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Top 15 Most Successful Best Ad Blocker For Android In 2022

What if I told you that you could disable adverts without spending a dime? This is a list of some of the top ad blocker apps available on the Google Play store that efficiently block advertising of all shapes and sizes. Check out our Top 15 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2022 list.

There are a number of reasons why you should use an Adblock Android App on your smartphone. Without an ad blocker programme, using the Internet is no longer secure.

Ads are both unpleasant and dangerous since they may appear at any time, even when performing critical tasks or playing online games. Ads are ubiquitous, whether on Facebook or YouTube, for example.

Ads are normally the source of cash, which is why they are displayed when surfing the web; however, some sites do offer premium membership to get rid of ads.

1. AdBlock Plus

On the Google Play store, AdBlock Plus is one of the most popular ad blocker apps for Android. It is efficient at removing internet advertising from your smartphone and ranks #1 on our list of the Top 10 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2022.

For PC and laptop users, AdBlock Plus includes a free plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Android. AdBlock Plus allows you to block tracking cookies and domains that are renowned for distributing malware and viruses that violate your privacy.

AdBlock allows you to establish filters depending on your preferences, comparable to but not identical to a Whitelist. AdBlock primarily relies on the user’s initial configuration prior to startup. The user must first establish the filter list on their own.

2. AdGuard

AdGuard is yet another excellent free ad blocker for Android software available on the Google Play store. AdGuard ensures that no malicious advertisements appear on your screen. AdGuard is one of the 24 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2022 that you should download.

AdGuard can prevent ads in mobile applications and internet games. AdGuard creates a safe firewall and adds further security with phishing and malware prevention. There’s also a built-in VPN capability, which isn’t common in most ad blocker apps available on the Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, AdGuard is no longer accessible for download through the Google Play Store, but the APK may be found on the company’s official website. On the Google Play Store, there is a “content blocker” app (not to be mistaken with this one) from the same firm as this one.

3. Ad Detector

Ad Detector is a popular programme for preventing private information gathering adverts that appear and encourage the user to enter their personal information. TrustGo Ad Detector is an ad blocker as well as a secure data protection programme for your PC.

TrustGo Ad Detector is effective at detecting privacy violations that may occur when an ad is shown in an app. Most ad blocker programmes, unlike TrustGo Ad Detector, are incapable of protecting personal information from spyware.

4. Adblocker Fast 

Adblocker Fast is one of the best Ad blocker for Android applications on Android in 2019. Adblock Fast readily works with older cellphones and browsers, such as Samsung Internet 4.0. Adblocker Fast is ranked fourth among the Top 24 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2022.

Adblocker Fast accelerates the loading of web pages by optimising them and reduces memory use. Downloading Adblocker Fast is completely free. You do not need to root your smartphone to use Adblocker Fast.

5. Disconnect Pro


Disconnect Pro is a premium ad blocker app/VPN Service for Android that allows you to block all types of advertisements while also preserving your privacy. Disconnect Pro can also block adverts that directly drain your phone’s battery life, making it one of the finest ad blockers for Android to use in 2022.

As previously said, because Disconnect Pro also functions as a VPN Service, you may use it to safeguard your privacy and prevent tracking cookies from accessing your mobile devices. Protects a user’s privacy by disguising IP addresses and blocking adverts, and it may also be used as a barrier against trackers and spyware, especially while online.

However, the Disconnect Pro programme is relatively pricey for the ordinary user searching for simply ad blocking, since the overall fee for ad blocking, privacy protection, and protection from Spywares may cost at least $50 per year.

Because the App does not receive any updates, you may face issues and difficulties from time to time. A few functions of the app are only available on Samsung handsets.

6. AdAway

AdAway is an open-source and free ad blocker for Android that uses host files to prevent adverts on your smartphone. When an app on your device makes an ad request, the request is automatically routed to (your system’s localhost), implying that the request never leaves your system.

AdAway allows you to browse the internet without being bothered by intrusive adverts. On their website, they also provide pre-configured host files for download. Unfortunately, the app is no longer accessible on Google Play, but you may still download the APK online.

AdAway, thankfully, does not require a rooted device because the host files are stored on a read-only system partition. Adway is ranked as one of the Top 24 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2022.

7. AdClear 

AdClear is one of the most popular ad blocker applications for Android, produced by Seven Networks. AdClear can prevent a variety of annoying adverts on your devices, including YouTube commercials and any other ads that incorporate click bait material for information extraction.

On your devices, AdClear does not require root access. For speedier browsing, AdClear includes a firewall and memory optimization capabilities. AdClear is another top ad blocker for Android that you should try in 2022.

8. Block This

Block This is a great open source DNS-based ad blocker software for Android devices. Stop this offers the power to block potentially hazardous advertisements on your machine. You may preserve battery life on your Android device by utilising block this, which disables several unnecessary apps.

Block Unfortunately, this app is not accessible on Google Play, but you may get the APK from the app’s website. Block This is ranked seventh on the list of the Top 24 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2022.

9. Secure Family – Safe and Secure Browsing

Secure Family – Safe and Secure Browsing is a free app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Secure Family bans all types of video commercials, pop-up ads, and banner ads, whether they are on YouTube, Facebook, or any other site or app. Secure Family is compatible with all browsers, online browser games, and websites.

Secure Family – Safe and Secure Browsing comes at second place on our list of the Top 24 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2022.

This programme prevents unsuitable content, pornographic films, violent videos, and any adverts that are not suitable for youngsters. Furthermore, it adds a layer of protection that ensures your device is protected from dangerous online activities, such as Phishing attempts, Spamming, Malware, VPNs, and severely mixed/not safe for work content websites, and so on.

Secure Family protects your privacy on a regular basis by blocking tracking websites that attempt to install spyware on your device. This allows you to save internet data while also making your surfing experience quicker and more enjoyable.

10. Blokada

Blokada is yet another of the Top 15 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2022. Blokada not only stops bothersome advertisements, but it also protects your device from malicious activities such as phishing. One advantage of utilising Blokada is that you can choose which websites to whitelist or blacklist in the filter.

Blokada allows you to filter to prevent just specific sorts of advertisements, or you may enable your device to see particular types of adverts. Another advantage of this software is that it allows you to check which apps are following you while keeping anonymous.

11. NetGuard

NetGuard is another excellent ad blocking tool that offers a variety of capabilities for limiting internet access for any type of app or address. You can also manually add any app or web address to the list of blocked websites or vice versa.

One of the nicest aspects of NetGuard is that the developer fiercely maintains the programme by providing regular updates to prevent problems or glitching, ensuring that the Android user’s experience with the app stays solid. You should test NetGuard since we believe it will be one of the best ad blockers for Android in 2022.

Blocking Internet access can help you save money on mobile data while also protecting your privacy. The programme is open-source and has an easy-to-use interface for people who are new to it.

Can efficiently block all types of advertisements while also preventing tracking requests from site addresses. Can be used with non-rooted Android smartphones.

12. DNS66

DNS66, like ‘Secure Family’ and ‘Block This’ on this list, is a DNS-based ad-blocking app. DNS66 use DNS to block hostnames or advertisements, resulting in improved ad blocking capabilities.

DNS66 instals a DNS profile on your device, bypassing all traffic through their DNS server, and filters different advertising such as pop-up ads, picture ads, and video ads in all online browsers and apps.

DNS66, thankfully, does not require a rooted Android smartphone to function correctly. DNS66 provides bespoke whitelisting and blacklisting tools for banning or allowing specific apps to function.

13. No Root Firewall (Droidwall)

No Root Firewall (Droidwall) is a firewall programme meant to restrict unwanted Internet access to a specific app or even network requests. Using No Root Firewall, you may block adverts on applications you specify by denying foreground data access to the app.

It should be noted, however, that configuring the No Root Firewall app to block adverts on an app may result in it being unable to access the Internet, so exercise discretion in terms of the app you are preventing Internet access from. In addition, the app does not require any additional information or permission to run on your Android smartphone.

It is not necessary to have a rooted device to enable or disable the firewall. Keeps a log to determine which app is causing an annoying ad to appear on your phone. Is effective at ad blocking by stopping the app from accessing the internet. No Root Firewall is widely regarded as one of the finest adblockers for Android.

However, if you are new to utilising the firewall, the variety of apps and parameters may first overwhelm you. Because the programme appears to have had no updates in a long time, several functions may no longer work on the most recent version of Android.

14. AdLock 

AdLock is a relatively new ad blocker tool that has demonstrated versatility in terms of blocking annoying advertising, safeguarding mobile devices from malware-infested ads, tracking sites, and other features. The software is very light on most Android smartphones and may conserve energy, which can be highly important when trying to save battery life on Android devices.

AdLock also includes an easy-to-use firewall that can be configured to restrict undesired mobile traffic from advertisements. This includes adverts on websites that employ HTTPS secure connections, such as Google, Reddit, and Facebook. Adlock will be the top ad blocker for Android in 2022.

Most non-rooted Android smartphones are compatible. A system-wide ad blocker that aids in the prevention of harmful and indecent advertising in browsers and other programmes. Advertisements of all types are blocked, including banner ads, malware-infested ads, and pop-up ads.

However, because Adlock is essentially a premium software for Android, it is only available for a 14-day trial and thereafter needs the purchase of a licence for either a yearly ($11) or lifetime ($27). They do give a 30-day money-back guarantee if you have problems during that time.

15. AppBrain Ad Detector

AppBrain Ad Detector is an app that is particularly built for determining which apps are presenting advertising. If you notice adverts in your notification area, uninvited icons, or randomised bookmarks, this software will be able to assist you determine why this is occurring and which app is producing it.

Not only does this software detect advertising, but it also has a section dedicated to Concerns, where the AppBrain ad detector app will indicate which applications are requesting for exactly what kind of rights and why they are being sought at all. But that’s not all. Apart from detecting advertising, there is a Concerns area where the AppBrain ad detector will help you to look up the app and determine whether it is viable or not. This may be used to prevent malware from infiltrating your device by asking for rights.

Determine which app is displaying push notification advertising and spam. Examine which apps have access to any type of permission and why they are requesting it. However, this software lacks ad-blocking capabilities, and it may not function properly on the most recent Android operating systems due to infrequent updates.


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