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How To Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 1061? Easy Guide

Users who receive the Amazon Prime Error Code 1061 on their gadgets should read this guide. Most people use this fantastic streaming service to watch movies and TV shows, but occasionally, the app may face an error on their screens. Read this guide if you are one of the people who are getting this error code. We are sure it will help you fix it.

What Does Amazon Prime Error Code 1061 Mean, And When Appear?

The Amazon Prime Error Code 1061 means that there is a problem with the network connection. This means that the Amazon Prime server can’t connect to your device because of interference in the network. To Amazon Fire Stick users, this error code is frequently applied. When users try to watch something on an Amazon Fire Stick, this error code app usually shows. But Android users may also face this error code occasionally. Restarting Internet devices can often fix this error code, so if you get it, you should do the same. This guide works for both Fire Stick and Android users.

How To Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 1061?

This error code means there is a problem with the internet connection, which is easy to fix. Follow these steps to fix it.

Check Internet Connection

Due to a broken or weak internet connection, this error code may show on the app. So, first, check your internet connection. If the problem is still there, move on to the next step.

Restart Amazon Fire Stick

Take out all the power cords, wait 30 seconds, and then plug them back in. You can also use the menu to restart your Fire Stick. Select “My Fire TV” in the settings menu, then click “Restart.”

Restart Router

Ensure no other devices are linked to the router before restarting, as this may increase internet speed. Please take all the power cords from your router and plug them back in after 30 seconds.

Uninstall & Reinstall The Prime Video App

Try this one if you need help fixing Amazon Prime Error Code 1061. You only need to remove the app and then reinstall it. Sign in to your account with your account information, and then start watching your favorite show.

Amazon Prime Error Code 1061 On Android Devices

As we already said, Amazon Error Code 1061 This error code may also show up on Android devices. To fix it, clear the app files and follow the steps above. To clear the app’s cache, do the following: Pick up your phone and click Apps. To find the app, look for “prime” in the search bar, then click the app that comes up. Select the Clear All Data option, then click the OK button, which is located in the bottom right area of the screen. Okay, that’s it.


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