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Top 15 best Android flashlight apps with no extra permissions

Flashlight applications are becoming extinct. Google began incorporating them into Android as early as Lollipop, and OEMs have been using them into their OEM skins for much longer. As subsequent versions of Android get a larger market share, the necessity for this decreases. We haven’t forgotten about those of you who prefer a third-party app or have devices that are too old to have their own flashlight app.

We’ve compiled a list of flashlight applications with the minimal minimum of permissions that should function just fine for you. Most of these should have no more than two (Internet access for advertising, and then the camera permission). There are a couple who just have camera authorization. The following are the top flashlight applications for Android.

The Best Android Flashlight Apps


1. Color Flashlight

One of the most popular flashlight applications is Color Flashlight. It also includes a plethora of features. It makes use of your device’s screen or the LED flash on the back. The app may flash in a variety of patterns and colours (on-screen only). There are also custom effects, emergency effects, and other features. It pretty much does everything. The software is completely free to use, with no in-app purchases. However, there are advertisements.

2. Flashlight

The name Flashlight isn’t the most original, but it’s a good flashlight app. It has a simple user interface, a fast on/off button, a widget, and you can even shake the phone to switch on and off the flashlight. It also has no permits, is free, and has no advertising. If you like, you may upgrade to the pro edition for $4.99, but it’s absolutely optional. This isn’t the most original software on the list, but it’s straightforward and functional.

3. Flashlight Classic

Flashlight Classic is a straightforward flashlight app. It functions normally. For lighting, the app uses either your phone’s screen or the LED flash. It also has a modest installation size (0.9MB), no superfluous fluff, a timer, and other features. The flashlight operates even when the screen is turned off. There is some marketing. However, it should not obstruct functionality. Otherwise, it is absolutely free and does not require any further permits.

4. Flashlight by Ruddy Rooster

Ruddy Rooster’s Flashlight is a basic flashlight app. It works with both your device’s screen and the LED flash on your camera. The app strobes light in different patterns (on the screen). This covers Morse Code, SOS, and other signals. Furthermore, the developer describes each permission that the software makes use of. It’s a straightforward, free flashlight app. There are commercials. We would have preferred a means to pay for the removal of them. However, it is not a major issue.

5. Flashlight HD

Flashlight HD is another another older flashlight software with a solid track record. It also makes use of the phone’s screen and/or the LED light on the back. The programme also features widgets for the home screen, numerous colours (on-screen only), and a basic design. It’s a free app with some advertising, as are others. There is a $2.99 pro version that is ad-free. In the Play Store listing, the developer offers a list of devices that this software will not operate with for whatever reason. Aside than that, it’s a good flashlight app.

6. Icon Torch

Icon Torch is a one-of-a-kind flashlight app. It does not have a user interface. That implies there are no settings to configure, no lessons to learn, and nothing of the like. The app’s icon simply toggles your LED flash on and off. That’s all. It does not change colours or shape depending on whether the light is turned on or off. It’s simply a button that causes light to appear in the rear of your smartphone. It also has no advertising, no in-app purchases, and is completely free. That’s pretty much it. It’s just a simple flashlight app.

7. Flashlight Free

Flashlight Free is one of the few fully free flashlight apps available, with no in-app purchases or ads. Its feature set is quite limited. You open it, switch on your LED flash, and that’s all there is to it. The UI is also unremarkable. That’s OK since it’s not intended to. It’s a straightforward software that just works. It was last updated in 2016. We’re hoping the developer maintains this one up to date. If not, most individuals should be able to use it for a time. The free and premium versions are identical. The $1.00 is an optional donation to the developer.

8. Tiny Flashlight

Tiny Flashlight is yet another well-known flashlight app. It’s a little programme with a lesser download size than others. The software does have more functions, albeit many of them require other plugins. This is done to keep the original app’s size and offer a degree of personalization. The software also has a permanent notification toggle (essential for newer Android lock screens), as well as support for on-screen flashlights and the rear LED flash. It’s easy, it works, and it’s inexpensive. There are advertisements, but they aren’t too horrible.

9. Torch

Torch is a surprisingly good and up-to-date flashlight app. If you choose to use a flashlight, it uses both the LED on the back of your phone and the screen. The software also has an AMOLED-friendly dark mode, a flashlight widget for the home screen, one permission (camera for the flashlight), no adverts, no extra permissions, and it’s less than 1MB in size. It checks every possible box for a decent camera app. To be quite honest, this is a simple advice.

10. The one already on most phones

Android itself, as well as the majority of OEMs, offer a flashlight capability by default. Under most cases, the option is found in the Quick Settings menu. All you have to do is swipe down, find it, and interact with it. Some smartphones, such as the LG V10 and V20, allow you to accomplish this without turning on the screen. In any event, we usually advocate giving the stock option a fair try before throwing possibly needless third-party choices into the mix. Many OEMs offer widgets for flashlight functionality as well.

11. Smart Flashlight

This free flashlight app for Android is part of the Smart Tools collection. As we all know, numerous Smart Tools applications are highly popular on Android due to their various capabilities that may help us with our everyday tasks. The camera’s LED flash will be employed as a flashlight in this application.

12. Privacy Flashlight

If you are still concerned about the security of the flashlight application, you may try this one. This programme ensures the security of user data. This free flashlight software for Android is likewise modest in size, weighing in at only 184 Kb.

With such a little size, don’t expect this programme to have a lot of functionality. You must be content with a regular LED flashlight and a screen flashlight. This application, however, is still worth a go. To summarise, this programme is modest in size and provides a security guarantee.

13. Brightest Flashlight

This software makes use of your smartphone’s camera’s LED flash. This programme, on the other hand, will brighten the light emitted by the camera’s LED flash. As a result, this application will optimise the LED flash function on your smartphone’s camera.

This programme also lets you set the brightness of your smartphone’s main screen and backlit keyboard to maximum. As a result, this application has the ability to switch on all of the light sources on the smartphone. On the Playstore, this free flashlight app for Android has a rating of 4.5.

14. Flashlight LED Genius

This is the coolest application on this list of free flashlight applications for Android. This is due to the Shake to Light function that is present in this programme. This function allows you to turn on the flashlight by shaking your Android smartphone.

Furthermore, this programme has a plethora of themes for both display apps and widgets. You may also remove adverts from the Settings menu by going to the Advertisement menu. Furthermore, camera access is the only installation permit required.

15. Super-Bright LED Flashlight

When compared to other software, this one has a pretty attractive UI. This programme, as the name indicates, also shows a flashlight that is more brighter than other applications. Furthermore, because it has a basic interface, you can utilise it quickly.

On the main screen, there is a slider that allows you to toggle the flashlight on and off. If you wish to turn on the flashlight for a specific amount of time, you may use the timer option. There are 9 distinct blinking modes available in strobe mode (flashing).


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