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Top 10 best Reddit apps for Android in 2022

Reddit considers itself to be the Internet’s top page. That’s pretty much what it is, for better or worse. It’s a vast site with a plethora of themes and then a plethora of threads inside each topic. You can effortlessly navigate through your favourite subreddits with the correct app. There are plenty fantastic alternatives in this category, but here are the best Reddit apps for Android. The majority of them also support Reddit Gold, a $3.99 monthly membership that eliminates advertisements and offers new features.

The best Reddit apps for Android


1. BaconReader

BaconReader is one of the most well-known Reddit apps. It has a Material Design interface, backdrop themes, and color-coded comment threads to make it simpler to read and visually appealing. It has several additional features for power users, such as moderator tools, a respectable search, advanced filtering, and multi-account support. There is a free version and a $1.99 pro version available as a standalone app or as an in-app purchase. The premium version is excellent, but the free version may be too ad-heavy for some users.

2. Boost for Reddit

Boost for Reddit is not as well-known as other Reddit apps. People who use it, on the other hand, appear to appreciate it. It includes a tonne of features, such as subreddit-specific view switching, Material Design, in-app media previews, filtering, and even widget support. The software may be customised with a variety of themes, including one designed exclusively for AMOLED displays. If you wish, you may also alter the font type, size, and colour. There’s also the crucial spoiler support. It’s one of the most feature-rich Reddit apps, and it’s definitely worth a try.

3. Infinity for Reddit

Infinity for Reddit is one of the more visually appealing Reddit clients available on mobile right now. It covers all of the essentials, such as multi-account support, a dark theme, and the ability to perform the typical things like comment on threads and other such things. This one also has a Lazy Mode, in which it will auto-scroll through subreddits for you until you discover anything intriguing. It isn’t perfect, but it strikes a fair balance of feature-rich and functional without being obnoxious. Furthermore, it appears to be completely free.

4. Joey for Reddit

Joey for Reddit

Joey for Reddit is a respectable Reddit software with a few features. It allows you to perform all of the typical things, such as comment, thumbs up comments, and access your Reddit Gold features. There are also some advanced capabilities, such as the ability to track comments and receive notifications about them. It also allows you to download movies from Reddit, auto-hide articles you’ve previously read, and has a great theming system. There isn’t anything it can’t do well, and even reading comments is enjoyable.

5. Now for Reddit

Now for Reddit is one of the more straightforward Reddit apps on the list. It includes the essentials, such as compatibility for various file formats, Imgur support, and Reddit Gold features. It now now features a more current look that allows you to swipe to change subreddits for faster surfing. You may also look through popular and trending subreddits at your leisure. There is a free version as well as a $3.99 pro version (as an in-app purchase). It’s an excellent choice for individuals who merely want a few important functions.

6. Reddit (official app)

The official Reddit app isn’t all that horrible. It is suitable for casual viewers and provides the standard set of functions. Subreddit administration, comments, posting tools, Reddit Gold support, and more features are included. It has a few issues, as do most of similar apps, but they are typically minor. It’s not as strong as other third-party apps, but it’s enough for casual Reddit users.

7. Reddit is Fun

Reddit is Fun

Reddit is Fun is another of the most popular Reddit apps. It offers a contemporary look that wraps around the usual Reddit experience. That means you’ll be bombarded with text. It also offers theming, support for almost any file format, moderator tools, widget support, and the normal set of features found in most Reddit apps. It’s not the most visually appealing Reddit app. But it gets the job done.

8. RedReader

Another completely free Reddit app is RedReader. It’s also free and open source. This means no advertising or monitoring of any kind. It also supports Imgur albums, gifv files (along with most other common file formats), multi-account support, and an eye-friendly night mode theme. If you require tablet support, it is available. It’s a straightforward app. Depending on your requirements, this might be advantageous.

9. Relay for Reddit

One of the more popular Reddit apps is Relay for Reddit. It also includes a plethora of functions. To improve readability, the app employs Material Design as well as a card-based interface. It also has moderator capabilities, inline media previews, multi-account support, subreddit filtering, spoiler alert support, and customization options. You may even make it give you other notifications if you like. The free version includes the majority of the functionality. Everything is included for a one-time fee of $2.99.

10. Sync for Reddit

Sync for Reddit is another of the most feature-rich Reddit apps. This one promises to be optimised for the /r/soccer subreddit (if that matters to you) and has a totally Material Design UI. It supports multi-windows, multiple accounts, a night theme (with a separate AMOLED theme), and Android Nougat. This one has had a few more issues reported than usual, but it’s still worth a go. Most of the time, it works fairly nicely.


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