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Top 6 Best Apps like Widgetable In 2023

Best Apps like Widgetable will be described in this article. Widgetable is a popular widget app that offers social widgets. It helps you express your emotions and love to others, bringing you closer. These social widgets can help you keep in contact with your loved ones & improve your relationships. App widgets can display the distance between you & another person at any time or include another person’s preferred status.

If you are looking for the best apps like Widgetable and wondering which option will be best for you. Don’t worry; we’ll help you with that. In this article, we’ll show you the six best Widget alternatives worth using.

Top 6 Best Apps like Widgetable In 2023

In this article, you can know about Apps like Widgetable here are the details below;

1. WidgetSmith


Widgetsmith is a widget app that offers a broad collection of customizable widgets covering astronomy, date, weather, and everything. Each adjusts through your preferences and can be dynamically designed to appear on your home screen using rules you set.

So, you can view the temperature in the morning, your calendar during the day, and the Activity ring progress later in the evening. The app’s features include a calendar, a time zone converter, and a weather app. Every time you tap on a weather widget, a rich, graphical forecast of the area with hourly, daily, and radar weather data will appear. This is as a result of a complete update of the weather tool. This is another Apps like Widgetable. Also check Wink Alternatives

Key Features

  • It lets you personalize your home screen and lock screen.
  • You can add widgets to your phone’s home as a quick way to access particular information from apps without opening the app itself.
  • It lets you set a specific photo or album for display on the widget.
  • With a fresh collection of fonts, you have various fresh new style options.
  • You will receive constant updates on the weather and the tasks you must complete for the day.
  • Recent upgrades for seasonal collections include theme packs for a new look.

2. Locket Widget

Locket Widget

Locket Widget is an app that shows your photos to your best friend on their cell phone’s home screens. Every time you and your best friend unlock your phones, you can see each other’s images. You will also see a little portion of what your friends are doing throughout the day.

The working of the Locket Widget is simple. All you need to do is to add the locket widget to your home screen, and whenever a friend sends you a photo, it instantly appears on your Locket widget. If you want to share a snapback, tap into the device, take a picture with the camera, and then hit send. It is shown right on the home screens of your friends. This is another Apps like Widgetable.

As you and your friends snap Lockets, you can build up a history of all images sent. And can share them as photos or use its video recap feature to seam together the memories of you and your friends, capturing those.

Key Features

  • With Locket, you can be honest and share photos with people that matter.
  • You can react to your friend’s photos.
  • It will also make you a recap video at the end of every month with all the photos you’ve shared.
  • You can adorn your home screen with photos and images dedicated to your crush or best friend.
  • It will help you create the ideal friend group by adding up to 20 friends to the app.

3. Lock Widget

Lock Widget

Lock Widget delivers a vast collection of lock screen widgets, including weather, lock launcher, contact launcher, quotes, health, photos, clock, time, calendar, moon phase, countdown, year process, and more. You can custom redirect URLs, edit fonts, change theme styles, and even background opacity to fine-tune them in line with your preference.

All you need to do for the Lock Widget is set a widget on both you and your friends on the lock screen. It allows you to personalize your text on the lock screen with tons of fancy fonts, countdown Christmas, birthdays, and your customized big days.

You can customize your home net & lock screen aesthetic with Lock Widget. It also provides well-designed home screen widgets, themes, app icon changers, and valuable tools for iOS16.

Key Features

  • You can confirm the days to go to your next anniversary and count the days you’ve been together.
  • You can send secret notes to your partner’s lock screen, share status, and say “I miss you” to each other.
  • It allows setting GIFs with dynamic effects on the lock screen.
  • You can fast launch your favorite games and apps on the lock screen without redirecting.
  • It has high-quality wallpapers for both iPhone and iPad devices.

4. Color Widgets

Color Widgets

Color Widgets is one of the most famous custom widgets and icon changer apps, allowing you to add aesthetics and handy widgets to your home screen and lock screen. It offers a variety of predesigned widgets, or you can always create your own with the help of Color Widgets’ visit editor. Also, you can select from a wide assortment of widget themes, such as weather, date, battery, photo gallery, countdown, etc., and alter the appearance of the home screen or lock screen to your preference. This is another Apps like Widgetable.

Color Widgets offers various fashionable and colorful preset widget designs, but you may also create your own if that’s what you desire. Since you can alter the fonts, theme colors, and even the background color of preset widget designs, you can make them uniquely your own.

Key Features

  • With Color Widgets’ quick install feature, you can set a complete icon bank within seconds and a few clicks.
  • It offers many themes: neon, artistic, gradient, minimal, and nature.
  • With a massive selection of preset widgets, Color Widgets are loaded with many modification features for making unique widgets.
  • Editing tools let you adjust the fonts, background, and theme color and set up a new widget for your iPhone home screen.
  • Once created, the widget can later be recreated with the same editing tools; you don’t have to make the new one.
  • Your widgets can be up & running on your home screen in seconds.

5. Noteit


Noteit is a widget on your home screen that displays live notes from your partner. It is easy to use, specifically for couples, & compatible with tablets and iPads running more recent iOS & Android operating systems. This is another Apps like Widgetable. Also check ZipRecruiter Alternatives

It is marketed as a platform that lets you privately send important notes. Noteit by Vitor Bukovitz enables daily contact between you and your friends or partners through virtual messages. The app was initially released in June 2021; but has since grown in popularity.

Key Features

  • You can see live notes from your loved one.
  • It is simple to use Noteit.
  • You can write whatever kind of note you choose.
  • It’s simple to create notes show up directly on your home screen in complement to seeing them in the Noteit app.
  • It is delightful, creative, & cost-free.

6. Widget Share

Widget Share

Widget Share is an app that allows you to share a home screen widget with a friend or loved one. It works like magic because if someone changes the picture on the widget, it instantly changes for everyone else too. This is another Apps like Widgetable.

You can design unique widgets for each important someone in your life and cover your home screen with images of them. With the Widget Share, you can visit the history page to see the current pictures sent to your widgets. You can also look back at your memories and download any you want to keep.

Widget Share even works cross-platform, which means you can send pictures to widgets on iOS and Android.

Key Features

  • You can send images from your gallery or camera.
  • Anyone can change the picture, which will appear on other persons’ home screens.
  • You can add more than one widget.
  • You get to customize the widget.
  • With its built-in drawing tools, you can even create a masterpiece.

Final Words

It is hard to find a good widget app for custom widgets and personalization of your home screen. So, in the above article, we mentioned the best Widget apps that can be helpful to you.


How do I use Widgetable?

Tap Add Widgets & see if the rectangular Widgetable device appears in the menu. If not, you should scroll down to Widgetable and select your widget. Select your preferred size and tap it to pick the widget from your saved Widgetable widgets list. Then, press Done.

What does a Widgetable app do?

Widgetable delivers trending iOS 16 lock screen widgets, including pet widgets, social widgets for friends & couples, dynamic icons, app throwing widgets and contact shortcuts. Use Widgetable to create your phone screen adorable.


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