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Best IPTV Player For Xbox In 2024

Best IPTV Player For Xbox will be described in this article. In this guide, we cover the best IPTV players for Xbox which covers both the older Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Slim, Xbox One, and the newest Xbox Series X and Series S.

Best IPTV Player For Xbox In 2024

In this article, you can know about Best IPTV Player For Xbox here are the details below;

Before you add iptv to your Xbox be sure you have a subscription from one of the best iptv providers for UK and USA channels and worldwide.

The Xbox is a great home entertainment device letting you play the latest cutting-edge games and more, but it also backups up as a great IPTV player so you don’t have to move away from the Xbox when you want to watch IPTV.

But not every IPTV player app works on the Xbox, there are only a select few IPTV players which work for the Xbox which we will get into below.

Players For The IPTV Xbox

We have stored every Xbox model right from when the Xbox first generation was released back in November 2001. (Yes them days were fun binging on Halo and The Elder Scrolls).

Players For The IPTV Xbox

But with the rise of IPTV after 2015 and the Xbox getting bigger, better, and more powerful there has been an increase of amazing IPTV players you can use.



MYIPTV is a great native windows app that has been made just for the sole purpose of watching IPTV.

It has a great EPG function built-in and is very smooth and user interface friendly. MYIPTV can also be installed on windows PCs and Laptops

MYIPTV also has a separate VOD (Videos On Demand) section that a lot of other IPTV players do not have which is another thumbs up for this great IPTV app.

You can also play the IPTV streams using different external media players instead of the MYIPTV internal built-in player so this means you can watch using VLC Media Player or any others you may have installed on your Xbox.

To get the app simply go to the Microsoft app store on the Xbox and run a search for MYIPTV and you can easily click on the icon and download MYIPTV player.

Duplex IPTV

Duplex IPTV

Next up is Duplex TV which is another heavyweight contender in the IPTV player world and is available not just on the Xbox but all other devices ranging from smart TVs, Amazon Firesticks, Apple devices, and more.

Duplex IPTV is another eye pleasure like MYIPTV when it comes to a good-looking user interface and ease of use.

With this IPTV player for Xbox, you can choose to have subtitles, categorize your channels into favorite groups, and much more. Also check Sites Like IPTV Bazar

The good thing with this player is it is available across all platforms so whether you are using an Android device it can be found in the Google Play Store and the same goes for your Xbox you can simply search it in the Xbox app store and download and install with one click.

Kodi PVR Simple IPTV Client

Kodi PVR Simple IPTV Client

If you use Kodi on your Xbox then you can also put the IPTV directly in Kodi so you do not need to even exit Kodi when it comes to watching IPTV from your favorite IPTV provider.

We have a guide on how to install Kodi to your Xbox so make sure you follow the steps if you want to use Kodi on your Xbox.

The good thing with the PVR simple IPTV client is it is an add-on that is built straight into Kodi’s repository which means you do not need to add it in as a third-party add on saving you time.

Here is a guide we made on how to install iptv to kodi with the PVR simple iptv client

You will need to make sure you load in the M3U you got from your IPTV provider in the settings of this addon.

The pros of using Kodi for IPTV on your Xbox IPTV is this addon has a good EPG layout and also allows you to record any IPTV stream you want which is a good bonus.

FAQ – IPTV For Xbox

Do the IPTV Players Above Work For The IPTV Xbox Series X And IPTV Xbox Series S?

Yes, you will find that you can put iptv on Xbox Series S and IPTV Xbox Series S. Also check iptv forest alternatives

Does IPTV Work On The Xbox Series X And Series S

Technically no, iptv smarters on Xbox series X and S is not available to download but you can use your web browser to the access the IPTV smarters website and enter your IPTV details there, and watch the iptv on Xbox.

Can I Watch IPTV On An Xbox One?

IPTV Xbox One, you can use any Xbox iptv app mentioned in this article as well as use the Microsoft Edge browser for this.

Can I Install TiviMate On Xbox?

You won’t be able to install Tivimate Xbox due to TiviMate not being available in the Microsoft Store.

Strong IPTV Verdict: The Best IPTV App For Xbox?

We have to say MyIPTV stands hand and shoulders above the other IPTV Xbox apps due to its nicer user interface as well as more functionality with a option to add your IPTV details in a non M3U format way such as using Xtream Codes API.

So when it comes to iptv on Xbox whether its iptv on xbox series X, iptv Xbox series S or iptv on Xbox one we highly recommend using MyIPTV Player.


With the Xbox IPTV rising in power and popularity and IPTV growing it only makes sense to put together this guide on the best IPTV player for Xbox so you can enjoy the best of what your IPTV service has to offer.


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