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Malware Based Android Cleaner Apps

Some rogue Android apps can compromise your device’s security features, and personal access files, according to an internet security website. According to Trend Micro, the site that revealed the data, about nine applications have the capability of breaching your phone’s security permissions and disabling antivirus or application defenders.

Some apps masquerade as file cleansers and use App Permissions to disable “Play Protect” and other related security features designed to protect your phone from a data breach.

These dangerous apps can steal and misuse data, passwords, and even banking details from your phone. These apps have names like “Super Cleaner” or “Quick Game Centres,” which appear to be completely innocuous. However, if consumers provide them access to the modification of data on the device, they download additional malware and gain access to personal social profiles on your phone.

These Apps Can Make Phishing Sites Appear Legitimate: Trend Micro Inc.

Malware Based Android Cleaner Apps

They can even post phoney adverts on your social media profiles without your knowledge.
They can also disable Google Play Protect, download useless apps, and deplete your phone’s internal memory. If you have these applications on your phone for an extended period of time, they can completely access every area of it and even be utilised by hackers while you are not using it.

These apps can also make mirror phishing pages appear real, simulating your data submission and storing it for hackers to exploit. As a result of this notion, the internet security firm Trend Micro has implemented a number of preventive measures to keep this from happening to Android users.

This involves regularly updating Google Play features and obtaining a high-quality antivirus and antimalware application that cannot be hampered by these harmful apps. McAfee, Norton, and Kaspersky Mobile Security, for example, are ideal alternatives for this purpose because they are almost unhackable and can work independently.


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