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Top 8 Best Slidesgo Alternatives in 2022

If you are a student or a corporate employee, you have probably heard of Slidesgo at least once in your life, and chances are you use it from time to time to create presentations on various themes. But Slidesgo is not the only choice out there. On the internet, there are other excellent Slidesgo alternatives.

For folks who don’t know what Slidesgo is, it is a site where you can find countless free Google Slides and PowerPoint templates. It offers a large choice of templates for marketing, education, business, and medical applications, among others.

Using Slidesgo tools, any educator may make presentations simple and enjoyable to grasp.
However, this is not the only website available. Because it is a subsidiary of the Freepik Company, it also has a large number of high-quality vectors, infographics, icons, and other graphic resources.

This post will provide you with a list of the best Slidesgo alternatives, as well as a variety of resources to help you develop instructive content.

Best Slidesgo Alternatives

1. SlidesCarnival 

SlidesCarnival has to be one of the best Slidesgo alternatives, according to the resources it provides. There are numerous templates available for your MS Powerpoint or Google Slides presentations, and the templates may simply make anything appealing.

One of the best things about SlidesCarnival is the options of templates it has for entrepreneurs. You may smoothly design professional presentations for your business that appears nice and appealing. Overall, if you’re looking for an alternative to Slidesgo, this is a must-visit site.

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2. Keynote

You generally won’t need anything else to make great presentations if you have an Apple device, such as an iPad or a Mac. Keynote is Apple’s own counterpart of Slidesgo, and it includes over 700 chart and gallery themes.

Keynote is particularly beneficial for all Apple users as it allows seamless integration across all the Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. The tool’s over 30 themes can make your presentation look more appealing.

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3. Padlet

Padlet is next on the list, and it is also an excellent resource if you need some useful and appealing templates for your presentations. It is more of a productivity software, and you will appreciate it because of its user-friendly interface.

Padlet is fantastic because it integrates smoothly with your blog and does not require you to develop and export like Slidesgo. Furthermore, publishing content is straightforward with a simple drag and drop. Padlet also provides community support, allowing you to interact with others and share your ideas.

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4. PSlides

PSlides has a single mission: to create the most amazing slides that may directly appeal to your viewers, express ideas, and achieve desired results. They offer a personalised presentation deck where you may share your ideas and interact with the audience.

The platform focuses on assisting you in using statistics and numbers to strengthen your presentation. This platform’s ideas are excellent because it provides templates such as Gantt charts and flowcharts when you search for templates for planning or timelines.

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5. SlideEgg

SlideEgg is another amazing Slidesgo alternative, and if you need some robust templates for commercial use, this will be an excellent option for you. The platform employs a staff of 25+ designers and photography professionals that ensure that all templates are visually appealing.

One of the site’s best features is the ability to pay them to build a presentation for you.
And all the presentations or templates generated on the platform may be changed and modified into files compatible with MS Powerpoint, Google Slides, or Keynote.

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6. HiSlide

HiSlide is an amazing choice for anyone searching for a platform to assist them in creating a nice presentation. This website contains a large number of presentation slides that will assist you in appealing to your viewers. You can choose from a plethora of pre-made Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote templates.

It also integrates Excel into the presentation, allowing you to include all of the charts, graphs, and other elements to make a great presentation. In addition, the platform integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace.

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7. Template Monster

Template Monster
Template Monster, as the name implies, is a site where you can easily locate a broad variety of templates. It is a relatively young platform, but it is continuously increasing and contains all of the most recent tools that are compliant with the new requirements.

The site includes all the templates you’ll need to produce a professional presentation, whether you’re a little or huge business, a startup or an organisation.

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8. Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck
Pitch Deck is one of the best Slidesgo alternatives since it can assist you in creating a decent and professional presentation with a variety of template possibilities. Many professionals throughout the world rely on it to help them craft a brief, persuasive, and prospect-friendly pitch.

You get a plethora of icons, stock pictures, graphics, and transitions to help you get all the attention you require. As a result, make sure you use this platform at least once.

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