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Top 8 Best Software To Speed Up Computer For Windows in 2022

After a few months of use, the machine begins to lag in providing its full capability. This might be due to a variety of factors such as viral assaults, defects, malware infecting applications, or simply running out of memory. Thanks to the abundance of software available to speed up your PC and restore it to its former glory.

These programmes delete unneeded files, optimise your PC settings, and even defend you from cyber-attacks. Windows has maintenance tools that may be used to clean up your computer system. However, because they must all be utilised manually, it will take time.

Third-party software, on the other hand, offers automated functions that scan your PC and remove trash files on a regular basis. We have attempted to summarise the features of several well-known software to Boost Your PC performance in the list below. It’s worth noting that some of them are available in both paid and free versions.

List of the Best PC Speed Up Software (For Windows)

1. Glary Utilities

It is software that will substantially improve the efficiency of your PC by cleaning garbage and unneeded files and removing bloatware. Glary Utilities may also clean your computer’s RAM by deleting logs, registry files, and other data. The software also protects your privacy by erasing your surfing history.

According to users, the software works effectively, and there is a noticeable increase in computer speed. Furthermore, the automated scanning capabilities make it very painless to use in Glary utility software.


2. Puran Software

This software is another great one for speeding up your computers by removing superfluous files and programmes. Puran Software is well-known for its ease of use due to its basic user interface. As a consequence, it allows you to concentrate on your core activity without being distracted by extraneous elements.

Puran Software is a simple-to-use software that is strong enough for system cleansing and repair. The software also has an effective Malware detection engine, making it an ideal alternative to consider.


3. IObit Advanced SystemCare

It is a flexible piece of software that provides a number of useful functions to help you speed up your computer and breathe new life into it. Advanced SystemCare’s best-in-class features include an internet speed booster, real-time optimization, privacy protection, and others. Furthermore, the software has both manual and automatic operation modes.

This PC cleaning software is available in two versions: free and premium. However, both versions are similarly efficient, with just a little change in functionality. However, some bloatware is installed during the installation process, but you have the option to uncheck them to remove them.


4. System Mechanic Free

System Mechanic is a relatively new addition to the software collection for speeding up your PC. However, in such a short time, the software has amassed enormous popularity due to its best-in-class capabilities. As a consequence, after using System Mechanic Free, you will notice a significant improvement in the performance of your PC.

The software removes all garbage files and deletes dormant applications from memory to ensure smooth operation. It also clears caches and cookies from browsers. As a result, you should give this amazing software a shot.


5. PC Brother System Maintainance Free

It is computer performance-enhancing software that is available for free. PC Brother System Maintainance Free provides some professional level that aids in keeping your computer’s functioning at its peak at all times. Furthermore, the software is simple to use and is perfect for non-technical people.

The functions are divided into four tabs: optimise, tools, security, and PC Info. This allows for simple feature navigation. It also includes antivirus protection that can be configured to scan your machine at predetermined intervals.


6. JetBoost

JetBoost is a great choice if you want software that will speed up your PC in only a few clicks. With a single click, you can scan your software for garbage files, browser cookies, and damaged registries. In addition, you may manually search for and eliminate garbage files.

JetBoost also provides extensive information on any problems found in your computer system. As a result, the user is more informed and more vigilant about potential hazards in the future. Overall, it will be a wonderful alternative for you if you enjoy digging deep inside your PC.


7. Eusing Cleaner

This is an excellent choice for speeding up your PC, especially if you play a lot of games. To provide you with the best gaming experience possible, the software disables unneeded system processes and clears the memory. Eusing Cleaner may also assist you in cleaning Windows files, browser data, and application files.

You will also receive antivirus protection for your PC as part of it. However, the programme contained within it is of a basic nature and may fail to identify certain Malware. However, because it is free software, you can use it once.


8. CCleaner

It is one of the most widely used PC cleaning programmes. CCleaner can also discover and fix Windows default and installed apps. This software also scans for registry files and unnecessary file extensions and deletes them.

According to the creators, CCleaner can initially reclaim 4 GB of space and 346 GB each year from a single computer. You will receive two versions of the software, one paid and one unpaid. When compared to the commercial version, the unpaid version has various features that are not available.



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