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Top 13 Best Uninstaller for Mac Remove Unwanted Apps 2022

Removing programmes from a Mac is more difficult than it appears. Although it may appear to be a straightforward drag-and-drop operation, removing a programme may leave multiple extra files on your device.

Manually locating and removing these files may be a difficult and time-consuming job that does not always provide the intended effects. In such cases, using the best uninstaller for mac would come in handy.

These residual and cache files accumulate over time, accumulating terabytes of garbage that consumes a significant amount of system space.

An uninstaller application is meant to eliminate the essential software as well as clean up any residual data. This will not only lower system load and improve speed, but it will also optimise your Mac.

To make your job easier and to assist you in selecting the best uninstaller for mac, we have compiled a well-researched list of the most effective programmes. Let’s remove a look at these specialised programmes removal tools for Mac.

13 Best Mac Uninstaller Apps to Remove Apps From Mac in 2022:

1. MacKeeper

Having problems with your Mac? If this is the case, you should contact MacKeeper for assistance. This app is at the top of our list of the best Mac cleansers since it may improve your Macbook’s overall performance. In addition, the app can safeguard you against data breaches, viruses, and internet dangers. The best part is that MacKeeper is an ISO-certified cleanup solution that delivers exceptional results to its consumers.

The utility may free up around 7GB of disc space in a matter of seconds. It optimises your Mac so that it runs faster and more smoothly. Its intelligent uninstaller deletes useless programmes with a single click. The programme includes a website tracker that disables the intrusive adverts and allows users to browse without interruption. Users of MacKeeper can discover three data breaches. Furthermore, MacKeeper’s support team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist its users.

2. Cleanmymac X

Cleanmymac X is a strong application that includes various utility features such as performance optimization, virus prevention, and complete file management skills, making it one of the finest Mac Uninstallers.

It simplifies the process of removing programmes and can quickly scan and organise all of your downloaded applications. It may organise them by category, last usage, vendors, and so on.

Use it to run a system scan and determine the health of your device. After a successful scan, cleanmymac X will reveal a full list of all your apps, along with information on their data cache, app remnants, and supporting files.

Cleanmymac X is a powerful deep cleaning utility programme. It may be used to discover unwanted programmes and eliminate them permanently together with their supporting files in order to minimise the system, recover space on your Mac, and improve overall system performance.

3. IObit MacBooster 8

To maintain a gadget working well, regularly removing the rubbish and unwanted files from the device. Mac users may rest since IObit MacBooster is an all-in-one solution for removing programmes and keeping their computers safe from malware. The app can remove over 20 different sorts of files from your Mac.

The app is one of the best uninstallers for Mac, with a user-friendly UI and a low-cost subscription. The only drawback is that technical assistance is not active enough.

4. CCleaner for MAC

CCleaner for Mac is ranked second on our list of the top Mac uninstallers. This cleaning tool works effectively on all systems, including Windows, Mac, and cellphones. The application is well-known for its outstanding features and excellent optimization procedures, which discover and remove all comparable files that are taking up space. The finest feature of CCleaner for Mac is its ability to eliminate many unwanted files and programmes with a single click. Furthermore, the programme detects and eliminates unwanted logs and cookies.

It is one of the most focused cleaning programmes, and it has the ability to improve overall performance. There are both free and commercial versions of CCleaner for Mac. To use its full features, you must purchase the premium version.

5. App Zapper

App Zapper is well-known for its easy-to-use interface and thorough system cleansing. You may easily drag and drop apps into its interface and search for supporting files using this little uninstaller utility for Mac.

You may also look at its Hit List, which shows you which programmes are taking up the most space on your device. To remove programmes from your Mac, just pick them and their related files, then delete them. Aside from that, its Undo function allows you to retrieve unintentionally deleted applications. Use this easy yet effective tool to remove garbage files, plugins, widgets, and other items.

6. App Cleaner and Uninstaller

“App Cleaner and Uninstaller” is another fantastic uninstaller for Mac that simply deletes programmes from your Mac. It may be used to free up space on your Mac, remove supporting files, system detritus, residual files, cache, and much more.

To uninstall a specific programme, simply choose it from the application list and click the Uninstall button. The nice aspect about this utility is that it will automatically remove all supporting files even if you delete the application manually. However, it assures that no vital system app is removed throughout this procedure.

It may be used to remove browser extensions, plugins, unnecessary installation files, preferences, and other garbage and unwanted items from your Mac. Choose App cleaner and uninstaller for superior results if you want to thoroughly optimise your Mac.

7. App Delete

If you’re still looking for an app cleaner for Mac, App delete is a good option. With this powerful application, you may not only remove the removed app’s supporting and remaining files, but also numerous screensavers, widgets, plugins, and configuration panels.

This helps to restore valuable system space and makes your Mac run quicker. It has an easy-to-use interface and can quickly locate unwanted files. Aside from the fundamental functions, App Delete also includes additional options like as Clear Logs, AppReset, and a Library folder.

This uninstaller for mac programme has a Trash monitoring function that begins eliminating supporting files as soon as you remove an app from your device.

8. Umate Mac Cleaner

Umate Mac Cleaner is a one-stop shop for all of your cleaning requirements. This software allows you to remove all garbage files, duplicate files, and useless files from your computer. With simply a scan, you might see a long list of files that you should remove in order to improve the speed of your Mac. This software’s interface is simple; all you have to do is scan for the files you want to remove.

The nicest feature about this programme is that it finds worthless files that are using up space in a very short amount of time. The deep scan technique easily detects data in the most remote corners of the storage. When the scan is finished, the findings will be shown on your screen. You may effortlessly remove files from the list to free up space on your system storage.

Some of the primary reasons why this is the finest uninstaller are that it checks for more than 40 different sorts of files and has a 2X faster speed than others. You may use this app to simply remove any unneeded and unwanted files from your Mac.

9. Trash Me

Trash Me is next on our list of the top app removers for Mac. It might be a good choice if you wish to remove and uninstall programmes from your Mac. Utilize this sophisticated programme to remove supporting files and system cache.

The app has a Smart Detection Feature that, when activated, will begin the file cleaning process as soon as you remove an app from your smartphone. Aside from that, the alert button continues to deliver notice messages whenever the trash bin is full.

Use the finest Mac uninstaller applications to free up system space by eliminating cache files, system garbage, and other unwanted items.

10. Hazel

If you’re still looking for an effective app cleanup for Mac, go no further than Hazel. This useful uninstaller for Mac has earned a spot on our list for a variety of reasons.

It has a condition-based rule that kicks in as soon as you complete specified activities. This function is very useful for file organisation, archiving, photo naming, keeping your desktop clean, and, most significantly, removing applications.

In addition, it has specific rules and app configuration tools that allow you to establish limitations and automatically erase items from the trash. Hazel is a wonderful choice if you want to keep your mac optimised because it has a simple and user-friendly interface.

11. CleanGeeker

This best free app uninstaller for mac is next on our list. With this powerful application, you may easily remove programmes and their related files from your Mac. Aside from that, it has a one-click option that allows you to remove unwanted files and system garbage.

It can help you improve your Mac by removing outdated downloads, duplicate files, login items, and huge files. If your device is running slowly, CleanGeeker will not only help you restore disc space but will also improve its overall performance. Aside from the free trial version, you can also purchase its advanced edition for a fee.

12. Osx Uninstaller

If the aforementioned tools haven’t been of much use, try Osx Uninstaller to remove software from your Mac. It has a sleek and easy-to-use interface with straightforward operation. The app smartly presents a detailed list of all installed apps.

Simply choose the app you want to remove from your smartphone, then click the Run analysis button and then the Complete Universal button. This will not only remove the app, but it will also remove all supporting and residual files related with it. With Osx Uninstaller, you can keep your Mac safe. The sole disadvantage of this multi-functional equipment is its exorbitant price.

13. Smart Mac Care

As it provides solutions to defend Mac from Malware, the programme maintains the system clean as well as safe. Users may select from a variety of modules to clean and safeguard their Mac while using the app.

The free version simply lets you to scan and detect files, which is insufficient for removing users who must purchase the software.


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