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Top 10 Best Free Manga Reader Software For Windows 11/10

Manga reading has gained popular among people for its engaging tale. And If you are also a book fan, you should start reading Manga immediately. However, before you begin reading Manga Comics, you need be aware that there is a method of doing so. You can use a Manga reader for Windows to learn how to enjoy the Manga series.

The Manga readers on our list are the best for your computer. We attempted to highlight the key features, benefits, and drawbacks to assist you in selecting the best manga readers for Windows. In addition, you can choose a Manga reader from the list to make Manga reading easier. So, let’s check it out.

List of Best Manga Reader Software For Windows 11/10/8.1/7

1. HoneyView

It is one of the most popular Manga reader apps for Windows. For reverse reading, the HoneyView software offers a Manga mode. Additionally, you can alter the page height, page width, conduct manual zoom, etc.

The reader, however, only works when the comic is in double-page format. There are also several hotkeys available for switching undesirable sites from appearing.


2. pViewer

This is another another amazing Manga reader programme that has been released to provide comic book fans with a realistic experience. The software allows you to see comics in a variety of display settings, such as full screen, information overlays, magnifier, and so on. In addition, pViewer includes a separate file explorer for browsing Manga comics.

It also allows you to export comics in BMP, PNG, GIF, and JPG formats. Overall, it is a wonderful piece of software to have in your library.


3. YAC Reader

YAC Reader
YAC Reader is one of the world’s earliest Manga readers. The best part about YAC Reader is that it supports a wide range of file types, including CBR, PDF, TIFF, PCX, and others. You may also use YAC Reader to open multiple comic books at once.

The split option allows us to divide a single comic into Windows vertically and horizontally. You will gain some new capabilities in YAC Reader: a customised page layout, page fit, zoom, and others.


4. Comical

Comical’s defining feature is its comprehensive interface, which supports a wide range of document formats, including audio and video. Comical has navigation buttons and zoom capabilities for your comfort. The following addition is a versatile Manga reader software for Windows.

The software’s offline mode allows you to store comics in CBR format. The sole disadvantage of comical is that the comic strips are displayed in vertical format on the page.


5. BD Reader

BD Reader
BD Reader is an excellent choice if you need a dedicated Manga reader programme to display formats such as CBZ and CBR. It enables you modify your comic reading experience by shifting it into single, double, and book view modes. You may also save favourite pages as bookmarks.

The interface in BD Reader is equally simple, with all settings available on the toolbar.
The software also allows you to send comics via email.


6. CDisplay Ex

CDisplay Ex
It is another freeware that may be used as a Manga reader on Windows PC. In addition, you may utilise CDisplay Ex as a Manga reader and comic organiser. The software provides all options, from website navigation to screen splitting. You can also use the on-screen slider, keyboard arrow keys, and mouse wheel to traverse between pages.

You can organise your comics by creating folders in the organising area. CDisplay Ex has been a popular pick in the list due to all of the characteristics described above.


7. GonVisor

This is a decent Manga reader software that will assist you with a number of useful features.
GonVisor supports all Manga comic books in various formats and allows you to change the settings to improve your reading experience. It, for example, allows you to crop the white section of comic strips.

However, some people may believe that the interface is out of date and should be updated.
But nonetheless, GonVisor can be deemed a good option based on the functionality.


8. Otto Schelleken

Otto Schelleken
According to user reviews, it is one of the most popular Manga readers. This software is quick and simple to use, and it enhances the enjoyment of reading Manga volumes by providing a variety of features. You can, for example, resume reading from the exact page where you left off.

The software also allows you to navigate between sites without using the shortcut keys that it has allocated to you. Furthermore, this software supports a wide range of file formats, making it simple to use.


9. Comic Sheer

Comic Sheer
Another free manga reader application for Windows is Comic Sheer. It supports a wide range of popular comic book formats, including CBR, CBZ, ZIP, RAR, and others.

Comic Sheer programme may easily improve your comic reading experience by changing the zoom of your page, page view (fit width and height, fitfully and all), single page view, two-page view, and so on.

Another useful feature is the virtual magnifying glass, which can be used to view text more clearly by just clicking on the icon. Comic Sheer can also open numerous tabs, allowing you to read more than one magazine at once.


10. MangaMeeya

MangaMeeya is a portable manga reading application that runs on Windows. The manga reader lets you browse and read manga comics in a variety of formats (CBZ CBR, RAR and more.).

You can modify your comic reading experience with its view area in addition to viewing.
Users can choose between single-page mode, two-page mode, horizontal centering, and reading mode in the view’s page section.

You can also personalise your reading experience. The primary interface contains all of the necessary functions, such as page navigation, fullscreen mode, play/pause and slideshow buttons, and so on.



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