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Top 10 Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android in 2022

With the addition of more user-friendly features to messaging apps, most consumers now prefer texting to calling. Apple already offers iMessages, which is their default texting app with several privacy safeguards. That level of privacy, however, is not available on Android cellphones. To address such privacy issues, you may utilise several excellent applications to hide text messages on Android cellphones.

Best Apps to Hide Text Messages in 2022

This post will provide a list of the best apps for Android cellphones to hide text messages. By concealing the whole app, you may utilise these apps to hide your text messages and WhatsApp-like communications. Don’t worry, we’ve made sure that all of the applications mentioned here are totally functional. Choose any app you want.

1. Go SMS Pro / Hide Text Messages on Android

Go SMS Pro is the first app on the list, and it is certainly one of the most popular applications for hiding text messages on Android handsets. With this app, you receive a plethora of customising possibilities that give you an unique and refreshing perspective on communicating in general. The UI has also been changed to be more user-friendly.

Even when it comes to the app’s primary app, which is concealing messages, it excels. For example, you may quickly set up a PIN lock to safeguard your inbox from any potential snoopers. In addition, when you add a contact in this app, their new messages are shown separately from their past messages. This is an app that you will undoubtedly like, so give it a go.

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2. Calculator Lock / Hide Text Messages on Android

When it comes to hiding anything, the calculator is an OG app, and it is one of the best covers to hide texts on your smartphone. When you start the app, it seems like a calculator, but it is actually an app concealing app. Many users use this app to hide their applications and other data while their parents are constantly watching their iPhones.

When a user wishes to access the app’s secret features, they must enter “123+=” into the calculator. When you input the safe code, you are sent to the app’s main page, where you may hide and make private your contacts. When you do this, all of the contact’s information is concealed, and everything displays on the app itself. The app’s user interface is not intuitive, which works well as a cover to hide something because consumers never suspect anything unusual.

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3. Privacy Messenger   / Hide Text Messages on Android

Privacy Messenger is an excellent privacy app if you are dissatisfied with the standard chat app on your Android smartphone, which is usually the case. All you have to do is make this app your default chat app, and you’re done.

When you complete this step, all messages sent and received are immediately saved on this app, and the app is fairly good in terms of messaging functionality. It is undeniably superior to the vanilla texting app. Users may also set up a private inbox for contacts they want to keep secret. Furthermore, the privacy box may be used to restrict SMS from a certain contact. In addition, this app provides SMS blocking and backup options.

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4. Message Lock / Hide Text Messages on Android

Following that, we have Message Lock, which is also one of the best applications for hiding messages on Android cellphones. This app’s greatest strength is its adaptability. Message Lock allows you to effortlessly hide messages from Messenger, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messaging Apps, and other applications. Furthermore, the app’s user interface makes it simple to unlock and lock the applications from which you wish to hide messages.

Another amazing feature of this app is that it is not just useful for messaging applications, but it is also a good app lock in general, making it a one-stop solution for your smartphone’s privacy. Furthermore, the app includes strong security features such as app lock suspension, intruders selfie on or off, changing security questions, and a Strong PIN / Pattern Lock option. As a result, you have the best security on your phone.

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5. Vault- Hide Pics, App Lock / Hide Text Messages on Android

Vault is another popular app lock that may be used to hide your communications. It includes a lot of useful features that can help you keep your data safe. With this app, you can secure all of your social networking, photo, call, message, and telephone applications from prying eyes.

It protects your apps with secure passwords and includes additional amazing features like a private browser, cloud backup support, data transfer, password recovery, and so on. The amazing part about this app is that it provides many vaults and fake vaults for deception, as well as a stealth mode that removes the app icon from the home screen.

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6. TextU- Private SMS Messenger / Hide Text Messages on Android

TextU is an excellent replacement for your default texting app. You may obtain this very secure and free SMS and text messenger right now. Furthermore, several distinct privacy features distinguish this app.

To begin with, all of your communications are encrypted, and screenshots of the messages are not permitted. It also features custom emojis and dual SIM compatibility, which is useful if you need to use different SIM cards. This app also has a Privacy box to keep your communications private from others.

TextU is one of the best all-in-one communication programmes for replacing standard text messages! It is a secure SMS and free text messenger that protects your communications from eavesdropping.

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7. Messenger and Chat Lock Pro

Messenger and Chat Lock Pro is a paid app that allows you to easily hide text messages. It enables you to use the PIN to safeguard your apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and others. The app also has an auto-lock and intruder detection function, which comes in useful when it comes to securing your text messages. Furthermore, the app’s user interface is straightforward and simple to use. This app is available for approximately $1.5.

8. Message Locker/ Hide Text Messages on Android

Message Locker is another vault-app that protects your text messages and other data from prying eyes. You may use a PIN or pattern lock to secure your messaging app and other applications. It also has an easy-to-use UI that makes it easier to operate the app. Furthermore, if you forget your password, you may quickly retrieve it using your email address. Message Locker is completely free to use, however it does contain advertisements and potential in-app purchases.

9. Private Message Box: Hide SMS

Another famous vault-app that maintains the security of your messages is Private Message Box. You may designate certain numbers as private contacts, which means that anytime you get messages from your private contacts, they will be transferred to a safe vault that only you will be able to access. Aside from the vault, it also has an auto-backup option, image/audio/location sharing, a privacy guard, and many more features. This app is free to use, but it contains advertisements and in-app purchases.

10. Calculator Pro+

Calculator Pro+ is a full-featured calculator app that also includes a private vault. You may set up the private contact in the same way that you can set up the private message box, and all communication from that private contact will be saved to the private vault, which will be password secured. It also has filters to prevent spam calls. Overall, the app’s UI is really straightforward, and you can use it without any problems. Calculator+ is free to use, but it contains advertisements and potential in-app purchases.


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