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Top 11 Best Calendar Apps for Android in 2022

Calendars are really useful. Even paper calendars are useful for keeping track of dates, bringing out the garbage, and remembering family birthdays. Datebooks and calendars were among the first smartphone apps. They’re still helpful for the same things as their archaic paper forefathers. Surprisingly, calendar technology has remained relatively same over time.
The majority of calendar apps are still essentially big datebooks with some customization options. Even so, there are lots of excellent ones available. The best calendar applications to help you stay organised are listed below.

1. aCalendar

One of the most well-known calendar apps is aCalendar. It includes the essentials, such as different date displays, reminders, notifications, and more. Customization options, Google Calendar integration, tasks, themes, and even moon phases and holidays are all included in the app. The creator also donates 10% of all app income to rain forest preservation. That was a big hit with us. The app is available in two versions: a free version and a paid version. It was also completely redesigned recently.

2. Tasks and Calendar is a to-do list and calendar in one. It combines the best features of both worlds.
This offers a wide calendar overview as well as detailed to-do list task functionality. Calendars from Facebook, Google, and Outlook are also supported. This makes it ideal for fans of several platforms. The user interface is Material Design, and it’s quite great. The pricing is about the only drawback. It does, however, necessitate a subscription. That makes it difficult to suggest to individuals looking for something inexpensive and straightforward. This is primarily for the productivity aficionados.

3. Business Calendar 2

One of the unexpectedly popular calendar apps is Business Calendar 2. The app has a lot of customising options. There are nearly two dozen themes, seven calendar widgets, and a variety of calendar styles to choose from. As any decent corporate calendar should, it also supports Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar. Along with everything else, it also has weather information. We like that it has sub-tasks, which are generally only available in to-do list apps. If you utilise Google Play Pass, this one is also free.

4. Calendar Notify

One of the newer calendar apps on our list is Calendar Notify. It has a number of good features, such as a full set of customising options and an at-a-glance UI. In addition, the premium version comes with more advanced customization options. In terms of the fundamentals, you can use Google Calendar as well as any other calendar that supports Android Calendars. The app handles the fundamentals without issue, but its main selling point is the level of customization and control users have over their calendars.

5. Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

Another newer calendar app is Home Agenda’s Calendar Widget. Except for reminders, it works with Google Calendar. It has a simple user interface and calendar widgets that are easy to customise. You may tweak the theming and even display and conceal events as needed. It’s a little odd in the calendar widgets field, but it’s one of the better ones we’ve seen.

6. CalenGoo

CalenGoo is a professional calendar app. It comes with a slew of capabilities, including Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar integration. Customization possibilities, decent event options, reoccurring events, and more are all available. There aren’t a lot of extra features in this app. However, it performs better than most in terms of the fundamentals. It even allows you to share your calendar with others. This makes it ideal for usage by families or at work.
There is a free trial available. The professional version costs $5.99. If you utilise Google Play Pass, this one is also free.

7. DigiCal Calendar Agenda

DigiCal Calendar is an excellent calendar app. Material Design, a dark theme, a tonne of add-ons, and more are all included. Sports calendars, TV schedules, and over 500,000 other events are among the add-ons. Themes, weather information, calendar widgets, and support for Google Calendar, Exchange Calendar, and Outlook Calendar are among the other features. Many of the functions are available in the free version, but the pro version has everything. It’s a little buggy, but nothing to worry about.

8. Google Calendar

For calendars, Google Calendar is the de facto app. Many gadgets come with it pre-installed.
Many other calendar apps have direct integration with it. In terms of features, it’s quite basic.
It performs the normal functions. There isn’t a lot of customising or theming available. It does, however, have a nice web interface, calendar add-ons, and other entertaining features. Furthermore, Google upgrades it with new features on a regular basis. There are no in-app purchases, and it’s completely free.

9. Simple Calendar Pro

Simple Calendar Pro is only that: a calendar. That is its primary characteristic. It does not connect to external calendars such as Google Calendar or similar services. CalDAV support is available as an option. Aside from that, the calendar is almost completely out of whack.
There was formerly a free version of this, but it is no longer supported. The current version costs $0.99 and includes no commercials or in-app purchases. It’s also entirely open source and relatively inexpensive. This is a nice alternative for folks who prefer some minimalism and maybe don’t want everything kept in the cloud.

10. Bonus: Other apps with integrated calendars

Apps for calendar events are fantastic. Some folks, on the other hand, only require a simple solution. Other apps may contain a calendar as part of their feature set. Those calendars aren’t as powerful, but they’ll suffice for most tasks. Calendars are available in several email programmes, such as Newton and Outlook. Calendar widgets are available in widget sets such as Beautiful Widgets and HD Widgets. Even some to-do list apps like TickTick have calendars built-in. Facebook, too, has a built-in calendar. There are way too many lists on this page. We recommend browsing for apps that cover a variety of topics. That’s a fantastic place to start when it comes to using a calendar.

11. Bonus: Stock calendar apps

Of course, most phones’ stock calendar apps are enough for basic needs. They can (generally) perform recurrent tasks, notify you of approaching holidays, and schedule meetings and events. They don’t have all of the bells and whistles of the other calendar applications, but some individuals don’t require them all of the time. Furthermore, the majority of them, at the very least, integrate with Google and Facebook Calendar. They’re also free and come with pre-installed software. These apps are usually free, already installed on your device, and perform basic functions. If you don’t want to use Gmail for whatever reason, it can be worth it.


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