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Top 13 Best Apps For Reverse Phone Lookup on Android

As technology progresses, so, too, do the number of scams. You should be aware that 90 percent of fraud occurs through phone calls. We are unable to identify the number that is behind the call. What if you had a list of the best free Reverse Number Lookup Apps?
It will, nevertheless, be beneficial to you. To protect yourself from all of these scams, never reveal your identity to anyone.

Many of you are probably unaware that several apps may assist you recognise caller id for free. You can even obtain the phone number of the individual calling you. We investigated and chose the best Android apps for reverse number lookup.

You can even recognise and block spam calls with the help of these apps. So stay connected with these apps and avoid picking up any fraudulent or spam calls. So, let’s look over these apps.

List of the Best Android Apps for Reverse Number Lookup

1. Truecaller

Many of you are already aware of this app due to its popularity over the last three years.
You recognise the calls and perform numerous tasks. Truecaller has emerged as the best Android software for reverse phone number lookup.

Truecaller is constantly adding new services, including as SMS and UPI. It can use artificial intelligence to authenticate the names of any number of owners.

Download Truecaller

2. Truth Finder

Truth Finder
This app was designed to provide detailed information about the Caller. Through this software, you can verify criminal background checks and essential background checks. The app is mostly used by higher authorities to identify the person behind numerous scams. You will receive the Caller’s full name, date of birth, photographs, age, and contact information.

Download Truth Finder

3. Reverse Lookup

Reverse Lookup
The programme is designed for personal usage by individuals who need to recognise unknown numbers. This program’s design is simple, and the software itself is user-friendly and simple to use. This programme requires you to manually search for numbers. You can also use this software to block numbers from which you do not want to receive calls.

Download Reverse Lookup

4. Whoscall

The app has received numerous awards and has been named the best Android app for reverse number lookup in a number of countries. The software will recognise the unknown caller and stop spam-marked calls automatically.

The software also has a dialer through which you may dial any number. The app can also be set as the default messaging app, which will aid in the blocking of spam messages.

Download Whoscall

5. Hiya

The software is fantastic and simple to use. It offers all functionalities based on consumer demand. It can recognise unknown callers, ban spam calls, and even detect minute information. The software includes a unique dialer that allows you to dial any number from your recent list.

Download Hiya

6. CallApp

The programme includes additional functions in addition to the fundamental features such as identifying the caller and blocking the call. This programme also includes themes and skins to make your app more visually appealing. The best feature of this programme is the automatic call recorder, which will automatically record all of your calls.

Download CallApp

7. Real Caller

Real Caller
Real Caller assists you in determining the caller id of unknown calls. The number that calls you repeatedly will automatically categorise the call as spam. The programme immediately blocks any spam calls.

The app will reveal the name of the unknown caller as well as the location from which the person is contacting you. It will immediately open a popup window containing the Caller’s information.

Download Real Caller

8. Eyecon

This app’s interface is very stunning, and it will allow users to make additional adjustments.
It automatically records all calls and stores them to cloud storage, which aids in storage management. You may also add images to your profile, and when someone searches for your phone number, your personalised information will appear.

Download Eyecon

9. IndyCall

The programme will allow you to phone India without difficulty, as well as identify unknown callers. This software allows you to manage your phone’s contacts list. Simply by watching the advertising, you can make a free call to India. You can choose any number from your phone contacts or dial it manually using the app’s dialer.

Download IndyCall

10. Showcaller


Showcaller is another another Android app that displays the names behind mysterious phone numbers. It assists you in distinguishing between genuine and phoney corporate calls.

It is best to avoid any scam or spam calls. If telemarketers frequently target you, this is the best option because it includes a call blocker, number dialer, and call recorder. It’s an excellent substitute for other Caller apps.

Download Showcaller

11. Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler

Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler
If you’re seeking for a good substitute for your stock caller app that includes a reverse number lookup service, this is a great choice. It includes a variety of themes and can hunt up unknown contacts in the dialer. There are numerous features that you will enjoy. T9 dialer, themes, reverse lookup, auto block calls, and so on.

Download Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler

12. Should I Answer?

Should I Answer?
Should I respond with a novel technique to reverse lookup on your device? It’s more like a security app that displays phone ratings whenever you receive a call. So, if it’s a spam or telemarketer call, you’ll notice it right away on the dialling screen. It is advantageous to block spam or telemarketing calls.

Download Should I Answer

13. Sync.ME

Sync.Me is also a fantastic android reverse number lookup app that you can use to look up unknown numbers. The best aspect about Sync.ME is that it also searches for other people’s social networks.

As a result, you can tell whether the other person is a bot or a human person right away.
Because it is required to link your social account to your phone number, you may find it a privacy concern, however Sync.ME handles it quite well.

Download Sync.ME


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