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Top 12 Best Adthrive Alternatives In 2023

Best Adthrive Alternatives will be described in this article. The Andy Marzka and Kelly Marzka-founded AdThrive Ad Monetization Network enables users to make money from ads and grow their businesses. With AdThrive, you can add complex code, create unique ad campaigns, and make money from every page. Additionally, it offers cutting-edge audience, revenue, and business solutions to boost traffic, deepen engagement, expand your brand, and make money off of your incredible content.

It’s a safe platform that works to develop solutions to keep you informed about third-party cookies, AI, and privacy/antitrust issues. Moreover, audience analytics, HR coaching, mentoring, and more can help you open up new revenue streams and take your company to the next level.


  • Tools for Ad Management
  • Higher RPM Direct Sales
  • Team AdThrive Alternatives
  • More Revenue from Leading Audience

Top 12 Best Adthrive Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Adthrive Alternatives here are the details below;

1. SHE Media

SHE Media

SHE Media is a digital media company that was established in 1999 that offers bloggers, content producers, publishers, and social media artists a variety of revenue-generating options. The best ad management tool from SHE Media achieves unrivaled results by maximizing engagement with the right audiences and doing unheard-of analytics and optimizations. Additionally, you may utilize it to increase profits, show ads that bloggers love to see on their blogs, and place ads on websites with the best audiences.

2. Infolinks


Users can monetize their work with Infolinks, a Contextual Advertising Industry launched in 2007 by David Ram and colleagues. To guarantee that people interested in what you’re selling see your adverts, Infolinks Contextual Targeting makes use of keywords. Curated Viewability and Audience for Infolinks In order to meet performance goals and ensure that advertising is seen and taken into consideration, Attention offers a variety of ad units and tracks viewable impressions and duration. Additionally, Infolinks provides special placement to help you succeed with display.

3. PropellerAds


You may advertise and sell your work online with PropellerAds, a company that Aleksandr Fedorov established in 2011. To drive relevant users and safeguard brands’ reputations, PropellerAds uses powerful anti-fraud algorithms. Furthermore, you may improve performance using special tools for enhancing it, like bespoke audiences, interest targeting, creative templates, auto-animation, and more. Additionally, it makes use of multitier evaluation and the most recent AI developments to deliver high-quality traffic and help you save money.


You can monetize your content with, a contextual advertising and programmatic platform established by Divyank Turakhia in 2010. This format creates finely focused adverts and substantially greater earnings since advertisers are willing to pay more for visits that have a specific aim. This is done by using applicable search phrases to filter the user’s intent. The appearance and feel of native adverts can also increase user engagement and direct viewers to pertinent topics. And you can determine there is a need.

5. Adsterra


In 2013, Anton Brovkin established the advertising network Adsterra, which offers services to affiliates, publishers, and advertisers. Advertisers can modify high-target settings to deliver advertisements to the appropriate audience and get direct publishers to provide them with high-quality CPM, CPC, and CPA. Whether the traffic is from a small blog, APK files, or social media, publishers may profit from it and use AI to choose the most competitive CPM costs. Adsterra makes use of cutting-edge and trustworthy external fraud detection solutions. Also check Wifi4games Alternatives

6. Newor Media

Newor Media

Join Newor Media, which was established in 2018 and enables users to take their business to the next level and grow further, to produce income or maximize revenues from your website. For your blogs and content websites, Newor Media – Professional Ad Management uses header bidding technology to increase ad revenue. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered Ad Media Partner that offers accurate reporting, analytics, and a team of ad operations experts on hand to help. A programmatic ad management company called Newor Media offers real-time.

7. Monumetric


Dnyanesh Gangamwar and Nathan Putnam launched the ad management platform called Monumetric in 2012. Users can do this while still keeping the greatest possible website user experience and achieving their revenue goals. Due to the strong demand for premium content, innovative ad technology, and dedicated monetization and data teams, Monumetric – Website Monetization enables profitable publishing. Additionally, it enables you to build, test, and refine the newest advertising technologies while giving you the greatest bids in the shortest amount of time. Additionally, you

8. Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Publishers can monetize their content through the cross-platform advertising technology known as Google AdSense, which was established by Google, Inc. in 2003. By putting adverts on your website and blog using it, you may make money online. Additionally, you can save time by changing the ad code; all you need to do is add one piece of regulation to your website, and Google will automatically display ads that are tailored to the design of your site. With Google AdSense, you may select the kinds of adverts you want to see on your website.

9. Ezoic


Another ad management platform, Ezoic, was established by Dwayne Lafleur in 2010 and enables publishers to increase revenue thanks to the website’s high-quality content and user-friendly interface. In order to enhance website ad revenue and user experience, optimize and test advertising, test layouts, and make decisions using artificial intelligence, Ezoic – Intelligent Technology for Exceptional Content offers end-to-end support. Additionally, it makes use of big data analytics to help publishers understand the direct effects that visitor behavior, content, SEO, and other factors have on ad income.

10. Publift


Colm Dolan established Publift, an ad management company, in 2015 to help bloggers and content producers increase their ad earnings. You may progressively raise your revenue while making investments in the areas that will have the biggest effects on the future of your business with minimum effort. Publift is a Google Certified Publishing Partner that helps you manage your ads, increase your ad revenue, plan your setup, and optimize your campaigns. Additionally, Publift offers a superb group of ad optimization specialists who assist you. Also check Google ads services

12. Mediavine


Eric Hochberger and associates founded Mediavine, an ad management platform that enables content creators to monetize their material, in 2004. Those who receive 125MM monthly unique visits are given access to ad inventory from advertising partners by Mediavine – Full Service Ad Management. Mediavine offers these services for original content in addition to video monetization, boosted influencer marketing, and full-service ad management. Mediavine is your sole partner in ad management and supports your company’s success.


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