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Top 10 best TV remote apps for Android in 2022

The IR blaster is now officially a niche feature. It’s becoming increasingly unusual as a feature as phones aim to eliminate as many ports as possible. Those with an IR blaster, on the other hand, are helpful for a variety of little tasks. One such application is as a remote control for virtually anything that has an IR receiver. This includes televisions, air conditioners, certain thermostats, cameras, and other similar items. Let’s speak about TV remotes today. Here are the top Android TV remote applications.

Please keep in mind that most ecosystems now include their own remote applications. LG TVs come with remote applications designed by LG. Samsung, Google, Apple, Vizio, Roku, and the majority of other companies do the same. Before you begin reading, we strongly advise you to use the remote software created by the manufacturer of the item you’re attempting to operate. Furthermore, contemporary Android phones do longer include IR sensors, which is how many of these functioned on older TVs. Your mileage may vary by a large amount.


1. AnyMote

One of the finest TV remote applications is AnyMote. It supports approximately 900,000 devices, with more being added on a regular basis. It’s also not only for televisions. It supports DSLR cameras, air conditioners, and nearly any other device with an infrared blaster. The remote is straightforward and easy to use. There are additional buttons for Netflix, Hulu, and even Kodi if your TV supports them. It’s a little pricey at $6.99, and it hasn’t been updated since early 2018, as of this writing. It does, however, work with phones that have an IR blaster.

2. Google Home

Google Home is unquestionably one of the greatest remote apps. Its main purpose is to operate Google Home and Google Chromecast devices. That implies you’ll need one of those in order for this to operate. Otherwise, it’s quite straightforward. All you have to do is choose a show, movie, music, image, or whatever you like. You then project it onto your screen. It cannot, for example, change the channel. It also lacks the ability to modify the volume. However, changing the volume on your phone has the same effect. It will only get better with time. The software is completely free. Google Home and Chromecast gadgets, on the other hand, are not free.

3. Roku

For Roku owners, the official Roku app is amazing. The app lets you control almost anything on the Roku. The only thing you’d need your actual TV remote for is volume. The Roku app’s remote has controls for fast forward, rewind, play/pause, and navigation. It also has a voice search feature. When it comes to TV remote applications, it’s not what you’d expect. However, individuals who own a Roku don’t actually require a full-fledged remote app. The software is also completely free.

4. SURE Universal Smart TV Remote

Sure Universal Smart TV Remote is a good TV remote software with a ridiculously lengthy name. It’s also a fantastic TV remote app. It is compatible with a wide range of televisions. It, like Anymote, supports other devices having an infrared blaster. It also features DLNA and WiFi connectivity for casting images and movies. There is even Amazon Alexa support. That struck us as pretty foresighted. It also implies that Google Home isn’t the only app on this list that supports a personal assistant app. It’s a little ragged around the edges. You may, however, trial it before you buy it.

5. Twinone Universal TV Remote

Twinone Universal Remote is a good free TV remote app. It has a straightforward design. Once you’ve set it up, you should have no trouble utilising it. It should also operate with the majority of TVs and set-top boxes. Some devices that do not fall within those categories are also supported. The only negative aspect at the moment is the advertising. Twinone does not give a method for getting rid of them. To accommodate this, we’d want to see a paid version in the future. Furthermore, it appears that this one is only available on select smartphones. Otherwise, it’s a solid choice.

6. Unified Remote

Unified Remote is a one-of-a-kind remote app. It may be used to operate a computer. This is useful for people who have HTPC (home theatre PC) setups. There is PC, Mac, and Linux support. It also has a keyboard and a mouse for improved input control. It’s also ideal for Raspberry Pi, Arduino Yun, and other similar devices. The free edition includes a little more than a dozen remotes as well as the majority of the functions. Everything is included in the premium version, including 90 remotes, NFC connectivity, Android Wear support, and more.

7. Xbox

The Xbox software functions admirably as a remote control. It gives you access to a variety of Xbox Live features. Messages, accomplishments, the news feed, and other features are included. There is also a built-in remote. You may use it to explore the UI, launch apps, and do other things. It’ll allow you rapid access to play/pause, rewind, fast forward, back, and other buttons that would normally require a controller. Many individuals use their Xbox as a one-stop entertainment centre. These folks can make use of this software to make things a bit simpler.

8. Yatse: Kodi Remote Control

Yatse is a popular remote app for Kodi. It contains a plethora of features. If necessary, you can cast media to your streaming devices. It also supports Plex and Emby servers natively. You may access an offline library, operate Kodi as a whole, and it even works with Muzei and DashClock. When it comes to what this software can accomplish, we’ve barely scratched the surface. However, this is best utilised on a home theatre PC linked to your tv. You may give it a try for free. If you become pro, you’ll receive every feature.

9. TV manufacturer apps

The majority of TV manufacturers provide remote applications for their smart TVs. These apps often have a wide range of features. They communicate with your smart TV through WiFi. That implies you don’t need an infrared blaster to use these. You have the option of changing the channel or the volume. It will even allow you to pick applications on the TV. Some of the OEM applications are rather nice. Samsung and LG, in particular, do a good job with their applications. Some of them aren’t too terrific. We were unable to test every manufacturer. Fortunately, almost all of their remote apps are free to download. As a result, you may experiment with them without incurring any financial risk. We’ve got Vizios hooked up. To locate the others, simply search for your manufacturer on the Google Play Store.

10. Phone OEM remote apps

Most phones with an infrared blaster have a remote app. These are usually available on the Google Play Store. Some Mi smartphones, for example, make advantage of Xiaomi’s built-in TV remote app (linked). These are the apps that were tested with the manufacturers’ devices. As a result, they’re likely to work at least okay. You don’t normally receive a lot of features. OEMs, on the other hand, include certain apps on their devices for a reason. At least, that’s what they generally do. They’ll sometimes even pre-install the pro version so you don’t have to buy it. Since you already have them, you might as well try them first to see whether they work.


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