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Top 9 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android in 2022

The Internet has evolved into a necessity in everyone’s life. Most things are going online now that there are so many new cellphones, which is why we need better internet, also known as a wifi connection.

It is the best source of high-speed Internet, with faster speeds than mobile data. As technology advances, so does internet activity, such as surfing and downloading apps, which require fast download and upload speeds.

Although not everyone has access to wifi, you can use the wifi available nearby. You will need to use wifi hacking apps to gain access to someone’s wifi for free. Who doesn’t want free wifi? Nowadays, everyone hunts for freebies and ways to save money.

Disclaimer: We do not advise you to violate someone’s privacy. The hacking apps listed below are only for testing and educational purposes. You use these apps entirely at your own risk.

List of 2022’s Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android

All of these apps are compatible with Android as well as other platforms such as Linux and Windows. Because Android is the most popular operating system, we’ve compiled a list of the best WiFi hacking apps for Android. We did not advise utilising these apps for illicit purposes.

1. Aircrack-ng

It is one of the most popular WiFi hacking apps for cracking wifi passwords. The Aircrack-ng programme includes a packet sniffer, wireless network detector, WEP and WPA/WPA2-PSK cracker, and a wireless LAN analysis tool.

It recovers passwords by recording packets and using algorithms. It retrieves the password after gathering the packets.

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2. Kali Linux Nethunter

Kali Linux Nethunter
Kali Linux Nethunter is well-known. It is the best operating system for ethical hacking. It is an open-source Android penetration testing platform that is widely used. To utilise the app, first launch Kali’s Wifi tool and then proceed.It includes a straightforward configuration method that assists you in resolving configuration file issues.

Wireless 802.11 frame injection, HID Keyboard, USB MITM attacks, and one-click MANA Evil Access Point deployments are all supported by the NetHunter programme. The app creators made it operate on Google’s ancient Nexus smartphones, as well as some old OnePlus phones and Samsung Galaxy phones.

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3. Zanti

Zanti is a well-known hacking software that assists you in locating WiFi vulnerabilities. It is not, however, a wifi hacking app, but rather a penetration testing tools that assists you in discovering all of the latest vulnerabilities.

Most IT Security Administrators and hackers use this programme to diagnose system problems. The best feature of this software is its easy User Interface, which makes it the most popular among testers.

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4. WiFi WPS WPA Tester

WiFi WPS WPA Tester
This app, which is popular in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, is created by Sangiorgi Srl.
The developer’s primary goal in creating the programme was to scan for vulnerabilities in the WiFi network.

WPA WPS Tester is a well-known hacking software for breaching security. It checks the connection to Access Points with WPS PINs calculated by the algorithms. You must have Android 4.0 or higher to use this app.

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5. Wifi Kill

Wifi Kill
Wi-Fi Kill is a free and open-source programme that can hack anyone’s wifi connection on your network. It has the most popular app due to its simple and user-friendly UI. If you have an open Wi-Fi or WPA-based wifi network with a strong password, this software is useful.

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6. WPS Connect

WPS Connect
If you wish to test the security of your WiFi network, WiFi WPS Connect is very simple to use. It mostly checks to see if the router is vulnerable to a default PIN. Unfortunately, the majority of the routers that the corporations install contain vulnerabilities, such as the PINs they employ.

Use this software to see whether your router is having any problems. The app was created primarily for instructional purposes.

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7. Netspoof


Netspoof is a WiFi hacker tool that lets you modify webpages on other people’s computers from your Android phone. After downloading the app, connect to a wifi network, choose a spoof to use, and press the start button.

You should keep in mind that this app works very well on rooted devices. You can also install modified firmware, such as CyanogenMod, to use this app.

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8. WiFi Warden

WiFi Warden
If you don’t want to pay money, this WiFi hacking tool will come in handy. The WiFi Warden app consumes less bandwidth when searching for nearby free wifi networks.

Other functions include evaluating internet speed, knowing who is connected to your network, obtaining WPS Pins for routers, and performing other basic activities. The WiFi warden app will require a rooted device running Android 9 or later.

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9. Nmap

Gordon Lyon built this network scanner utility. Nmap is practically universally available, including Windows, Mac, and Android. Nmap is a free and open-source application for analysing computer network hosts and services.

This app’s name is derived from “Network Mapper.” Essentially, it transmits data packets to the network and examines the response. The majority of users use this tool for network checks. On the other hand, some of them use it for android wifi hacking.


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