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Top 11 Best Mass Email Service Providers in 2022

Sending mass emails has shown to be effective in boosting the reach of the business today, raising the relevance of bulk email service providers among the numerous marketing techniques accessible. In this post, we discussed how to find the best bulk email service and prepared a list of the 11 Best bulk email service for 2022 so that you can nail your email campaign like a master!

In order for a firm to develop, it must first analyse the behaviour of its potential consumers while also keeping its subscribers interested. bulk email service enable you to send out instructive emails in large quantities while tracking and resolving any difficulties that may arise during delivery. After all, you need to sell your services and goods to your subscribers, as well as nurture them when they make purchasing decisions.

Business card drop-offs and door hangers are no longer utilised to market and sell your brand!

Emails from your brand should reach your consumers’ inboxes in this digital age. So, to help you get the most of your business, here are the Best bulk email services for 2022.

How Do You Pick the Best bulk email service?

It’s incredibly frustrating for any firm to learn that their bulk emails aren’t reaching their subscribers. Yes, curiously, such emails frequently end up in spam! So, before selecting a bulk email sender, you should develop a plan to ensure that you acquire the finest one for your needs, infrastructure, and budget. Here are a few ideas to help you generate more income from your consumers.

1. Check your Subscription Process

Verification of email-Ids is necessary to keep your email from being tagged as spam. Double opt-in should be used for your email subscription procedure. The consent of the email users receiving the promotional emails is required; otherwise, a single opt-in method would result in either unsubscription, mail deletion, or the customer labelling the emails as spam.

2. Segment Your Mailing List

Every email user has unique requirements that must be met. Using your CRM database, you may collect the various aspects of the individual and then categorise them based on the persona. It is an efficient method of increasing engagement and converting followers into consumers!

3. Track User Behavior

As they utilise your products or services, each user establishes their own path or identity. Tracking and analysing their browsing habits and the kind of things they are interested in allows you to design a highly targeted campaign for them.

You may further categorise the users into three groups: interested, engaged, and reactivated. This will allow you to categorise your consumers and then send them appropriate emails.

4. Follow Email Authentication Process

The biggest deal-breaker is the email authentication process. ISPs rely on these approaches to classify emails as spam. Enabling DKIM, SPF, and DMARC for your email delivery domain can significantly improve the security of your campaign.

5. Warming Up IP/Domain

Warming up of IP and domain is another highly recommended step. What exactly is it? So, before you begin sending bulk emails from your domain, begin the warm-up phase, which is gradually increasing the amount of emails that you send in a day.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on interaction metrics, reputation, inbox placement rates, and so forth. This will increase per-day volumes, establish a good reputation, and ensure smooth inboxing, all of which will contribute to the success of an email programme.

6. Create Neat HTML Campaign

Content is essential in every marketing since it communicates your brand’s image to the audience. Engaging and appealing advertising can help to accelerate revenue development. Here are some best practises for creating an appealing campaign for your target demographic.

7. What is Your Mailing Domain?

It is usually a good idea to use your website’s domain. If there is a danger involved, you can go with a sub-domain of the main website and then construct your status on it.

Also, avoid using the same domain for transactional and promotional communication, since this increases the likelihood of essential transactional emails appearing directly in the customer’s inbox.

11 Best Mass Email Service Providers in 2022

Here are some of the best bulk email service companies that assist brands in sending mass emails using the SMTP protocol, API, or online interface. There are both commercial and open-source tools on the list.

1. Pepipost – The Most Affordable Bulk Email Service

Pepipost is a top cloud-based email delivery engine. It is based on Artificial Intelligence, which understands client behaviour by capturing and analysing minute signals from ESPs. Pepipost’s SMTP injection servers and API endpoints both support TLS and HTTPS, guaranteeing that the emails you deliver or receive are done safely.

2. SendGrid 

SendGrid is the next service in line, and it is a bulk email service for delivering both marketing and transactional emails. They are quite popular and offer current workflows and automation services, allowing you to send automated emails with a single email trigger. It allows you to leverage SMTP API or web API for deeper and better integration.

3. Elastic Email

Elastic Email is another popular tool for delivering bulk emails. This supplier allows you to schedule many campaigns and even apply different options such as send time and more. It employs a sophisticated algorithm that assists the user in identifying incorrect emails and automatically avoiding duplicate addresses.

4. HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot’s email marketing platform is backed by their robust CRM, allowing you to get insights on your subscribers and better customise your emails to them. In truth, HubSpot provides much more than just an email tool. A landing page builder, signup forms and popups, live chat and chatbots, and other features are also included in the free lifetime plan.

6. Mailgun

Following that is Amazon Simple Email Service, which is a cloud-based mass email sending service that is both cost-effective and extremely scalable due to its “pay as you go” model. It is intended for developers and enterprises to send bulk emails that can be immediately integrated into existing apps. The application allows you to keep your customers up to date with automatic emails as well as highly customised ones.

7. Mandrill App

Mailgun is another another email automation solution that offers simple SMTP or API connectivity as well as capabilities like as comprehensive analytics and real-time tracking, among others. Apart from powerful marketing automation tools, Mailgun offers a thorough deliverability facility. It has an incoming routing capability that allows your emails to be processed and transcoded into structured data. It has also produced libraries for several languages such as Python, Ruby, and Java.


If you utilise MailChimp, you may simply employ Mandrill for your bulk email distribution needs; otherwise, it would be highly expensive for you (as you will have to pay for both the products). It offers a transactional email API designed exclusively for MailChimp users. As a result, you can now quickly send data-driven emails, as well as custom-made and e-commerce communications to your consumers. You may even leverage API to create your own bespoke solutions. In addition, the Mandrill tool immediately translates the HTML version to text.

9. SparkPost

Now onto the next! SMTP2GO is a comprehensive API email deliverability service for transactional and marketing emails that is scalable and extremely dependable. Because its servers are spread all over the world, it provides network resiliency and high connection speeds. With SMTP2Go, you can send transactional emails from your app, general emails from Outlook, or marketing emails with an unsubscribe link built in.

10. Postmark

Following that, we have Postmark, which is a fantastic solution for delivering and tracking transactional emails for its subscribers. Its email delivery and tracking systems are quick, simple, and dependable. The tool is recognised for sending solely transactional emails, resulting in better interaction. If you use this service, you will have access to 45 days of comprehensive content history as well as statistics (Pepipost gives 90 Days of history logs). You may also obtain a full report on the number of email opens and clicks.

11. SendinBlue

SendinBlue, the final name on the list, is a bulk email sender that assures send-time optimization and delivers strong deliverability. You can easily manage all of your customers by utilising the current CRM. The application allows you to customise the look and also offers users with detailed email data.

Final Thoughts

It is feasible to send mass emails without problems if you have the greatest email application and the best bulk email service provider. Choose a service that guarantees specific inbox placement, offers help, and is dependable so that you can meet your ROI goals. Examine the numerous characteristics of these services and choose the best match for your company.


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