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Top 12 Best Running Apps for Android in 2022

In this day and age, everyone aspires to be physically strong enough to execute any activity with stamina. However, due to a lack of time for extracurricular activities, fewer people nowadays devote time to exercise. As a result, regular cardio is considerably superior to simply walking.

The scientist even proves that even 10 minutes of cardio will benefit you in a variety of ways.
There are numerous advantages to doing cardio properly, and it will also lengthen your life. Every health expert agreed that the more you run, the better your health will be.

List of the Best Running Android Apps for 2022

Now we need a good application to record our running process. These running apps assist us in running by guiding us, providing suitable directions, and motivating us. We have fined and listed the best running apps to record the run for you all.

1. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club
As a result, NRC is also known as the Nike-run club. The app’s distinguishing feature is that it offers customers voice-recorded sessions. It is useful for beginners who wish to start from scratch because the recording makes it simple to understand. It will cover topics such as running breathing, sustaining momentum, and tracking your running distance.

You may also connect with your friends and check out their whole runs, as well as share your own. That is how you can keep motivated with your pals as well. This app can also help you train for a marathon. You can also set goals, such as total runs and times, and achieve them.
The best part is that the software is completely free and has no advertisements.

Download Nike Run Club

2. Zombies Run

Zombies Run
As the name implies, this software is thrilling; it is a game-based app that assists and motivates users while running. It has a game UI that puts you in a predicament where you have to flee for your life.

You’ll hear the zombie’s sound if you slow down, and if you stop, you’ll die. This software appears to be exciting when reading. It offers a variety of stories from which to choose and begin running, making it fairly fresh and entertaining. Unfortunately, it will set you back $2.99 per month. However, you may also test the free version, which includes some of the stories.

Download Zombies, Run

3. Charity Miles

Charity Miles
This app is supported by a variety of sponsors. Every time you use this app to run, these sponsors donate money to diverse or specialised charity. That is how it contributes to their consumers’ motivation. Every race is sponsored by a different sponsor. You can also easily swap between sponsors.

Before running, the app will give you the option of selecting a sponsor. The unique aspect is that you can form a team or join one to run for a personal cause such as charity. This app’s partners include major corporations such as Johnson & Johnson. You are doing fantastic things with running, which is the most appealing aspect of this application. The good news is that this software is completely free to use.

Download Charity Miles

4. Weight Loss Running by Verv

Weight Loss Running by Verv
Running’s primary goal is weight loss, but running alone will not help you lose weight. So tired of running, this app offers nutritious food programmes for various purposes such as weight loss and bodybuilding. It will determine body mass based on height and weight and then provide the best eating plan.

You can also add your own photos while using this software to achieve your goal. Because water is an important aspect of the diet, this app also includes a water intake plan. It charges $49.99 per year for all of the above-mentioned extra features.

Download Weight Loss Running

5. Decathlon Coach

Decathlon Coach

Decathlon is a sports-related firm that built its name by selling a variety of high-quality sports items and outfits. Because the product is of high quality, the app follows suit. It offers several regimens for various activities such as running and bodybuilding.

This programme is also for novices, and it includes tutorials with voice explanations. You can also track your friends’ activity and share your own. Many topics will be taught to you here, such as how to approach alternative running, and so on. This software is completely free and has no advertisements.

Download Decathlon Coach

6. Endomondo (Map My Fitness Workout Trainer)

Endomondo (Map My Fitness Workout Trainer)

This year’s most popular app is You can track several actions in a single app without experiencing any slowness or other issues. It, like the other apps mentioned above, gives audio guidance and records activities such as runs and distances.

It is compatible with a variety of wearable devices, including smartwatches and third-party applications. As a result, this function is beneficial to athletes and everyday runners. You can also link your social network accounts here. A premium membership, which includes an advance plan and many other benefits, costs $5.99 per year.

Download Endomondo

7. Starve


If you’re looking for a new running buddy or competitor, this app is for you. It is the best software for athletes and novices because it allows you to build a profile and connect with others in your area. You may also share your runs and make completions for inspiration.
Finally, you may design your own route and share it with the rest of the globe.

It can track your Samsung or Apple wearables in addition to your run. The best part is that you can compare your metrics, which indicates your current and prior performance. This programme is completely free, and you can use all of its features.

Download Strava

8. Runtastic


It is a type of app that may track all of your activities in addition to running. The software is intended for runners, but you can also track your riding with the premium edition. It also connects other gadgets such as wearables and third-party applications.

The best feature of this software is the Google satellite integration. This app’s distinguishing feature is the ability to stream music via Spotify. The Premium version, which includes everything, costs $49.99 per year.

Download Runtastic

9. Map My Run

Map My Run

Map My Run includes all the tools you’ll need, whether it’s simply a regular day run or you’re a seasoned runner. So, use this great running app to attain your maximum potential and achieve your goals faster. It meets every critical necessity, from customised training regimens to individualised coaching recommendations.

You may also track distance travelled, calories expended, progress, and so on. Furthermore, it offers group challenges to keep you motivated and inspired.

Download Map My Run

10. Pacer


Pacer is a walking and running pedometer that tracks your entire day’s activity. This simple running programme can sync your data with apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and Apple Health.
Furthermore, it allows you to track your daily progress, steps taken, BMI, blood pressure, calories, and so on.

So, if you’re a fitness fanatic looking for better results, why not convert your phone into a personal health tracker?It also allows you to create groups to stay connected and improve your health with your family and friends.

Download Pacer

11. Running & Jogging

Running & Jogging

If you frequently go running outside your house, this app is a must-have. It will plot your running route on a map so you can visually track your progress. It’s a far superior technique to dealing with statistics.

You may check how many calories you’ve burned as well as the number of steps you’ve taken. It also distinguishes between steps and elevation and displays that information.

Download Running & Jogging

12. Step Counter – Calorie Counter

Step Counter – Calorie Counter

This is the most minimalistic running app available on the Play Store. Step Counter – Calorie Counter has a straightforward interface with limited information. With a single click, you can track the number of steps you’ve taken, the number of calories you’ve burned, and the distance you’ve walked.

This, in my opinion, is what everyone needs: a basic software with simple functions.
However, because the app does not currently support widgets, you must launch the app to view your step count.

Download Step Counter – Calorie Counter


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