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Top 10 best background and wallpaper apps for Android 2022

It’s not difficult to find fantastic wallpapers and backgrounds for your Android device. There are several applications available that can perform the work. Furthermore, a quick Google picture search might provide you with some interesting possibilities. The secret is to select the applications that work best for you and the content that you want to see.

Furthermore, with the transition from low-resolution phones to high-resolution phones, there are a number of applications with outdated content that just doesn’t look right. Fortunately, some people keep things up to date. Let’s take a short look at the best Android backgrounds and wallpaper applications! For some great space wallpapers, we highly recommend the official NASA app.

The best Android backdrop and wallpaper applications


1. Abstruct

Abstruct is one of the list’s newest wallpaper applications. It was created by Hampus Olsson, who also created all of the wallpapers for OnePlus phones. It includes abstract wallpapers in a range of hues. There are over 300 backdrops in total, all of which are at 4K resolution. We anticipate that more will be added to the app as time goes on. It’s also an excellent method to obtain all of the wallpapers from OnePlus devices without purchasing one. The premium edition costs $1.99 USD.

2. Reddit

One of the unexpectedly good wallpaper applications is Reddit. There are subreddits with a plethora of good wallpaper options in a variety of resolutions. The website also has a search function for faster and more accurate results. The majority of Reddit users uploaded the photographs to Imgur. As a result, Imgur is also a good software for wallpapers. It may take some time to locate the good things. There is, however, a lot of good material here.

Furthermore, basic Reddit accounts are free. Reddit Gold grants you access to more features. For some great wallpapers, check out r/ultrahdwallpapers, r/wallpapers+wallpapers, r/wallpaper, and r/WQHD Wallpaper. Furthermore, this is a terrific solution for smartphones with unique screen designs, like as Samsung’s punch hole.

3. Resplash

Resplash is a relatively new wallpaper software. It’s a fantastic resource for photography backgrounds. The app has over 100,000 wallpapers and new wallpapers are added every day (or so they say). The user interface is adequate and straightforward to use. The images have a resolution that is more than adequate for any phone screen. It also has some modest customization capabilities such as a dark mode and different layout settings. Some aspects may be improved, but generally, it’s a pretty great experience. It’s also ideal for photographers.

4. Sphaera

Sphaera is a one-of-a-kind wallpaper app. It allows you to colourize a map segment to match your home screen. Maps may be accessed from virtually any location, even your own. If you want something similar, the app has over 30 sites to select from. Each wallpaper produces at up to 4K resolution, and the colours may be customised to suit your preferences. Yes, AMOLED black is available as an option. If you choose, recent versions have also incorporated a live wallpaper option. The software costs $0.99 to download, but there are no further in-app purchases.

5. Tapet

Tapet is a one-of-a-kind wallpaper software. It does not include a selection from which to pick. Instead, you get to pick the design and colours. The programme creates the wallpaper based on your preferences. This is an excellent technique to obtain good, simple wallpapers in the colours of your choice. It also has Muzei support, a download option, and other features. The app’s quality settings are based on the screen resolution of your smartphone. It removes some of the uncertainty. In any case, this one is good.

6. Vectorify da home

Vectorify da house is yet another one-of-a-kind wallpaper software. It makes use of vector drawings to create clean, bright backgrounds. Essentially, you select a style and a colour scheme, and the software produces a wallpaper. The wallpapers have a great quality and some cute tiny patterns. The method is relatively simple, and there is some room for personalization. Furthermore, the app has a bright and dark option for your viewing enjoyment. It’s completely free and certainly one of the best wallpaper programmes available.

7. Wallpapers by Google

Wallpapers by Google is a good wallpaper programme. It features a limited but enough collection of wallpapers. Other features of the programme include distinct lock and home screen backgrounds, an auto-set function for fresh wallpapers every day, and more. There are a few problems with the programme. Furthermore, its collection isn’t particularly large. It does, however, include some really high-quality content. It’s also entirely free, with no advertisements or in-app purchases.

8. Walli

Walli is another another fantastic wallpaper app. It has a number of one-of-a-kind creations from a range of independent artists. You may discover a wide range of items here. Word backdrops, abstract art, fantasy themes, and humans are among the most popular. The software has a basic interface, sections for fast browsing, and other features. It’s also a good place for artists to market their work. There’s a lot of pretty unusual items here that you won’t find anywhere else. You may also contribute to support the artists by purchasing items.

9. WalP


WalP is an entertaining wallpaper software. It provides a wide range of stock wallpapers from various OEMs. It has collections from Samsung, Sony, stock Android, Oppo, and perhaps a dozen additional companies. Simply launch the app, go through the options, and select the wallpaper you want. For your viewing preferences, the app features a bright and dark theme, as well as a blur filter, a saturation filter, push alerts for new wallpapers, and an autochanger if you want something different every day. It seemed to hit all the right notes and performed admirably in our tests.

10. Bonus: Google Search

Another recent wallpaper app on this list is Walpy. It has a plethora of high-resolution wallpapers. This programme, on the other hand, changes your wallpaper at certain periods during the day. It does not, like others, rely on timers. Instead, it waits till your phone is charged or connected to Wi-Fi before changing your backdrop. There is a wide range of options. However, Walpy is mostly a photography site, thus you won’t find any abstract or other non-photographic content here. It’s a clever idea with some good options.


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