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Cox Internet Review Everything You Want To Know In 2024

Guide about Cox Internet Review will be described in this article. Cox Communications provides seven internet options for gamers, vloggers, work-from-home parents, and families of all sizes. Even if it’s not particularly good, we believe that if you reside in a Cox service region, you can take advantage of great internet speeds and the ability to bundle with TV, mobile, and smart home automation.

Cox Internet Review Everything You Want To Know In 2024

In this article, you can know about Cox Internet Review here are the details below;

Considering the available download speeds, Cox’s pricing are a little higher than typical, but there is no contract to sign. To assist you in determining if this service is right for you, we go into great detail about everything.

A brief introduction to this subject

  • Plans and costs
  • Map of Cox availability Cox in comparison to other businesses
  • Cox data caps and speeds
  • Fees, equipment, and contracts
  • Methodology of customer service next zip logo
  • Check to see whether you can get Cox Internet where you live.
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Cox Internet prices and plans

Compared to Xfinity, Spectrum, and AT&T, Cox’s internet costs are slightly higher than average and do not have unlimited data caps if you require a download speed of more than 100 Mbps.

However, Cox Internet is a suitable choice for the following two kinds of homes:

  1. Just 100 Mbps will do. (Ascertain the necessary speed.)
  2. When it comes to combining TV, mobile, smart home automation, and internet, you want to pay only one bill.

Cox offers high-speed internet plans with download rates of up to 100 Mbps to two gigabits, ranging from $50 to $150 per month.

Any lone internet user who emails, browses social media, and doesn’t mind occasionally streaming in SD will probably get by with the 100 Mbps broadband connection.

Better suited are Cox’s 250 Mbps plans (and higher) for individuals who work from home or love 4K Netflix streams and intense Call of Duty matches during downtime. They offer enough speed to accommodate a home office, gaming, streaming, and gaming household.

Where is Cox Internet available?

Over 60 million homes and companies in 19 states in the US, including a number of major cities including Cleveland, Ohio; Santa Barbara, California; and the District of Columbia, rely on Cox for their internet services.

West Coast, East Coast, North, Midwest, and South rural and urban areas are served by the company’s broadband services.

Cox Internet Availability

You can probably tell that Cox Internet is a little more expensive than the other providers by taking a quick look at the comparison table below.

Much of Cox’s service area is covered by Xfinity (and more), and its plans frequently provide comparable speeds at a significantly cheaper promotional price. For instance, Cox’s $110/month Go Super Fast service offers download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. For two years, Xfinity is offering its 1,000 Mbps internet package at a discounted price of $60 per month.

Three competitive plans from Spectrum Internet outperform comparable Cox options. For $50 month get unlimited data and up to 300 Mbps with the Spectrum Internet® bundle. Additionally, the $70/month Cox Go Faster 250 plan offers 1.25 TB of data at download rates of up to 250 Mbps.

While competitors like Verizon Fios Home Internet and CenturyLink offer comparable rates, our favorite fiber internet provider, AT&T Fiber, offers plans that are $5–$25 less expensive than Cox Internet.

Cox compared to other providers

If you can get it, we suggest CenturyLink’s Fiber Gigabit package. If not, Cox’s cable internet plans offer faster, more dependable speeds than CenturyLink’s DSL services.

Although $55 for up to 100 Mbps download speed with CenturyLink’s Simply Unlimited package is a terrific deal for that speed, you might actually only get 15 Mbps. Then, Cox’s 250 Mbps package is a better offer because it doubles download speed for only $15 a month.

The fiber speeds offered by CenturyLink are another matter. CenturyLink outperforms Cox rapidly if you can acquire its Fiber Gigabit plan, which offers speeds up to 940 Mbps for $15 cheaper than Cox’s up to 500 Mbps package.

Cox Internet speed and data caps

Cox provides upload and download speeds comparable to those of other internet service providers.

For your parents who enjoy monitoring the weather and for your children who aspire to compete in competitive esports, Cox offers download speeds. Cox offers a variety of speeds to suit various internet usage patterns.

If an internet provider has data caps, Cox Internet does have one, with an average of 1.25 TB per new billing cycle (more on that below). However, some internet service providers—like Spectrum and CenturyLink—have limitless data caps.

Cox data caps

You most likely won’t use all 1.25 TB of data allotted. The equivalent of 400 hours of HD video streaming is one terabyte of data. To put that into perspective, it would take you roughly 76 hours to watch all nine seasons of The Office, if you can at all. Also check APAP Login

Cox’s 1.25 TB of data will therefore most likely be more than plenty to sustain you unless you’re preparing for a streaming marathon.

But as everyone knows, there are moments when you’re not using that couch to its full potential, and that data cap starts to worry you. Perhaps you need that information because you’re working from home and need to deliver your boss a crucial report by a certain date.

If you’re not quite sure if 250 Mbps will be enough for you, you may use the Cox Connect app to monitor your consumption and later upgrade your internet plan if necessary.

Cox Internet contracts, equipment, and fees

One advantage of Cox’s internet services is that you can lock in a pricing for a few years without having to sign a term agreement. For instance, there is no term agreement and the cost of Cox’s StraightUp Internet service will not change for two years.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that, should your 30-day grace period expire, Cox will charge an early termination fee (ETF) of up to $120 if you decide to move ISPs.


For $13 a month, Cox offers a Panoramic Wi-Fi Gateway modem and internet booster for rent, with a few benefits included.

  • Monthly leasing charge for a Panoramic Wi-Fi Gateway modem/router: $15
  • sophisticated security offers customized defense for every device you’re connected to.
  • Every three years, free upgraded equipment
  • Updates for software automatically

However, you should look at the list of Cox-compatible modems before making a purchase if you’d like to avoid paying a modem rental cost. We also heartily endorse the ARRIS Surfboard SB8200 in case you need one. Completely compatible with all Cox plans, including the lightning-fast Gigabit package, is the ARRIS Surfboard.

Gamers love less latency, but we’re not sure it’s worth the extra money. Rather, we advise configuring your router’s Quality of Service (QoS) and prioritizing settings so that your computer or particular games have priority when it comes to allocating bandwidth.

Obtain complimentary panoramic Wi-Fi gear:

Additionally, customers can avoid paying a rental cost and receive their Wi-Fi equipment included for a two-year period when they choose the Go Faster, Go Even Faster, or Go Super Fast plans. Also check SnapTik App Complete Review

Service fees

Cox charges up to $120 in early termination costs in addition to $100 for expert installation. Additionally, you have 30 days to test out Cox Internet without having to worry about incurring a hefty early termination fee. Additionally, there is no cost for the Cox Easy Connect kit if you choose to self-install your internet.

  • Installing professionally costs $100.
  • Simple Connect kit for self-installation: No cost
  • Fees for early termination: up to $120

Cox’s complimentary self-installation kit has us giddy. ISPs typically charge you for handling and shipment. not Cox, though.

Cox Internet customer service

Thousands of consumers offer input to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), and to start, the average ACSI score for all internet providers was 64 out of 100.

Yes, it may not sound ideal, but regrettably, this is typical for TV and internet service providers.

Sadly, Cox is just the same. We have to acknowledge that Cox’s score dropped by two points, coming in at 61.

Check out our guide to phoning your ISP’s customer support for advice on how to handle poor internet customer service. It includes useful information on how to locate what you need before making a phone call. Additionally, you can study up on the best ways to communicate with internet customer support agents. Included are the phone numbers of a few of the most popular ISPs.

If you have any questions concerning your plan, you may also get in touch with Cox Internet customer service by visiting the Cox Communications customer service portal. There, you can find live chat, phone, and in-store assistance options. Support is available around-the-clock at 1-504-304-8444.

Recap: How is Cox Internet?

Cox Internet is passable, not excellent. If you reside in an area that Cox serves, you may package this cable internet provider with Cox TV and get great internet speeds. However, some of its pricing may go down a little.

  • Pricing and plans: At $50–$150 per month for download speeds of 100–1000 Mbps, Cox’s internet costs are marginally more than average. However, if you only require 100 Mbps or prefer the ease of having a single subscription for all of your internet, TV, mobile, and smart home automation needs, Cox is a great choice.
  • Download speeds of 100, 250, 500, 1000, and 2000 Mbps are available from Cox. In summary, these plans support gaming, video streaming, remote learning, and work from home.
  • bandwidth caps: While some internet service providers offer 1.25 TB of bandwidth, some offer unlimited data. Cox belongs to the latter group. You can stream for 12 hours a day until you hit the data cap, to put it into perspective. However, you may encounter issues if you and your partner regularly work from home.
  • Fees, equipment, and contracts: Cox offers free equipment rentals for a two-year period, but does not demand term agreements. The Panoramic Wi-Fi Gateway modem from Cox is available for $15 per month, but for the first 24 months, Wi-Fi equipment is free with the Go Fast, Go Even Faster, and Go Super Fast Plans. If you’d rather, you may purchase one. There will be an installation fee of $100 in addition to the modem fee.
  • Customer service: Although Cox’s ACSI score decreased by two, it wasn’t a significant decrease (particularly given that the average ACSI score is just three points higher than Cox’s). For advice on how to deal with customer support representatives when you phone your ISP, see our article on how to do so.

How much do Cox Internet plans cost per month?

Move More Quickly* $250 Mbps – 1280 Mbps – View Plans Go Even FasterView Plans; $89.99/month; up to 500 Mbps; 1280 Mbps

Move Very Quickly$109.99/month. Up to 1000 Mbps/1280 Mbps See Plans Exceedingly Quickly*Up to 2000 Mbps; 1280 Mbps; View Plans; $149.99/month

~Not accessible everywhere. No contract for terms. same cost for two years. Changes may be made to the prices, packages, and policies at any time, including when adding or eliminating services or equipment.


In our independent online reviews, we evaluate every online business using the following criteria:

  • Cost: To determine whether the rates offered by various internet service providers are reasonable and competitive, we examine their costs. We take into account factors like internet speed, data use capacity, and any additional options available.
  • Download speeds: We verify the speeds listed by each business and contrast them with industry standards. In order to provide you with a dependable and quick internet experience, this lets us determine whether the company truly delivers the speeds they advertise.
  • Data caps: We look into the restrictions imposed by each internet provider because they can have an impact on how much you can accomplish online. We verify that these ceilings are reasonable in light of the cost and the needs of the majority of individuals.
  • Equipment: The internet provider’s equipment is also a crucial component. We examine items like as routers, modems, and other devices that they provide. We verify that they are high-quality and functional. In order to inform you of any up-front or continuing expenses, we also check to see if the equipment is part of the package or if there are additional fees.
  • Contract and fees: We are aware that your satisfaction with the internet service may be impacted by the terms of the contract and any associated costs. We meticulously review the contract durations, cancelation procedures, and early termination fees as a result. In order to make sure you have all the information you require before making a choice, we also search for any additional or hidden costs.

We evaluate our internet service providers by comparing them to other companies in the same industry. In order to make sure you have all the information you need before making a purchase, we compare things like data caps, equipment costs, contract durations, and extra fees.

Frequently asked questions

What does Cox internet cost on its own?

For 100–2000 Mbps download speeds, Cox internet plans vary from $30 to $150 per month. When customers bundle Cox Mobile with Cox internet, they can save an additional $10–$15.

Can I get a Cox modem on my own?

You can buy a modem for Cox on your own. Before purchasing, the organization can verify that it is compatible with the Cox internet service. Make sure you save your modem provider’s contact details. Cox does not handle any device-related troubleshooting; instead, the third-party provider does.

With Cox internet, what can I bundle?

Cox internet can be combined with phone, TV, and home security services. It’s worthwhile to investigate because you could save some money on it.

Contour TV, a streaming service from Cox, provides live channels, on-demand programming, and optional premium channel add-ons.

Does Cox Communications provide bundles for smart homes?

It does, indeed. Any of Cox’s internet subscriptions can be combined with Cox Homelife, its smart home automation service.

One HD camera and up to four continuous video cameras are included in the Cox Homelife basic plan.


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