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Top 12 Best CleanMyMac X Alternatives In 2023

CleanMyMac X Alternatives

Best CleanMyMac X Alternatives will be discussed in this article. CleanMyMac X is arguably a great app to clean up your Mac and address performance issues. However, this software is rather expensive compared to other software with similar features. That’s why some users migrate to CleanMyMac X alternatives.

There are several apps that help clean up junk and unwanted files to make your device run like new. If you don’t want to spend all day scrolling through pages, we have collected the best options for you. Check them out!

Top 12 Best CleanMyMac X Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about CleanMyMac X Alternatives here are the details below;

The following tools have been popular among Mac users. With similar features to CleanMyMac X, here are versatile utilities to remove junk file and keep your Mac in its best performance.

1. CCleaner

CCleaner is a freeware cleaning app that works well on Mac and Windows. This tool offers a simple solution to clean up your computer without hassle by analyzing your device, freeing up space from unnecessary files, and cleaning online tracks to run faster.

Using this utility, you can also uninstall app and remove temporary files. Thanks to its deep cleaning that helps recover your Mac’s disk space. And if you wish to remove startup items or erase drivers, CCleaner has got you covered.

This CleanMyMac free alternative is an efficient tool especially suitable for non-commercial use. You can choose either free or professional versions that fits you best. The professional version offers more features like thorough cleaning, instant product updates, and maintain browsing history private.

2. OnyX

OnyX is a dependable utility that offers multiple functions. Launched by Titanium Software, it helps clean and optimize your Mac. It also boasts miscellaneous maintenance to make your machine run smoothly. Thanks to a clean user interface that upgrades your cleaning experience.

Keeping your Mac in a good shape is easy as pie. Using this utility, you can automate cleaning and optimizing tasks with just one click. Eliminate the repetitive tasks that make Mac maintenance and cleaning so tedious.

Overall, OnyX is an advanced alternative to CleanMyMac that has everything you need to perform basic cleaning. It provides great support for all Mac versions including the latest one. This tool is so lightweight that it won’t consume a lot of resources on your machine.

3. TuneUpMyMac

Quickly declutter your system with TuneUpMyMac. This tool is designed with performance in mind, allowing you to remove unwanted files in one click. Advanced algorithm allows you to easily enhance the speed of your machine and improve user experience.

As one of the best CleanMyMac X alternatives, it boasts a fast and secure cleanup. Useful feature like System Cleaner lets you remove temporary files and caches that take up much space of your disk. You can also find Logs Cleaner, Startup App Manager, Uninstaller, App Optimizer, and more.

TuneUpMyMac is available in free and premium versions. Since the free version comes with limited features, upgrade to premium to enjoy more functions. If you need to clean your Mac and save time, this utility could be the best option.

4. MacBooster

MacBooster is a powerful cleaning tool to get rid of system junk and old files with a single click. It scans and removes junk files to make your Mac feel fresh. In addition to cleaning unwanted files, this popular alternative enables you to track performance and find duplicated files to free up space.

This is an awesome utility to optimize your Mac. It has advanced optimizing tool such as Turbo Boost that makes your system run smoothly just like a new one. It also has the ability to identify security service to ensure the security of your machine.

With powerful features, MacBooster promises efficient cleaning to boost up Mac performance. It can identify and clean 20 types of junk files, allowing the system to be cleaned more thoroughly. However, users with older Mac versions may have compatibility issues when using it.

5. Disk Clean Pro

This is a free alternative to CleanMyMac to keep your machine optimized. Recovering disk space on your Mac comes easy and simple, thanks to automated cleaning that comes with special tools. Using these tools, you can get rid of junk files, logs, crash, and unsuccessful downloads.

Disk Clean Pro is equipped with optimization tools to upgrade Mac performance by optimizing storage space. It scans, finds, and removes duplicated files to free up your precious disk storage. It also identifies large files that potentially consume space and removes redundant data.

In addition to automated cleaning, it also provides manual cleaning for advanced users. Best of all, Disk Clean Pro is an affordable cleaning tool for seamless experience. With a great interface, keeping your Mac clean is no longer daunting.

6. AVG TuneUp for Mac

The next powerful CleanMyMac X alternative is AVG TuneUp for Mac. This Mac cleaner provides tons of features to clean and optimize your machine. In this app, you can find special tools to remove junk files, duplicated files, and even unwanted photos so your Mac has extra drive space.

This utility is designed to declutter your system by finding and removing hidden clutter. When your Mac starts to slow down, there may be a pile of temporary files, trash, and forgotten downloads lurking on the system. AVG TuneUp has a powerful tool for deep cleaning to make your device feel like new.

On top of that, it features a photo finder with artificial intelligence that helps streamline your photo collection. It identifies similar photos, poorly lit images, or low-contrast shots so you can choose unwanted photos to delete. It may sound trivia but works well to recover disk space.

7. MacFly Pro

MacFly has been a popular utility to perform deep cleaning on your Mac. Not only does it eliminate junk files and duplicates, it also optimizes Mac for running smoothly like new again. It comes packed with easy-to-use features to clean up memory, mail attachments, and temporary files.

This software is specifically designed to free up your disk space by cleaning the system. Thanks to versatile tools that come in handy to get rid of unwanted applications, big file management, and data shredder. It also removes confidential data from your web browser to ensure data security.

MacFly Pro highlights Smart Assistant that automatically adjusts cleaning routines according to your needs. It scans your system, learns it, and provides improvement suggestions based on your machine’s behavior. Not to mention it provides timely advice and monitors your Mac 24/7.

8. DaisyDisk

If you are looking for a Mac cleaner used by professionals, DaisyDisk could be a good bet. This is a cool alternative to CleanMyMac X that scans your system deeply for recovering disk space. When your Mac feels sluggish, download DaisyDisk and see how it boosts up your machine.

You will find this award-winning software useful for optimizing Mac performance. Simply scan for unwanted files, choose apps or data you want to delete, and remove them in one click. No need to worry about other files as it protects system files while working.

Despite the excellent features brought to the table, DaisyDisk remains a cost-effective cleaning utility. It also provides a free trial that enables you to feel the good experience. With an attractive interface, this tool is completely easy to use even for beginners.

9. Avast Cleanup for Mac

This is a premium cleaning utility brought to you by Avast. With the ability to clean junk files and optimize performances, it makes your Mac run like new. It also helps update your programs automatically so you can save time on your machine.

The software performs thorough deletion on your system. It removes data from uninstalled apps, cache, temporary files, and other trash in a single click. You can also get rid of downloads, log files, crash reports, and any leftover that takes up space on your disk.

Additionally, this one of the best CleanMyMac X alternatives allows you to declutter photo collections. Simply scan your photo gallery and it will look for similar photos and bad photos. You can decide which photos to delete to free up storage. Overall, it could be the best tool you could ask for.

10. Stellar SpeedUp Mac

When there is a list of the best cleaner utilities for Mac, SpeedUp Mac should be on it. Launched by Stellar, this product revives the performance of your machine by removing junk and freeing storage space. Thanks to beautiful design that makes it easy to use even for novices.

Stellar SpeedUp Mac works excellently to clean up your Mac drive. It scans, identifies, and removes unnecessary files to enhance its performance. Easily remove logs, duplicates, cache files, and large files to reclaim your system storage and boost performance.

Removing stubborn apps can be a real struggle. Luckily, this tool comes with uninstaller that helps you delete unwanted third-party applications from the system. It also has Memory Optimizer that acts as a RAM cleaner. This feature helps free up your RAM for a smooth performance.

11. Cleaner One Pro

An all-in-one cleaning tool is here to bring back your new Mac. Behind its simple design, Cleaner One Pro has powerful features to make your machine run smoothly like a new one. It is mainly used to free up disk space but you can also do a lot of things with this tool.

Ditch unnecessary files from your system through quick scanning. You can also discover what is consuming the space and get recommendations for the next step. Besides, it enables you to manage apps to keep your Mac in good shape. Sometimes your photos take up a lot of space on your disk. Use this tool to identify similar photos and remove unwanted ones.

12. MacKeeper

MacKeeper is a great utility to free up space and clean malware. This all-in-one app is designed to leverage your experience when using Mac. Not only can you free up the disk in a few seconds, you can also stop viruses from infecting your system.

Just as with CleanMyMac X, it optimizes Mac performance and makes it run smoothly. You can also take advantages from Smart Uninstaller to remove stubborn third-party apps or StopAd feature to enjoy ad-free browsing. With a long list of CleanMyMac X alternatives, cleaning up your Mac is only a few clicks away. Choose your favorite app and enjoy a new Mac.

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