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Top 13 Best Prank Call Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

Pranks never get old, but some pranks get old after a while. Whooping pillows were amusing a few decades ago, but they are no longer so in recent years. The finest prank call applications will make you laugh out loud if you’re in the mood to mislead your family or friends.

You may use prank calling applications to make a false phone call. You have the option of changing your voice or impersonating someone else, such as a celebrity or the police. This method is quite simple to put together, and it always works to persuade your prey.

Apps for Android and iOS with the Best Prank Call Features

On the Google Play Store and the App Store, there are a plethora of prank calling apps.
In truth, not every one of them is suitable for practical jokes. If you need some assistance picking the finest one, we’ve compiled a list of the best prank call applications to play with.

1. JokesPhone

JokesPhone is the most popular prank call app in the world. It comes with a vast selection of pranks in several languages and has over 10 million downloads.

You select a prank-call scenario and a pal with this app. You have two minutes to persuade him/her to believe your joke and chuckle. It also features a built-in share button for sharing jokes on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat.

JokesPhone is fantastic since it provides free pranks. When you download the app, you’ll get a free prank, and when you check in with Facebook, you’ll get another free prank.

2. MagicCall

You can tell what this app can accomplish just by looking at its name: it can make a miracle call. It allows you to experience a different calling as a result of the distinct qualities it brings to the table. MagicCall features a real-time voice changer that allows you to switch voices while on the call. You have the option of using a feminine voice, a child voice, or even a cartoon voice.

You won’t be able to botch your pranks with MagicCall. It contains a feature that allows you to test your voice before making a call. Your family or friends will be completely unaware that they have been duped by your practical jokes.

3. Ownage Pranks

This prank call app, created by Ownage Labs, has quickly become a popular tool for making practical jokes. You’ll find a voice changer tool that allows you to make a call while pretending to be someone else. Because each call made with this app is convincing, no one will suspect your pranks.

It’s easy to utilise this amusing prank caller app. Choose a prank from the collection once the app is loaded on your device. Choose a contact to prank call and then click Send. This app will perform the miracle for you.

4. Fake Call by GameAndro

This prank call app is intended to imitate an incoming phone call. Unlike most prank call apps, which have pre-loaded prank situations and voice changers, this tool relies on your bravery and prank talents to deceive someone.

Fake Call is really simple to use. To make a call, simply tap call now, or pick schedule to establish a timer. To make it more believable, you can include a caller name, a caller number, and a caller image.

5. Fake Call

Fake Call is an excellent app for making a prank call to oneself. This app provides everything you need to complete your task, whether it’s to escape out of an unpleasant circumstance or to prank pals.

The free app includes a call planner, a personalised incoming screen, and a custom character.
To prank call you, you can choose from mom, the cops, or even pizza.

6. Fake Call Police

Another fun prank call app to check out is Fake Call Police. Observe how your family and friends respond when you receive a phoney police call. It’s impossible not to fall for the ruse when you have the flexibility to customise the caller number and identity.

This app is essentially a simulated incoming call simulator. Demonstrate to people that you’ve received a police call, and you’ll get a nice laugh out of it. This prank never gets old, and it always produces the desired visceral reaction.

7. BTS Call

The Korean boy band BTS is sweeping the globe. If you have Army (a term for BTS followers), BTS Call could be the ideal app to deceive them. This is a prank app that allows you to pretend to be a BTS member by simulating a video call.

When you get a call from RM, J-Hope, Suga, or V, look at your pals’ faces. You can take a screenshot of the unique photographs, share them with your pals, and make them jealous.
This fun app elevates pranking to a whole new level.

What’s fantastic about BTS Call is that you can call any BTS member you choose. This app has a user-friendly UI that makes it simple to use.

8. Prank Caller

Prank Caller can be your formidable tool to prank call your loved ones, with a vast selection of scenarios. Simply select a pre-scripted prank, insert a target’s phone number, and place a phoney call. Your buddies will have no idea it’s fake, and you’ll be able to listen in on the conversation.

This app allows you to share humorous outcomes with your pals. With so many scenarios to choose from, it makes sense to pick one that will work best for the target. It’s just going to grow better now that you can save reactions.

You can record the outcome while listening to it live, thanks to the built-in recorder. Share your findings with your pals and make them laugh out loud.

9. PrankDial

Millions of pranksters around the world trust PrankDial. Because of the various scenarios it offers, this prank call app has generated a lot of laughter around the world. The app’s library has a large number of prank call situations from which you can choose one that best suits the target.

Prank Dial now has additional features, including as new prank scenarios and an enhanced user interface. Your prank calls will be saved in your call history, which you can share with your pals. You can also leave a remark on the calls you like.

PrankDial has the advantage of allowing you to personalise names, locations, and other details. Your buddies won’t realise it’s a prank call until it’s too late.

10. Pranky

What will your friend do if someone contacts him about the sex noises he makes every night? Or will your pal be surprised when he gets a call from a five-star hotel he never booked? You’ll never know how others will react until you use this app.

Pranky is a prank call numbers app that lets you play practical pranks on others. It has a large number of prank call scenarios that your pals will never expect. All you have to do is pick a scenario, pick a recipient, and dial the prank call number.

Pranky also allows you to share the humorous outcomes with your friends and family. Using WhatsApp or other media networks, save and share reactions.

11. Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer is a fantastic app that allows you to call amusing sound effects while on the phone. This device has been commonly used to deceive people during prank calls, and now it could be your chance.

It’s never been easier to have fun with your loved ones over the phone. You may modify your voice in real time or add wacky sound effects using this app. With the press of a button, you may make your voice deep, spooky, or high.

12. Prank Call App

Prank Call App is a terrific tool for inviting nonstop laughter, and it’s designed for iPhone and iPad. It lets you pretend to be on the receiving end of a call from anyone, including celebrities and even the president.

Simply add recordings of different events to make the call more lifelike. Raise the call in front of your friends or family and observe their reactions. You can quickly customise the caller’s name, add a photo, and select the phone type with this app.It also has a countdown timer to add to the credibility of your prank call.

13. FunCall

Are you looking for something to make you laugh? There’s nothing else to say. Download FunCall and have a good time with your pals. This prank call app allows you to modify your voice while on the phone, from hilarious and high to deep and frightening.

FunCall is really simple to use. Choose a nation and enter the recipient’s phone number.
After the call is answered, adjust your voice to the desired tone.

You may record and replay calls using this app, so you won’t miss any of the hilarious moments. You can even send it to your friends to share and download.


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