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Top 7 Best Apptivo Alternatives In 2023

Best Apptivo Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Apptivo has made quite the splash as a contender in the cloud-based business software world. It’s a solid CRM system with marketing and project management platforms as well as other useful business SaaS tools like estimates, contracts, invoices and even eSignatures. But what are the best Apptivo alternatives if your business needs are not exactly aligned with the Apptivo solution?

The best alternatives to Apptivo range from more lightweight email marketing software to CRM solutions which work in tandem with ERPs. When choosing an Apptivo substitute, you have to consider the feature list, your budget, and whether that software has special tools for your industry or vertical. Some Apptivo replacements might be better for smaller businesses, while other Apptivo competitors are more suited for large businesses, enterprises and organizations.

Top 7 Best Apptivo Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Apptivo Alternatives here are the details below;

Here are our picks of software like Apptivo that we think are the best options. Although they are all fairly similar, some Apptivo competitors will be better suitable to your circumstances than others so read more additional about each option in the sections below.

Most of these below options have customer relationship management software as the core element of their set of business tools. Marketing and sales features come next, with customer support following after. A few of these Apptivo best alternatives might even cover things like operations management and enterprise resource planning.

No CRMs are the same, so let’s delve into the companies, feature lists and prices for this roundup of the best Apptivo alternatives.

Hopefully you’re all caught up on Apptivo, but if not, take a look at our review of Apptivo and its features and functionalities.

1. Insightly CRM (Best Apptivo alternative overall)

Insightly CRM

Insightly has many different modules, but their CRM is very popular, especially among Google Gmail and Microsoft Office users. The class was founded in San Francisco in 2009 and today boasts about 1.5 million worldwide users. Some do consider this better than Apptivo, although we will solely go so far as to say it’s one of the best Apptivo substitutes out there. It was not an easy choice, but still, we determined Insightly to be the overall top Apptivo alternative for this review.

Insightly CRM is best for:

  • Startups
  • Small businesses
  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Customer support
  • Marketing teams
  • Salespeople


The Insightly CRM solution begins with a sweet set of sales and contact management features. These include things like lead routing, which matches sales opportunities to the right sales rep. There’s workflow automation that makes it simple to set up complex business processes. You also get a bunch of email tools like email templates, email tracking and real-time analytics on email marketing.

One neat feature about Insightly is its relationships tools. Relationship linking shows you deeper connections between your contacts and customers to help generate new leads. Insightly CRM is a useful platform for project management and task management too. What’s more, their mobile CRM app (iOS and Android) is great for projects and team collaboration. It also offers business card scanning.


  • Plus project is $29 per user per month billed annually
  • Professional procedure is $49 per user per month billed yearly
  • Enterprise project is $99 per user per month billed perennial
  • For Insightly Marketing or Insightly Service, check the website

2. Zoho CRM (Best free Apptivo alternative)

Zoho CRM

Zoho offers a lot of modules but the customer relationship management package makes it a great contender against Apptivo. Especially because they offer a free CRM which is one of the best free Apptivo alternatives. That being said, the Zoho CRM paid software solutions offer even more excellent functionalities for business management. As you’ll read, there are indeed a few free Apptivo alternatives, but the jury for this article says Zoho is the best free substitute.

Zoho CRM is best for:

  • Free CRM users
  • Startups
  • Small teams
  • Small business owners


The Zoho CRM free edition is lightweight but gets the job done. It gets you straight up lead management, document management and the Zoho CRM mobile app. The next step up is Zoho CRM Bigin with a more robust contact management system and pipeline management. From there we enter the more premium territory. Here you get things like sales forecasting and better workflow management software.

Zoho CRM lets you handle a lot of marketing automation, including customer segmentation and lead nurturing. All this provides real-time analytics on your marketing campaigns to see what’s landing better with audiences. You can easily use the sales process builder for automations. Other sales CRM tools include quotes and invoicing. Zoho really does merge the best of a CRM system’s sales and marketing powers. It also has its own dedicated PayPal extension.


  • Zoho CRM has a free edition
  • Zoho CRM Bigin is $7 per user per month billed perennial
  • Standard strategy is $14 per user per month billed annually
  • Professional project is $23 per user per month billed annually
  • Enterprise plan is $40 per user per month billed annually
  • Ultimate plan is $52 per user per month billed annually

3. Salesforce Sales Cloud (Most similar to Apptivo)


Most people know Salesforce. It’s a leader when it comes to business SaaS, especially as a CRM platform and a major piece of software for sales teams. The truth is that Salesforce has so many products it can be hard to single out specific CRM tools, though they mostly fall under Sales Cloud. There is also Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud, though basic CRM marketing features are also available in Sales Cloud, so that is what we focus on here. All in all, Salesforce is most similar to Apptivo.

Salesforce is best for:

  • SMBs
  • Large-sized businesses
  • Real estate industry
  • Banking industry
  • Hospitality industry
  • Retail industry


Salesforce Sales Cloud has many useful tools aimed at helping salespeople and businesses get more leads, close more deals, boost productivity and even help make strategic decisions when planning future business needs. Opportunity management features allow users to plan products, compare with competitors, do quotes, invoicing and more, similar to Apptivo. As mentioned above, you do not need Marketing Cloud to get marketing automation features because they are included in Sales Cloud.

Salesforce is also very popular for its use of artificial intelligence. It has its own AI technology called Einstein. You get more advanced sales pipeline management, sales forecasting and likeliness statistics on all your open opportunities. Einstein AI can also take over a lot of easy tasks like syncing emails to your CRM, saving human reps time and energy.


  • Sales Cloud Essentials is $25 per user per month billed annually
  • Sales Cloud Professional is $75 per user per month billed annually
  • Sales Cloud Enterprise is $150 per user per month billed annually
  • Sales Cloud Unlimited is $300 per user per month billed annually

4. HubSpot CRM (Cheaper alternative to Apptivo if you’re on a budget)


At first glance HubSpot CRM does seem to start with a higher price tag than Apptivo, which might make the reader wonder why this is a great and cheaper alternative to Apptivo. The answer to this inquiry is that you can’t compare the least costly plans from each CRM system. When you compare the most similar plans of Apptivo to HubSpot, tool for tool and feature for feature, then HubSpot does prove to be a decent substitute for Apptivo that’s cheaper. Also it has a free CRM.

HubSpot is best for:

  • Startups
  • Small teams
  • Small to medium-sized businesses
  • Inbound marketing teams
  • Sales teams
  • Helpdesk


HubSpot offers a CRM suite of tools. However, many CRM features are present in most of their other packages, from Sales Hub to Marketing Hub to Service Hub to Operations Hub and more. Alternatively, there is also a free CRM, which gets you everything from sales tools like contact management and call tracking, to customer support tools like helpdesk, live chat, chatbots and universal messaging inbox.

A lot of awesome CRM tools are first found, however, in Marketing Hub.It helps plan outreach marketing like blog posts and offers SEO tips for posting on social media. There is also great ad tracking to measure ROI based on marketing campaigns. Sales Hub has pipeline management that can automate notifications and other simple steps as leads move down the funnel. Perhaps one of the reasons HubSpot is such a great competitor to Apptivo while being more budget sensitive is how user-friendly HubSpot is. This is so simple to use it’s almost fun.


  • HubSpot CRM is complimentary
  • CRM Suite Starter begins at $45 per month billed perennial
  • CRM Suite Professional forms at $1,600 per month billed perennial
  • CRM Suite Enterprise forms at $4,000 per month billed perennial
  • Sales Hub starts at $45 for 2 users per month billed annually
  • Marketing Hub starts at $45 per month billed annually
  • Service Hub starts at $45 for 2 users per month billed annually

5. Oracle NetSuite CRM (Great Apptivo alternative if you want sales force automation)

Oracle NetSuite CRM

NetSuite is a major product by one of the biggest business applications providers, Oracle. The NetSuite name carries many products, probably most famous is their ERP, or enterprise resource planning. There is also accounting software and global business management. Oracle also offers SCM, supply chain management. But here we’re comparing it to Apptivo for mostly CRM and sales tools, for which it’s a great Apptivo alternative.

Oracle NetSuite CRM is best for:

  • Medium-sized companies
  • Large companies
  • Enterprises
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Multinational corporations
  • Manufacturing


Sales force automation kicks it all off in NetSuite for a boost in selling, cross-selling and up-selling, as well as getting you quote management and commission tools. This is the main reason it’s a great alternative to Apptivo. The sales force automation is built on top of detailed customer information databases with full engagement histories and other saved docs. Marketing automation sets you up with tools from planning and executing campaigns from lead qualification and final sales conversion.

The Oracle NetSuite CRM mobile app is solid and minimal, though it might have an old school appearance. It’s on Android and iOS. There you get task management, calendars, reminders, you can take notes, and collect receipt data by snapping pics of paper receipts. One thing about Oracle NetSuite CRM is that they do not record pricing on their website.


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6. SAP (Top Apptivo alternative for large business and enterprise)


SAP is another huge business software company, standing for “system analysis and software development” in the original German (“Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung”). The company was founded a whopping 50 years ago. They make a CRM, as well as an ERP which is a big competitor for Oracle.

SAP is best for:

  • Medium-sized companies
  • Large companies
  • Enterprises
  • Government institutions
  • Multinational corporations


SAP is a top alternative to Apptivo especially for larger operations that still want to deliver great customer satisfaction. SAP calls their CRM also CX or customer experience solution. It’s meant to deliver a satisfying journey for customers at each touchpoint from first exposure to marketing campaigns to making that sales conversion.

There are ecommerce solutions even for smaller companies. A highly secure customer data management keeps your records safe. Sales tools rely heavily on automation and are a proven boon to sales reps. AI marketing tools direct content to the best audiences and do smart segmentations for analyses.


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7. Agile CRM (Good Apptivo alternative if you like email marketing)

Agile CRM

Agile CRM has been around for 5 years. They claim to satisfy over 20,000 customers. They are located in the States and in India. Agile offers a free version which is noteworthy. This is a great Apptivo substitute to focus on email marketing campaigns.

  • Agile CRM is best for:
  • Startups
  • Small businesses
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Email marketing


Marketing automation covers email marketing, newsletters, and email tracking. It even lets you compose video emails. With web engagement you get landing pages, web forms and web pop ups. All these complete it one of the best Apptivo competitors for email marketing.

Sales and CRM has total customer data views. It covers communications in the past and other networking data between contacts. There is deal management as well as calendar features and document management tools. Agile CRM also has customer support features.


  • Agile CRM offers a free version
  • Starter project is $9.99 per user per month billed annually
  • Regular project is $39.99 per user per month billed annually
  • Enterprise project is $64.99 per user per month billed annually

Which of the alternatives to Apptivo is a good choice for you?

Now that the best alternatives to Apptivo have now all been laid out and explained, it’s up to you to nail which is the best CRM and business SaaS for your operations. It is true we have crowned Insightly CRM as the best Apptivo replacement overall, but we cannot speak for every one’s individual business needs. If you still want more information, perhaps move on to the free trial period of your comparative shopping for the best Apptivo substitute.


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