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Top 15 Best Audible Alternatives You Should Try in 2022

In the seemingly saturated audiobook market, “Audible” is the gold standard. The world’s largest provider of digital audiobooks is a one-stop-platform for bibliophiles, with over 400,000 audio programmes from well-known publishers, broadcasters, and entertainers.
While practically everything about this programme is good, the $14.95/monthly price tag makes it prohibitively pricey for most users. Furthermore, when compared to other of its more well-known competitors, its user interface is a little complex. So, whether you’re looking for a decent audiobook app at a reduced price or a completely free service, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 top Audible alternatives for 2022.

Alternatives to Audible You Can Try

Before examining choices, it’s usually a good idea to take a careful look at what you need:

Which Audiobook App Is the Best Fit for You?

To put it bluntly, your choice of audiobook app is totally dependent on two factors: your reading preferences and your wallet. If you’re a bookworm, seek for applications that contain a large library as well as books from a variety of genres.

If you simply listen to audiobooks once in a while, though, cheaper or free alternatives to Audible should suffice. We’ve rounded together a selection of applications in the following roundup so that both avid and casual audiobook listeners can discover the ideal app to suit their needs.

What are audiobooks and where can you acquire them?

Audiobooks work in the same way as podcasts do. You may either listen to them online or download them to listen to them offline. Most audiobook apps allow you to add your favourites to a wishlist and even build a comprehensive library of all the audiobooks that interest you.

With such a large selection of audiobooks available, you may browse the entire library and pick your favourites. Following that, you can listen to them whenever you like. You’ll be able to fine-tune volume, alter speed, and even set a sleep timer, depending on your preferences, so you can sleep soundly.

1. Kobo Books

For a variety of reasons, “Kobo Books” has always been one of my top favourites (and a personal favourite). To begin with, the app features a decent audiobook collection that always seems to have interesting items awaiting your attention.

Second, the app features a beautiful UI that makes listening to audiobooks a pleasurable experience. As a bibliophile, that’s exactly what you’d like to have in order to get the most out of your favourite books.

Finally, Kobo Books is less expensive than Audible. It is significantly less expensive than the latter, at only $9.99 per month. Additionally, Kobo Books allows you to purchase additional credits, allowing you to purchase more audiobooks for the low price of $9.99, which is fantastic.

Those who enjoy customising their audiobook apps will appreciate a few key features that provide for a more personalised experience. Oh, and it features a really useful night mode, so you can comfortably browse your collection at night.

Visit: Website 

2. OverDrive

Overdrive can enable you listen to your favourite audiobooks for free if you are a student or a verified member of a supported library. Overdrive is used by over 30,000 libraries across the world to make book lending more convenient for their patrons.

You must have a valid account with a participating library, school, or other institution to use Overdrive. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll be able to listen to any of the available audiobooks for free.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to share recommendations for books you’d want to listen to. Additionally, you may create a wishlist of all of your favourite books and easily return them.

You won’t have to worry about late fees because titles are automatically returned. OverDrive, like Audible, is available on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and others. So, if you’re looking for a free alternative to Audible for listening to amazing audiobooks, give Overdrive a try.

Visit: Website 

3. Google Play Books

Keeping “Google Play Books” out of sight when you want the greatest Audible alternatives would be a miscalculation, regardless of what matches your taste better. The app has long featured possibly the greatest selection of ebooks (over 5 million as of 2013), but the digital behemoth is now slowly but surely building a massive library of audiobooks.

When it comes to personalisation, “Google Play Books” takes the lead over Audible. The software keeps track of what interests you the most, as well as the kind of content that always capture your eye first, and makes recommendations based on that information. As a result, you may quickly locate the book you want to read or listen to whenever you want.

You can take notes in the library that will be instantly linked with Google Drive. As a result, you’ll be able to work together smoothly with your audiobook companions. Google Play Books, like Audible, offers audiobooks in a variety of languages. The nicest aspect of Google Play Books is that it comes pre-configured for your location, so you may choose from a wider range of local language selections.

When it comes to the audiobook collection, I went ahead and searched for 20 of my favourite titles because Google doesn’t specify the amount of titles available as Audible does.
I was able to locate them on both services, so there was no issue there. As a result, I don’t believe you should have any issues in this area.

Visit: Website 

4. Scribd

“Scribd” has long been one of the greatest audiobook apps on the market, with an ever-growing collection (one million titles) of e-books, audiobooks, periodicals, and more. As a result, it’s not surprising to see it in this desired lineup. Whether you enjoy science fiction or prefer to travel, the app, like Audible, offers bestseller and popular audiobooks in a wide range of genres.

Scribd also features a really nice user interface with a lot of customization options. As a result, you can tailor this audiobook software to better suit your preferences. You can also change the narration speed according to your preferences. Also, if you listen to audiobooks at night, remember to set a sleep timer so that the app automatically stops playing audiobooks at the time you specify.

Scribd, like Audible, allows you to download audiobooks so you can listen to your favourite books even when you’re not connected to the internet. As someone who enjoys a higher level of personalisation, I prefer the latter.

It allows you to take notes and annotate them in a fun way. You may also change the text size and select a good background colour to add some fun touches to the mix.

Scribd costs $8.99, which is significantly less than Audible. Overall, if you’re searching for a cheaper Audible alternative that doesn’t sacrifice quality or quantity, it’s a good choice.

Visit: Website 


If you only want to listen to high-quality audiobooks, you should check out this audiobook app, which has long been a formidable competitor to Audible. With over 150,000 items in its library, the app offers both the quantity and the quality to win you over.

Aside from a large selection of audiobooks in a range of genres, the app also has a large selection of audiobooks for children and families. So, if Audible’s library doesn’t appear to meet your family’s expectations, I recommend giving it a try.

Aside from the great repertoire, Audiobooks also competes favourably with Audible in terms of personalisation. You can, for example, personalise the interface, set a sleep timer, and download your favourite stuff to catch up on at your leisure.

Aside from audiobooks, the app also features a large selection of podcasts (over 700,000).
So, if you’re looking for a similar programme to Audible that allows you to listen to both audiobooks and podcasts, you’ll have a hard time finding a better alternative. I’m sure it is.

In terms of cost, Audible and Audiobooks are on par. The exorbitant price, however, puts it at a disadvantage and keeps it out of reach of the general public.

Visit: Website 

6. AudiobooksNow

When it comes to providing a convincing price-to-value equation, “AudiobooksNow” can outperform several of its competitors, including Audible. So, if you want the best of both worlds: a large collection of audiobooks (over 120,000 titles) and a considerably reduced price, don’t forget to test it out.

The app includes notable bestselling fiction and nonfiction titles. It, like Audible, lets you customise the interface for a better listening experience. You can, for example, set a timer, select your desired speed, and even download audiobooks to listen to offline. It also recommends books depending on what you like to listen to, so you’ll always have something enjoyable to listen to on a relaxing road trip or a long commute.

When it comes to pricing, AudiobooksNow differs from Audible in a few ways. Rather than using the Audible credit system, which allows you to get a free audiobook every month, AudiobooksNow allows you to buy a book at a 50% discount every month.

You can also group together different books to get a better deal on them. While Audiobooks Now claims to have a simpler price mechanism, I found Audible’s pricing to be more straightforward.

Visit: Website 

7. Apple Books

Look no further than Apple Books if you’re a long-time Apple user seeking for a decent audiobook programme that can compete with Audible on most fronts. The app is not only feature-rich, but also powerful enough to handle your audiobook listening and book reading requirements.

It has you covered pretty much like Audible, whether it’s a vast variety of mysteries or an ever-growing catalogue of thrillers. Not to mention, the app offers tailored collections based on your personal preferences.

The app offers a Top Charts section where you can browse all of the top books and audiobooks to help you keep track of what’s hot. As someone who enjoys a high level of personalization, I must admit that Apple’s offering appears to be on par with Audible’s.

The programme allows you to organise your collection in the way that suits you best. Furthermore, unlike Audible, it monitors your listening/reading and provides better insight.
It also encourages you to improve your reading habits.

Visit: Website 

8. Downpour

You can’t go wrong with “Downpour” for a flawless audiobook listening experience. It, like most of its competitors, including Audible, has a sizable collection of over 80,000 titles, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

The app includes some of the best classics, including Pulitzer, Nobel, Man Booker, PEN/Faulkner, Hugo, and National Book Award winners, making it a great choice for individuals with refined tastes.

Aside from a decent collection, the app does a nice job with the essentials. You can, for example, make a wishlist of things you’d like to listen to later. It allows you to fine-tune the tempo of the audiobooks and also has a fully integrated sleep timer so you may fall asleep while listening to your favourite novel.

There’s also the option to add a quick note to make sure you don’t forget anything crucial. In a word, Downpour is an excellent alternative for those who enjoy the great classics of the world.

Visit: Website

9. Libby

If you enjoyed OverDrive, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy “Libby,” which is produced by the same firm. It, too, is endowed with a massive library of ebooks and audiobooks, much like its sister.

Furthermore, if you are successful in obtaining a valid library card, you will have access to a large number of books to read and listen to. The software (like its renowned cousin) allows you to download all of your favourite audiobooks, ensuring that your audiobook listening never comes to an abrupt halt.

Libby has the charming features to hold the fort against Audible in terms of customisation.
So, if you’re looking for a unique experience, it won’t let you down. It’s up to the challenge when it comes to synchronisation. Everything is synchronised across devices, including your loans, bookmarks, and reading positions, so you can simply switch from one to the other without pausing your audiobook listening.

Furthermore, you can get the most out of it without spending a lot of money, making it a far better option for people who find Audible to be too expensive. Putting everything into perspective, Libby is a fantastic free alternative to Audible.

Visit: Website 

10. eStories

“eStories” has piqued my interest as someone who has an insatiable appetite for fiction.
So, if you’re a fan of fiction as well, I’d suggest keeping it in mind. The app allows you to choose from over 110,000 fiction and non-fiction audiobooks, which competes with Audible on many levels in terms of choice and quality.

Because most audiobooks are DRM-free, you may download them and listen to them on any MP3 player, which is still another advantage in terms of flexibility. It also adds many new releases every week, ensuring that your queue is always full.

The new eStories releases are more than adequate in terms of quality, yet they fall short of Audible’s offerings. However, there is one area where I believe it is more user-friendly: unlimited free audiobook cloud storage, which allows you to store your books. So, if you’re looking for an app that will allow you to build a large library of audiobooks, this is the one to go with.

Visit: Website 

11. LibriVox

Despite being nowhere like as varied or popular as Audible, “LibriVox” is worth a look, especially if you want to have a decent library of audiobooks at your fingertips without spending any money.

The company claims to have over 50,000 audiobooks in over 30 languages, including best-sellers in a variety of genres such as novels, history, biography, short tales, poetry, and more.

LibriVox’s interface is a little less appealing than Audible’s. Furthermore, it does not appear to provide much customization. Audiobooks aren’t usually of outstanding quality. You will, however, be able to obtain them all for free, thanks to the efforts of hundreds of volunteers who produce books with great enthusiasm.

Overall, the organisation generates roughly 1000 products per year, which may not be a large quantity for die-hard audiobook fans, but it would be plenty for most audiobook listeners. Considering all of the advantages and disadvantages, LibriVox has enough quality to earn a spot on your list of free Audible alternatives.

Visit: Website 

12. storytel

To be honest, I chose “storytel” expressly for Indian people looking for a low-cost alternative to Audible. Thousands of audiobooks and ebooks are available in many languages, including English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Urdu.

When it comes to variety, Storytel is up to par, however it can’t match what Audible has to offer. It has a nice user interface and delivers really useful personal recommendations. Users can change the speed of their listening, take crucial notes, and share their recommendations with others.

There is a “Kids Mode” that allows kids to look over the full collection and choose their favourites. It also has offline capabilities, allowing you to listen to audiobooks even when you don’t have access to the internet.

Visit: Website 

13. Hoopla

Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s great! Why should you consider Hoopla if it can’t be a full-fledged substitute for Audible? It’s a popular digital service that lets you borrow audiobooks from other people’s libraries. That’s why it’s so useful for folks who don’t want to pay a large fee for a small number of audiobooks that might interest them.

In terms of design language, Hoopla has placed a greater emphasis on simplicity. As a result, you’ll be able to gain a decent handle on it quickly. It’s on the light side in terms of critical features. That a result, you shouldn’t expect the same degree of sophisticated features and customising possibilities as Audible does.

Once you’ve found your favourite audiobooks, you can listen to them online or download them to listen to later. Keep in mind that when the borrowing term ends, the titles are automatically removed. As a result, you’ll have a restricted amount of time to finish the audiobooks.

Taking everything into account, Hoopla is a less expensive alternative to Audible, geared at people who want to listen to good audiobooks without spending a lot of money.

Visit: Website 

14. Nook Audiobooks

The Nook Audiobooks app from Barnes & Noble can greatly improve your audiobook listening experience. Its ability to check off the majority of the must-have boxes distinguishes it as one of Audible’s better competitors.

For starters, when it comes to audiobook quality, Nook Audiobooks is unrivalled. While it may not have the same aesthetically pleasant interface as Audible, it will not let you down. It has struck a delicate balance between introducing a wide range of functions and allowing for personalization.

As a result, you may not need to devote much time to learning what it has to offer and how you may fine-tune it to suit your audiobook listening preferences. For those who like simplicity, it may prove to be a more useful tool than Audible in this regard.

With such a large selection of audiobooks available, you may browse through all of the categories and choose the one that best fits your needs. You can also create a wishlist of all of your audiobooks and utilise the organising features to keep your audiobooks library in sync for a more personalised listening experience.

Visit: Website 

15. Spotify

If all you want is a simple audiobook programme that allows you to listen to a large number of audiobooks for free, I recommend Spotify. Despite its reputation as the world’s top music-streaming service, the app has amassed a sizable library of audiobooks.

Of course, Spotify can’t compete in terms of range and quality with a premium audiobook service like Audible. However, if you want to enjoy relatively nice audiobooks without spending money, it can meet your needs.

Spotify has always had a great user interface. It also allows for a great deal of customisation.
Spotify is more intuitive and customizable than Audible in my opinion. So, once you’ve discovered your favourite audiobooks, you can either listen to them online or download them to listen to later. You may also add audiobooks to your playlist and queue them for an uninterrupted audiobook listening experience. To cut a long tale short, Spotify is one of the finest free Audible alternatives.


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