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Top 6 Best Apps like Whitagram To Edit Instagram Photos

Best Apps like Whitagram To Edit Instagram Photos will be described in this post. You definitely need some Whitagram or apps like Whitagram to add borders or backdrops to your images in order to assist you make your account look appealing to followers and visitors when it comes to aesthetics and methodical posting on social media sites.

What then is Whitagram?

The quickest and easiest way to add white backdrops to both portrait and landscape photos is using Whitagram, which you can use to publish your images to Instagram or any other comparable social media site. It successfully enables you to adjust the color of your background while also providing you with the appearance you desire.

Since the app primarily focuses on adding backdrops to photographs, you should have a look at our well-organized list of applications similar to Whitagram offered in the post below if you require an app with more editing choices for better results.

Top 6 Best Apps like Whitagram To Edit Instagram Photos

In this article, you can know about Apps like Whitagram here are the details below;

1. InShot


One of the most well-known video editors and producers for iOS and Android, InShot excels at editing and improving the appearance of your photographs. InShot includes many more professional photo editing tools than just the ability to add white or other colored borders to your images, including the ability to add text, stickers, blur the background, crop the image, and more. This is why it qualifies as one of the incredible apps similar to Whitagram.

Key Features

  • With the help of the various text editing fonts, you may add text to your images.
  • The ability to add stickers and humorous memes from a choice of over 1000.
  • Provides countless fashionable collage layouts.
  • Has a variety of distinctive filters, and you can enhance photos with colorful backgrounds and blur them.

2. Picsart


Another fantastic software like Whitagram for images and videos is PicsArt, which is available for iOS and Android. It is a Google Play Store editor’s pick and has a community of more than 150 million developers worldwide.

You may quickly edit photos and videos with PicsArt to your preferences. Additionally, it provides a vast array of photo editing possibilities. You may easily apply borders to your image without affecting the way it originally looked. Also check Wink Alternatives

You can also add thousands of stickers, erase the background or replace it with a different one, and experiment with the popular and original modifications that are now popular on the internet. Additionally, you may design colleges at the professional level.

Key Features

  • Your images can have colorful borders or backgrounds, or you can even blur the backdrop if necessary.
  • It has a background replacement and background eraser that operate automatically.
  • With the Remove object tool’s assistance, you can remove undesirable things.
  • In order to add text to your images, it offers more than 200 designer fonts.
  • Make your own sticker designs.
  • Provides a variety of filters & special effects, such as cartoons and drawings.



The most important area for your expression and work is on iOS and Android with VSCO! It is a platform for editing photos and videos that provides a solid selection of editing tools as well as ideas for fresh modifications.

With 10 free presets, your regular photography is elevated to a new level. To acquire the result you want to display to the public, you can import your raw images and alter the lighting, filter, and other elements such as saturation and contrast.

Key Features

  • Offers fade and effects that imitate analog film effects to create richness.
  • With VSCO’s expert crop and Skew tools, you can change and experiment with the perspectives in your photos.
  • Offers to assist you in recapturing classic film looks from Agfa, Kodak, Fuji, and other manufacturers.

4. Snapseed


The professional photo editor Snapseed was created by Google. It can be utilized most effectively if all you want to do is add white or other aesthetic backgrounds to your photographs. It provides a good choice of features for improving picture quality.

It includes some fundamental photo-editing tools, such as crop, filters, rotate, perspective, and filter brushes, as well as some advanced tools, such as healing, curves, expand, lens blur, tonal contrast, grunge, vintage, Noir, frames, face posture, double exposure, and many others.

Key Features

  • Add plain and fashionable text to your image.
  • By filling the additional space with various elements of your image, a simple background, or created backgrounds, you can expand the size of your canvas.
  • It provides more than 29 filters and other options to completely alter the appearance of your photo.
  • With the help of tools like white balance, vignette, curves, healing, and others, you can change the color scheme of an image.

5. Pixlr


Pixlr is a platform for iOS and Android where you can express your creativity. With Pixlr, you may take pictures at any time and alter them to your liking thanks to the more than 2 million different filter, effect, and overlay options.

It is a simple photo editor that provides a wide spectrum of practical features, including the ability to make photo collages, color-correct photos with a single click and the auto-fix tool, use double exposure to bring about a variety of effects while layering and adjusting transparency, and many other incredible combinations. Also check Apps like Amino

Key Features

  • Use the color flash tool to highlight various colors or the focus blur tool to generate effects.
  • It offers to add tones to your photos using wonderful overlays that can add fantastical colours, lower the brightness, or raise the volume.
  • You can either edit and add available designed borders to your photographs or add different colored borders to them to make them the appropriate size.

6. Squaredy


Squaready isn’t one of the well-known apps mentioned in this post like Whitagram, but it is still a useful software for altering the background and size of your image as well as its minutely detailed color tones.

It comes highly recommended for Instagram users because it provides tools to alter and set a colorful background for an image, includes a color blur-background tool, high-resolution export, a ‘Instasize’ option to make your photo rectangle-shaped, and many other features.

Key Features

  • Provides countless stickers and frames.
  • With the many brushes at your disposal, you can draw on your images.
  • Has a large range of fashionable filters.
  • Hassan COMPUTERS a tool for tilt-shift blur available.
  • Possibility of including text and memes in your photos.

Final Words

There are several solutions and programs like Whitagram available online, but if you want to use the best tools available, you should try the Whitagram alternatives discussed in this post.

Thus, we have successfully provided you with a carefully chosen selection of the best applications similar to Whitagram that may assist you in selecting an app that matches your interests.


Can videos be used using Whitagram?

Whitagram is solely a photo editing program for Apple device owners, so you cannot use it to edit films.

How can I make a photo for Instagram have a white background?

Use photo editing programs like PicsArt, Snapseed, VSCO, Squaready, and InShot to add a white background to your Instagram photos.

How can I make my photo’s sides white?

Use photo editing programs like Squaready, Pixlr, PicsArt, Snapseed, and InShot if you want to add white sides to a photo, or to put it another way, a white background or borders to your photo to make it suitable for social network posting.


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