10 macOS disc repair tools after doing some research. By using them, you can restore your Mac’s factory settings.

What Can a Mac Disk Repair software Do?

Disk repair tools are used by people for a variety of purposes. Some people use it to restart corrupted drives and repair damaged sectors. Others make advantage of it to speed things up, spot hardware issues, and extract data from another storage device.

Whatever your motivations, this collection of Mac disc repair tools will take care of all these problems and more.

Top 10 Mac Disk Repair Programs

1. Disk Drill

Disk Drill
One of the best data recovery tools out there is commonly recognised as being Disk Drill.
It is very user-friendly and handles more than 200 different file types. The utility fixes hard disc problems and even enables recovery. Additionally, the software offers thousands of free features like HDD defragmentation, data backup, disc monitoring, duplicate cleanup, etc.

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2. OnyX

onyx app
Making Mac computers as accessible as feasible is Apple’s main goal. To accomplish this, Apple occasionally conceals trickier features that would otherwise baffle less tech-savvy users. On the other hand, many of these hidden qualities are precisely what you need to spot and fix disc problems. With the help of the potent disc repair programme OnyX, Mac users can easily access a number of hidden features.

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3. Drive Genius

Drive Genius
Drive Genius is the best disc repair software for mac, and maintenance is required to prevent hard drive issues. The best Mac disc utility comes with 18 disc repair tools divided into three groups: speed up, clean up, and protect. The utility also functions on almost every version of macOS. Additionally, to make things simple, a trial version is offered so you can quickly determine whether this Mac-compatible hard disc repair tool is effective. It even comes with Instant DrivePulse, a disc that checks your drives for hardware problems like damaged cables or malfunctioning discs. A slow Mac can also be made faster by using Speed and Defragment.

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4. Data Rescue For Mac

Data Rescue For Mac
A primary user interface is present in Data Rescue 6 for Mac. Making this hard disc recovery tool acceptable to Mac users didn’t need much work on the part of the creators. The good news is that Data Rescue 6 requires very little interaction from you once you click the Start Recovering Files button and select a disc to scan. Quick Scan, a data recovery technique, can be finished in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours with Deep Scan. Since there is no way to stop the scan, it is best to begin it before going to sleep.

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5. DiskWarrior 5

DiskWarrior 5
DiskWarrior for Mac is adept at fixing directory issues. By creating an error-free copy of the damaged data and comparing it to the original to assure data integrity, its special disc repair technique prevents data loss. Users who have utilised DiskWarrior’s Mac drive repair software to prevent a catastrophic data loss swear by the strategy, which has won the company multiple honours over the years.

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6. TechTool Protogo

TechTool Protogo
One of the best disc repair tools for Mac users is TechTool Protogo, which is now a part of the TechTool Pro product line. An key component of a disc repair toolkit is the tool’s ability to run directly from a bootable diagnostic device without going via the operating system. One other essential component of TechTool Protogo is the Volume Rebuild tool. The Volume Rebuild utility may repair logically broken volumes, as its name suggests (caused by non-mechanical issues). Additionally, it supports native Mac disc types as well as MS-DOS (FAT32) & ExFAT volumes.

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7. Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner
Carbon Copy Cloner is the best Mac disc repair software to use when all other disc repair software programmes fail. The ability to create bootable backups that can be stored anywhere and accessed quickly is the important feature. If disaster strikes, you can quickly boot from a Carbon Copy Cloner backup and later restore the failing disc.

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8. AppCleaner

Extra programme files eat up valuable disc space and could interfere with the development of future software versions. You should uninstall those apps with AppCleaner, one of the most helpful free Mac utilities available everywhere, to keep your hard drive organised and clean.

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9. SoftTote Data Recovery

SoftTote Data Recovery
If you’ve had a minor data loss and don’t want to invest in costly data recovery software, SoftTote might be a decent choice. Free JPG, PNG, TIFF, mp3, and BMP file recovery is available. Strong search techniques used by the software lead to a higher recovery rate.

SoftTote is inexpensive and simple to use, however it doesn’t support all popular file systems.
As a result, even if it will offer some advantages to casual users, we wouldn’t advise it for expert data recovery.

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10. Memtest OS X

Memtest OS X
Memtest OX X is at the bottom of this list for a reason—it isn’t a Mac HDD repair tool.
Instead, it’s a software tool for memory testing that can boot from a USB flash drive and examine the RAM of your Mac for problems.

We chose to include it since many Mac issues that seem to be caused by a defective hard drive could actually be caused by a bad memory module. Memtest OS X can be used to verify or disprove your suspicions so you don’t have to fix a false positive.

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