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Top 12 Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android (2022)

Spoof and fake calls may be entertaining and even necessary at times. Spoof calls are ideal for pranks around April Fool’s Day and throughout frightening seasons such as Halloween. Furthermore, fake call apps might provide you with an excuse to get up and leave an unpleasant or awkward circumstance. Whatever the cause, we can assist! Here are the best Android spoof call apps and fake call apps!

Please keep in mind that we do not support spam calling, robocalling, or other illegal activity. These apps are intended for one-time or infrequent usage, not for participating in unlawful activity. Before using any of these apps, please read the FCC requirements here. This list is only for educational and amusement purposes.

The top Android spoof call and fake call apps


1. Dingtone


Dingtone is a messaging and calling app. It primarily serves as a backup service or a low-cost phone call service for customers who have Wi-Fi. However, you may quickly change your phone number and earn free calls by viewing advertisements. As a result, if necessary, you can make a fake phone call. As long as you don’t mind seeing advertising, this also works nicely for free texting. It’s not a caller ID spoofing app or anything of the kind. However, it’s quick and simple to join up, so you may still use it for enjoyment.

2. Fake Me A Call

You may use this app to get a fake phone call from a contact of your choice. Again, this is great for getting out of unpleasant or uncomfortable situations, as well as for making fun of your pals. The app allows you to choose the fake caller’s phone number and photo. You may also schedule calls and even provide a ringtone to your fake caller. We like this one since it includes a lot of interesting tiny extras. For example, it utilises the proximity sensor to identify if the phone is close to your face, at which point it dims the screen, much like your dialer app. The pro version is ridiculously priced at $10.99, but otherwise, this is one of the best fake call apps.

3. Second Phone Number

Second Phone Number is a best apps for making prank calls. It allows you to obtain a second number. You may use the second number for both phone calls and text messages. The software offers a free trial but otherwise works on a credit system. You buy credits, make calls, and then stop when your credits run out. As a result, you only have to pay for it when you use it. You may even add more fresh numbers if your buddies figure out which one you’re using. Everything in this section is reasonable and performed well in our testing.

4. Talkatone

Talkatone is a service that gives phone numbers for calling and texting. This is typically used by those who want a second line, an anonymous line, or a primary line but do not want a cell phone plan. Apps like these, on the other hand, make terrific fake call apps. You can acquire a phone number that no one knows, use it to spoof a call (to yourself or someone else), and get away with it. Furthermore, firms like these provide SMS, so you may text from a fake number if you want to go that way. The software works on a credit system, so you can spend a little money, make some phone calls, and then spend more money later if you like.

5. textPlus

textPlus is similar to Dingtone. You sign up, obtain a legitimate phone number, and then call and text others with it. It’s pretty simple to alter your phone number for prank calls, and you get a limited number of free calls and messages each month. You may earn additional money by watching advertisements or by paying a monthly subscription to use the service. This is one of the most popular and well-known free call apps in the market, and it functioned flawlessly in ours. The majority of its features are intended for folks who desire an alternate phone line rather than a joke line to annoy people. If you want additional items like that, you can discover voice changer apps and other similar things elsewhere.

6. Fake Call – Prank

Fake call – Prank is the best android software for making a fake phone call. It has a superb user interface and is really simple to set up. All you have to do is tap your screen a couple times and you’re ready to go!

In an emergency, or in an uncomfortable situation, you can open the app and click on it. Then, return your phone to the table. And then, whoosh! You will receive a phone call from an unknown number within a few seconds. And you may use it as an excuse to leave the party.

7. Fake a Call

Another option for the best false phone call apps on an Android device is the fake call. Like the other fake calls and apps, you can use this one to trigger and schedule a fake call after a set length of time. Simply place the phone on the table. After that, the app will handle everything.

8. Fake Call

The fake call app has a simple name, but it is also one of the greatest fake phone call apps on the Google Play market. You may utilise this programme, and its extremely basic and easy-to-use user interface will assist you in setting up a fake call. It is also incredibly simple to use and user-friendly. You should give it a go.

9. GogoCall

GogoCall is a great replacement for your Android device’s fake phone call apps. This programme allows you to configure it to your liking. You may also modify the name, number, image, and occasionally play the pre-recorded voice recording to which you will speak so that your chat does not feel wholly fake.

10. Text to Escape

Text to escape is a fantastic feature of the free open source IFTTT web application. IFTTT is an acronym that stands for if this, then that. It is a terrific tool for customising the use of your Android device.

You install the IFTTT application on your smartphone and specify the condition that will cause the call to be made. You may, for example, trigger a fake phone call from a text message sent to a specified number. It has a lot of nice features. So you should give it a go!

11. FCR Fake Call

Finally, the FCR fake call android app is a great way to get out of unpleasant situations in life. To make it more realistic, you may utilise the FCR fake call programme on your Android device with custom phone numbers, title ringtones, and a predetermined voice recording.

12. Prank Call Wars

Prank Call Wars is a fun software that allows you to perform pranks on your pals. It has over 100 distinct prank calls and is updated frequently. Before making a decision, you must select a different scenario, such as “Secret Admirer.”

The excellent voice recognition technology will deceive your buddy into believing they are speaking with a more genuine individual. It does, however, limit the amount of times a contact may be pranked. You’d need coins to prank more.


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