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Top 10 BEST Discord Voice Changer Software 2022 Ranking

This guide investigates and analyses the best Discord Voice Changer software available, along with cost. Choose a professional or free voice changer for Discord from the following options:

Nothing compares to the current popularity of Discord Voice Changers. The thought of being able to distort your voice to the point that it is virtually unintelligible is as fascinating now as it was when it was first introduced.

The idea of replacing your voice with something fanciful may be used for both fun and practical purposes.

Discord Voice Changer

Today, the majority of online gamers employ voice morphing technologies to stay anonymous on prominent game broadcasting sites like Twitch. And, because we’re concentrating on Discord, these tools are commonplace in chat systems like Skype and Discord.

Apart from the obvious benefits mentioned above, these tools have also been widely misapplied. Trolls appear to be utilising it more frequently to harass individuals on the internet. Even minors have used this method to obtain access to adult gaming chat rooms.

A discord voice changer, like everything else, may be used for good or ill, depending on who is utilising it. Of course, we encourage such instruments because of the enormous benefits they provide to our community as a sign of unending human development. We do not support the obscene use of such technologies. free voice changer for Discord

So, in order to rave about these incredible voice changing tools, we will list some of the best discord voice changer applications on the market today. We will inform you of the features they have in store for you, the cost of their services, and which tool will be the best voice changer for discord based on your own preferences.

1. Clownfish

The best choice for a simple and free voice changer. Clownfish is a really easy voice change tool that not only works fantastically well with Discord but also with other chat programmes such as Skype and Steam. Clownfish functions as a system-wide sound modification system, which means it may operate in the background and alter any audio receiving from the microphone or any other line. free voice changer for Discord

It’s very simple and quick to set up. The utility is universally compatible with all versions of Windows. Despite the fact that we wish it had more sound options, it is still a tool we would suggest due to its simple UI.

2. Voicemod

The best option for adding voice effects to Windows. Voicemod is a visually appealing programme with an even more remarkable library of voice filters. You may select from a variety of voice effects that can be used for both fun and functional purposes. Voicemod can assist you in making your voice sound like that of a robot. The tool can assist you if you wish to create an intimidating baritone to your voice.

The programme is really simple to use, works in real-time, and is completely free on all Windows systems. Although the programme is designed for use with Discord, it may also be used with Skype, Twitch, and other online chat or streaming services.

3. VoiceMeeter

To handle audio sources, this is the best option for audio mixing. VoiceMeeter is primarily designed for sophisticated users. We’re talking about users who are well-versed in audio mixing. If you are dissatisfied with the voice effects offered by software such as Clownfish, you may use this programme to create an audio effect that best meets your needs. free voice changer for Discord

VoiceMeeter is not for the faint of heart, and we only suggest it to those who are familiar with audio mixing tools. If intricacy is its main disadvantage, its ease of use in developing a bespoke new audio effect is its most admired selling feature.

4. MorphVox

The best choice for a clear and strong voice-changing application. MorphVox outperforms all other tools on this list due to its ability to produce high-quality audio while placing little strain on the CPU. In order to generate the best sound effects, the tool even mimics your own voice.

MorphVox is continually developing as well. MorphVox now includes MP3 reading, restoring files in the same folder, improved list management, plug-in compatibility, and multiple user support in addition to its standard functionality. free voice changer for Discord

The tool is also a lot of fun to use. While engaging with your pals online, you may add background music to improve your online gaming experience. You may also enhance the whole experience by using a variety of excellent sound effects.

5. Voxal Voice Changer

Best for changing and concealing one’s voice in chat and gaming platforms. Voxal promotes itself as the go-to programme for changing or masking your voice on practically any online gaming and conversation site. It does a good job of this. The programme bombards its users with an infinite number of options for changing their voices. Voxal allows you to sound like a female, a baby, or the devil in a matter of seconds.

Apart from being an excellent discord voice modulator, it also performs exceptionally well when combined with video games, online avatars, or podcasts. The voice alteration is so noticeable that it allows users to remain anonymous when speaking on radio or podcasts.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Voxal is that it does not need regular tinkering with its settings and setups for each and every application. For the greatest results, use the same settings everywhere.

6. Voice Changer

It’s ideal for adding audio effects or background music. Voice Changer is the most simple voice-altering tool available. It provides three straightforward possibilities. You may either upload and manipulate an audio file, utilise it with a microphone to mask your own voice or make a speech from text. free voice changer for Discord

On its welcome page, Voice Changer immediately greets you with a variety of voice effects.
The voices range from a basic infant and girl voice to popular movie and cartoon characters.
This may be used effectively in your online gaming sessions or when conversing with your pals.

7. Voice Changer With Effects

On Android, this is the best option for voice modulation. Now comes an application created exclusively for Android users. The programme is incredibly simple to install and use as a voice changer. You may mask your voice with a variety of choices while also adding effects for sheer entertainment. free voice changer for Discord

You may use the programme to import pre-recorded sound and adjust it to your liking.
The tool has approximately 40 distinct voice sounds to use. The utility is capable of cooperating with Android chat apps.

8. Discord Voice Changer

The best free voice changer for Discord software for enjoyment. Discord Voice Changer bills itself as an entertainment software and one glance at its collection of voice effects explain why.
Discord Voice Changer provides a massive collection of voice effects that may be used to mask your voice.

You can make yourself sound like an extraterrestrial being, an animal, or any of your favourite pop-culture characters, such as Yoda or Robocop. It has an easy-to-use interface that helps users to quickly discover the sound effect they’re looking for.

9. AV Voice Changer Software

Voice shifting is best for VoIP tools, role-playing games, and chat apps. free voice changer for Discord AV Voice Changer allows you to change every aspect of your voice, rendering it unrecognisable to your listeners. You can make yourself sound like a lady, a kid, or a robot. The application offers a variety of voice preferences and voice effects to pick from, allowing you to create a unique voice each time you use it.

The tool, which is powered by virtual audio driver technology, automatically interfaces with practically all types of VoIP tools, role-playing games, and chat applications. This programme may be used to mask your voice on platforms such as Twitch, Discord, Skype, and others.

10. Super Voice Editor

For Android smartphones, this app is ideal for voice recording and editing. Super Voice Editor is an intelligent voice editor that records and alters your voice such that it is virtually unrecognisable. You may effortlessly alter your recorded voice to sound like a baby, demon, or a renowned superhero figure of your choice.

Aside from the obvious benefits mentioned above, the programme also functions as a fantastic mp3 cutter and audio editing tool. It enables you to apply voice effects to your uploaded audio and shorten your mp3 audio clip.

The technology may also radically alter your singing voice, making it sound more in tune and melodic than it would otherwise.


Voice changers are entertaining tools that, oddly enough, also serve a practical purpose.
Back-end contact centre staff may use these technologies to mask their voices, gamers can use them to remain anonymous on streaming platforms, and chat apps like Discord and Skype can do the same.

Even if you have no practical need for them, these tools may be a fun way to pass the time and impress your online pals.

In terms of our suggestions, if you’re searching for a Voice Changer that works across chat apps and gaming platforms, we think VoiceMod will be a good fit. If you want a programme that provides sophisticated audio editing and voice-altering capabilities while consuming little CPU resources, we recommend V


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