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Top 10 best emoji apps for Android to express yourself

Emoji is a peculiar feature of cellphones. Both Android and iOS come with their own collections of emoji built into the operating system. Android’s can be found here, while iOS’s can be found here. However, several apps, such as Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook, provide unique emoji. Some applications, such as Telegram and Signal, use Apple’s emoji even on the Android version of each company’s app. See? It’s all extremely strange and disjointed. In any case, there are apps for Android that allow you to play with emoji, utilise custom ones, and share them as stickers on other apps. Here are the top Android emoji applications.

The best Android emoji applications


1. Big Emoji

Big Emoji is typical of what you’d see in specialised emoji applications. It includes over 5,000 emoji that may be used right away in most apps. The app isn’t an emoji keyboard in and of itself. The emoji are sent as graphics, similar to stickers. It features all of the basic ones as well as a handful that are exclusive to this app. As part of the premium edition of the app, there is also a sticker pack for WhatsApp users. The app isn’t as handy as an emoji keyboard, but it’s a wonderful way to supplement what you already have.

2. Bitmoji

The majority of Snapchat users are familiar with Bitmoji. Based on your appearance, the app generates a set of personalised emoji. These customised emoji are largely useful in Snapchat, but they’re a fun way to express yourself using emoji. Furthermore, if you use this on Snapchat, it unlocks Friendmoji, which allows you and a buddy to design emoji together. This one is free to use, however you can put your Bitmoji on stuff and buy it if you wish.

3. Discord

Discord is one of the most interesting locations to use emoji. You can make your own emoji and upload them to Discord to replace the normal emoji. There are whole Discord servers dedicated to creating unique emoji. You just join them, pay for Discord Nitro (monthly membership), and you may use emoji from any server on any other server at any time. Because you can’t use them elsewhere, it’s a kind of a closed garden. However, as a Discord user, I’ve seen some interesting things. Discord is an outstanding group chat app that can be used for more than just video games.

4. Emoticon Pack

Emoticon Pack is a basic app, but it can do some interesting things. The app includes the standard emoji that can be found practically anywhere. This one made the list because of the extras it provides. The coolest bonus feature are those silly text-based emoticons that everyone uses all the time. Simply tap on them to copy them to the clipboard. Then you put it wherever you want. The database for emoticons is rather large, so you should be able to locate what you’re searching for.

5. Fleksy

Fleksy is a good third-party keyboard for Android. It also contains a very conventional, but solid, emoji keyboard, as well as a plethora of sticker packs for further personalization. Fleksy is a good pick for emoji fans because of these features, the free themes, and the functionality. When you write words, the app even suggests emoji substitutes. Except for the stickers, it doesn’t actually bring any new content. However, it will make getting started with your emoji game a lot easier than most. Furthermore, it just works really well.

6. Gboard

For good reason, Gboard is one of the top two most popular keyboards on Android. It comes pre-installed on Pixel devices and has excellent functionality. Like other keyboards, it offers an emoji mode and will even propose emoji in the auto-correct bar when it encounters anything you can replace with an emoji. Gboard’s emoji cooking function is maybe the finest for emoji enthusiasts. The app allows you to combine two emojis using the power of Google’s AI. This feature essentially expands Gboard’s emoji game much beyond the capabilities of any other keyboard.

7. Kaomoji

Kaomoji is an emoticon app rather than an emoji app. However, we believed it was appropriate for a list like this. It features a big library of emoticons, many of which you’ve probably seen elsewhere on the internet. Simply select one, copy it to your clipboard, and paste it wherever you wish. The majority of them should be compatible with most applications and social networks. The numerous emoticons are also classified for ease of use. The advertising in the free edition are a little distracting, but Kaomoji generally works pretty well.

8. Memoji

Memoji is similar to Bitmoji, except it does not allow for individual customisation. It allows you to select a collection of emoji that resembles you in some way. Each set contains a variety of moods and expresses a variety of feelings. They may also be easily transferred to WhatsApp in the form of a sticker pack. It doesn’t offer every eye and hair colour combination, but it has enough to suit the majority of individuals. The most common issue is that some individuals cannot locate a pack that resembles them, which rather defeats the point.

9. SwiftKey

SwiftKey is here for the same reason that Fleksy is. It, like most third-party keyboards, has an emoji keyboard. The app also learns your favourite emoji and proposes them to you as part of its auto-correct and predictive text features. SwiftKey is one of the best keyboards available. It has good predictive text, a lot of themes, and some extras like a number row. It’s completely enough as an emoji keyboard, and it’s wonderful to see large companies like Microsoft embrace things like predictive emoji.

10. Text Converter Encoder Decoder

Text Converter Encoder Decoder, like Kaomoji and Emotion Pack, is here for the same reason. It provides you with a plethora of cool emoticon possibilities. This features ornamental text that you won’t see in many other places. Furthermore, you may input phrases into the app, and it will transform them into alternate-looking text that you can use practically anyplace. It’s not precisely emoji, but it greatly enhances the emoji experience. Plus, who doesn’t like having a binary-to-text converter on hand at all times?


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