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Top 10 Best Chat Room Apps for Android in 2022

Chat rooms aren’t as popular as they previously were. Despite the rise of data-driven messaging services, AOL Instant Messenger, IRC, and other comparable chat systems are no longer widely used. However, if you know where to look, you may still discover some fantastic chat room experiences. There are several IM apps that support group conversations. In fact, almost all of them do to our knowledge. However, those apps seldom include public chat rooms where you may join and interact with strangers. If all you need is group chatting, we recommend our top messenger apps list, which is listed immediately below. Otherwise, let’s have a look at the best Android chat room apps!

The best Android Chat Room Apps

1. Amino

Amino is a popular chat room apps that is similar in scope to Band and Discord. There are communities for a number of themes, and you may start your own if you like. Discord caters largely to gamers, but Amino caters to as many individuals as possible, which is presumably why it’s so popular. In any case, you may use the app to explore, join communities, chat with others, and modify your profile. People remain for the extras, such as Instagram and Snapchat-style stories, the opportunity to post polls and quizzes, and even watch films or read blogs. If you’re like that type of stuff, it’s a rather cool all-in-one style chat.

2. Band

Band is a well-known group chat software that focuses on broad themes. You may make ones for work, sports, gaming, school, video games, family, and friends, among other things. It offers characteristics that are useful for practically all of those situations. The actual chat experience is identical to that of a conventional chat app, so there are no surprises there. Unlike many other apps, this one does not feature public conversations. However, there are many organisations and groups who utilise this, so you may come across it on your own at some point. We’d want greater control over things like notifications because this chat room apps sends a lot of them, but other than that, it’s a pretty good experience.

3. Discord

Discord is one of the most widely used chat room apps on the market. It’s mostly intended for gamers rather than regular people. However, ordinary people may utilise it as well. It’s just a chat room software with a lot of functions, so don’t feel obligated to use it exclusively for gaming. This one mostly offers private chat rooms, however there are some public conversations available if you look for them. Other capabilities include voice channels, direct chats between individual users, and the ability to connect to as many servers as you desire. It’s also completely free to use. The $4.99 membership simply includes cosmetic enhancements such as GIF emotes and the ability to use any emote on any server.

4. HelloTalk or Tandem

If you’re learning a new language, HelloTalk and Tandem are great chat apps to use. The concept is that you already know a language and wish to learn another. The app attempts to connect you with someone who understands the language you wish to learn and is interested in learning your language. The two of you then assist each other in figuring out everything. It’s not a standard chatroom by any means, but it gets the job done. Just don’t be the person who utilises an app like this for something other than what it was designed for.

5. ICQ

ICQ is a well-known chat room apps. It has gone through various transformations throughout the years. It now works in the same way as typical chat apps do these days. You may use direct messaging, video chat, and other features. It does, however, continue to provide random public chat rooms, comparable to the old AIM or IRC systems. There are conversations for students, new ICQ users, individuals in their 30s, people in their 20s, people from all over the world, late night chat rooms, and much more. Those searching for vintage late 1990s/early 2000s style chat rooms need not go any further because ICQ still offers them after all these years.

6. MeetMe

MeetMe is a dating service and a chat room app rolled into one. It has a large number of active users, however they are not evenly split between genders. As a result, it’s not ideal as a stand-alone dating service. It’s an excellent method to meet people, and you do get into talks with random strangers, so it technically meets the requirements. It is, however, one of the weakest selections on this list. The software promises to be suitable for all ages, which is absurd. It is clearly intended just for adults. It’s acceptable on occasion, and having a large group boosts your chances of meeting intriguing individuals. However, we’d definitely start with one of the other nine chat room apps.

7. Telegram

Telegram is one of the most widely used messaging apps on the market. It is mostly a private chat app with group chat capabilities. However, you may use the chat room apps to build chat rooms (referred to as channels). These are private channels. However, many businesses, individuals, and groups make their conversations public in order to facilitate contact. You may also create channels and provide the URL to whomever you choose. It would be fantastic if Telegram had a public chat room community, but the private chat room community is almost as excellent. You may just need to use Google Search to look for readily available channels.

8. Viber

Viber functions similarly to a far more popular version of Nimbuzz. It primarily focuses on text conversations, voice calls, and video chats, as well as entertaining features such as stickers, group chats, and other features. For a little price, you may also make phone calls to landlines using Skype. It does, however, provide a number of public chat rooms for meeting new people, debating subjects, and the like. You can discover chats for almost anything, or you can start your own, and others will eventually join (probably). In-app purchases include items like standard phone call rates and sticker packs. The vast part of the service is entirely free to use.

9. Whisper

Whisper is one of the few popular vintage chat room-style apps. It has a community of 30 million monthly active users with chat rooms covering a wide range of topics. You may also locate popular chat rooms on the site, events happening nearby (location permission required), and the newest chat rooms on the service. The main distinction is that it use a tweet-style publishing system rather than a traditional chat UI. That, without a doubt, distinguishes it. There are a significant number of negative individuals who say and do unpleasant things, but how much this matters depends on your tolerance level for that type of conduct. It’s entertaining, yet it has flaws.

10. Zello

Zello is a two-in-one app. It contains a walkie talkie capability with a push-to-talk style that allows you to speak with almost anyone on the run. This one, on the other hand, provides a range of chat room-style features as well. You may build public or private chat rooms with up to 6,000 members at once, and you can utilise the PTT function to communicate with them in ham radio style. We don’t suggest it if you’re looking for a traditional Internet chat room experience. It does, however, have its own pleasures.


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